Spotify App Releases Clubhouse Competitor Greenroom

Greenroom Releases Spotify Application. Spotify announced the arrival of Greenroom, a new competitor in the category of streaming voice chat apps such as Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. Even though Greenroom is Spotify branded, it's a separate app.

Greenroom works on a similar concept to Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse. A user creates a pure audio space where viewers can listen and participate. The room maker can control whether he talks to someone or only certain people.

Spotify puts Greenroom as a step to connect with several people to join in on the conversation.

Greenroom Releases Spotify Application

Spotify Greenroom is application live audio which allows users to host live audio rooms about various things. Currently, the Spotify Greenroom application is available on the Android and iOS platforms.

Greenroom uses music, sports, and culture as topics of dialogue, but it seems that users can assign them a room for any topic. Both iOS and Android users can currently grab the Greenroom app and sign in with a Spotify account.

Interactive Audio Features Live in Greenroom

Some Live Interactive Audio Features in Greenroom


At Spotify, we are constantly improving and innovating future audio patterns to enable creators and their fans to connect in new ways.

When we announced the acquisition of Betty Labs, creators of Locker Room, in March, we identified the placement of live audio as part of the Spotify ecosystem. This provides another opportunity for content creators of all types to connect with their fans on a deeper and meaningful level.

Since introducing the Locker Room app, we've worked to expand its capabilities, with the goal of creating a live audio experience that will delight creators and listeners everywhere.

And we wanted to do that with a touch of Spotify operating as an extension of the app that 356 million listeners already love.

That's why we say “Spotify Greenroom”, just as our founder and CEO, Daniel Ek, published on an episode of the Spotify podcast, For the Record.

Today we're making Spotify Greenroom available for the first time in its new form, available on iOS and Android in more than 135 markets worldwide.

We built Greenroom with the creators and artists in mind that make spotify great, optimizing the interactivity and deep connection between participants in the live room. Applications launched today, Include:

New app branding (aka Greenroom) and an overall new look and feel
Ability for any user to host or participate in a live room.

How to Join Greenroom:

  1. Join a group
  2. Look for the upcoming room
  3. Join a room
  4. And even make room

We believe Spotify has the Ability not only to activate live streaming, but also help discovery, increase consumption, and accelerate the development of the group directly as a whole.

Today's app launch was our opportunity to lay the groundwork for the great list of content and features that Spotify brings to our enterprise with live audio.


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