Understanding Microsoft Teams, How to Use and Prices

Rancakmedia.com – In this article, we will explain in detail about meaning of Microsoft Teams, available features and how Microsoft Teams works, watch it until it's finished.

Microsoft Teams is commonly used for companies that need one place of communication so that each employee can interact easily.

Actually there is a lot of software that you can use as a tool for communicating and collaborating.

Software to communicate such as Slack, Google Meet, and also Zoom.

Understanding Microsoft Teams

What sense Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration platform that can combine work conversation features, video meetings, file storage (including file collaboration) and application integration.

Microsoft Teams is integrated with a series of products made by Microsoft 365, but it can also be integrated with products other than Microsoft's pilot.

This software allows users to easily chat, call, conference, and share files.

In addition, Microsoft Teams is also equipped with a virtual room feature that allows work teams to work on the same project together.

One of the rivals of Microsoft Teams is Stack, where stack is an application that supports team communication which was released in August 2013.

Microsoft Teams replaces the business collaboration and messaging platform managed by Microsoft.

In this case, it can be said that Teams is the result of an increased evolution of Microsoft Skype for Business and replaces Microsoft Classroom.

Features of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams comes with various features that are ready to help users work more effectively.

Microsoft Teams offers a variety of features that can help collaboration and communication within teams. Some of the key features provided by Microsoft Teams include:

  1. Chat: This feature allows users to communicate in real-time via text messages, emoticons, and social media.
  2. Video and Voice Calls: This feature allows users to make video or voice calls with individuals or groups.
  3. Workspaces: This feature allows users to create workspaces that can be used to share documents, take notes, and coordinate projects.
  4. Application Integration: This feature allows users to integrate other applications, such as Office 365, OneNote, and Power BI, into Microsoft Teams.
  5. Search: This feature allows users to search for content shared within teams, including messages, documents, and meetings.
  6. Meetings: This feature allows users to organize and host virtual meetings through Microsoft Teams, including voice and video meetings.
  7. Access Control: This feature allows administrators to set user access rights to features and content within Microsoft Teams.
  8. Compatibility with mobile devices: This feature allows users to access and use Microsoft Teams from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  9. Live Event: This feature allows organizers to host live events, such as webinars, conferences, or presentations with large audiences.
  10. Bots: This feature allows users to add bots to a team that can help with productivity issues, such as managing schedules, sending messages, or taking notes.

Functions and Benefits of Microsoft Teams

The most common function of Microsoft Teams is to create all kinds of documents easily, practically and efficiently.

In this software, users are guaranteed to find a lot of functions and benefits, one of which is to make communication and information between users run smoothly.

After knowing the meaning of Microsoft Teams, the following are the functions and benefits of Microsoft Teams that users should know:

1. Increase Productivity

Microsoft Teams can increase productivity by making all collaborative conversations, chats, meetings, files, tasks, and the like in one single application.

Thus, users can collaborate and create discussions to find solutions faster.

2. Real Time Document Collaboration

With the availability of collaboration features in Microsoft Teams, it can allow users to collaborate on documents in real time.

3. Host Meetings with Scheduling Capabilities

In addition, Microsoft Teams provides users with an overview of scheduled meetings, time, subject, and a list of other people who will be attending.

4. Integrated with Microsoft

It's not impossible, if Microsoft Teams can also be integrated with other Microsoft applications.

As with Microsoft PowerPoint, or Microsoft Word. In this case the user can use it to speed up processing or something else.

How to Use Microsoft Teams

For those of you who are used to using the Zoom application, you won't have any trouble using Microsoft Teams, here's the guide:

1. Download Microsoft Teams

The first thing you need to do is download Microsoft Teams, you can find the download link in your browser and visit the Microsoft Teams site.

You can download it via cellphone or PC / Laptop, if you are using a PC / Laptop, you can choose to download for Desktop.

2. Open Microsoft Teams

If it has been successfully downloaded, then click the start menu then type Microsoft Teams in the search field, then click open to open the software.

3. Login Account

Wait a few moments, a column for the email address or telephone number from your Microsoft account will appear, including the password if needed.

4. Create a Group Chat

After you have successfully logged in to your Microsoft account, then you can use the features in Microsoft Teams, so here's an example for a group chat:

  1. First, click New Chat
  2. In the To column, enter the member you want to include
  3. Next, in the Group Name section, enter your group name
  4. Then click the message column below, then write the message you want to convey
  5. Finished

5. Create a Meeting Schedule

Furthermore, Microsoft Teams also allows you to schedule meetings easily and quickly. Here's how:

  1. First determine the day and time of the meeting
  2. Then click New meeting in the upper right corner
  3. Next, fill in all the required information
  4. Click Send
  5. Then you will be directed to the calendar section again
  6. If you want to share invitations to guest emails, please click edit on the schedule that you have specified
  7. Then click Share and select Share via Google Calendar
  8. Later Google Calendar will automatically open
  9. Fill in the guest email in the Guest column
  10. Then click save to invite guests to the meeting
  11. Then a notification box will appear, please click Send to confirm sending the meeting invitation
  12. Finished

Pros and Cons of Microsoft Teams

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Teams, as follows:

Pros of Microsoft Teams

Here are the advantages of Microsoft Teams:

  1. Effective collaboration: Microsoft Teams enables users to work together in real-time on one integrated platform, thereby increasing the effectiveness of collaboration
  2. Efficient communication: Microsoft Teams offers a variety of communication features, such as chat, video and voice calls, and virtual meetings, so users can communicate with teams more quickly and efficiently
  3. Great accessibility: Microsoft Teams can be accessed from any device, be it a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device, so users can work from anywhere
  4. Application integration: Microsoft Teams can be integrated with other applications, such as Office 365, OneNote, and Power BI, so that users can access and use these applications from within Microsoft Teams
  5. Security and access control: Microsoft Teams offers strong security and flexible access controls, so administrators can manage user access rights to features and content within Microsoft Teams

Disadvantages of Microsoft Teams

Following are the disadvantages of Microsoft Teams:

  1. High cost: Microsoft Teams can be expensive to use if your company or organization requires additional licenses or additional features
  2. Complex interface: Some users may find the Microsoft Teams interface quite complicated and difficult to use
  3. Storage space limitation: Users may have difficulty storing multiple files or documents in Microsoft Teams due to the specified storage space limit
  4. Poor internet connection : Microsoft Teams requires a stable internet connection to work properly, so if the internet connection is bad, it will reduce the performance of Microsoft Teams
  5. Compatibility : Some devices or operating systems may not be compatible with Microsoft Teams, which may cause usage issues

Microsoft Teams Pricing

Microsoft Teams is an application that you can use for free. However, there is a limit that will be given to users, only limited to 100 users, and the duration of group meetings is limited to 60 minutes.

If you want to get more duration or number of participants, then you have to subscribe to one of the packages provided by Microsoft Teams.

So, you can subscribe to Microsoft Teams at a very affordable price, namely:

  1. The Essential Package costs Rp. 31,300 per month
  2. The Basic Package costs Rp. 46,920 per month
  3. Standard Package at a price of Rp. 156,400 per month

Each package offered has a different amount of quota and duration, so you can adjust it to your needs.


Microsoft Teams is a collaboration application that can help teams work effectively and efficiently. With features such as chat, calling, conferencing, and file sharing, as well as integration with other applications, these applications can make communication and teamwork more efficient and productive.

Thus the article about the meaning of Microsoft Teams, how to use it and the price. Hopefully the information above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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