Facebook App Inaugurates Live Audio Rooms, a New Clubhouse Competitor Feature

Facebook App Launches Live Audio Rooms, New Features of Clubhouse Competitor. Facebook officially launched Live Audio Rooms, a new feature that rivals clubhouse services. However, the Live Audio Rooms service is currently only available for Facebook users in the United States (US).

Live Audio Rooms is a feature that allows users to create virtual audio conversation rooms for discussions. With this feature, Facebook users can invite certain people to chat in the forum.

Signs of the presence of Live Audio Rooms have been visible since early 2021. Now this new feature has been released for Android and iOS users in the US region.

Facebook is Selective When Introducing Live Audio Rooms

Facebook Live Audio Rooms Help System

Facebook offers a help system to provide support for content hosts or content creators in Live Audio Rooms, such as on game streaming platform Twitch.

Viewers can buy a special currency called “Stars” to give them the content they like.

The help of the Stars gives the audience the opportunity to be promoted to the “front row”. The first row is a special place for viewers who regularly broadcast Stars.

Spectators who enter a special lineup or group will certainly be highlighted, so that it will be easier for the hosts to recognize.

Up To 50 Selective Facebook Speakers When Introducing Live Audio Rooms

Facebook was more selective when it introduced Live Audio Rooms. For the first time, only public figures and confirmed content creators in the United States can participate in Live Audio Rooms as content creators.

This means that not every user can create virtual conversation rooms in this new feature. Some of them are D Smoke, Kehlani, Reggie Watts, Lisa Morales Duke, Dr. Jess, Bobby Berk, Tina Knowles-Lawson, Joe Budden, and DeRay Mckesson.

Public figures can invite friends, followers, other confirmed Public figures, or listeners to their Conversation Rooms to talk.

Public Hosts can invite speakers first or during the talk. Live Audio Rooms can host up to 50 speakers and the number of listeners is unlimited.

The arrival of the Live Audio Rooms feature itself seems important for Facebook. This can be seen from the Live Audio Rooms status which is placed above the News Feed column.

To increase the reputation of Live Audio Rooms, Facebook is planning to bring this feature to Facebook groups as well. This will make it easier for Facebook users to connect to the Live Audio Rooms feature.

In addition to the presence of Live Audio Rooms, Facebook presents a podcast service that combines KompasTekno from Phone Place, Tuesday (22 June 2021).

the podcast service is currently available to Facebook users in the United States. users can listen to podcasts through the mini player.

This allows users to listen to podcasts while connecting to several application another or turn off the cellphone screen.

Live Audio Rooms is one of the many services inspired by clubhouse.

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