How to Easily View BCA User ID via HP – Lately, there have been many BCA bank customers who don't know how to view the BCA user id, but there's no need to worry because we'll discuss it in detail in the article below, watch it until it's finished.

Users of Mobile Banking and internet banking services may have become one of the things that can help facilitate banking transaction matters for you bank customers.

Now for you BCA customers, you can use BCA Mobile and KlikBCA to carry out banking transactions such as checking balances, transfers, payments, purchases and more.

What is BCA Bank

BCA is a national private bank in Indonesia that was founded in 1957. PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) is the largest private bank in Indonesia that provides a variety of banking services such as deposits, loans, credit cards, insurance, and other financial services.

Bank BCA also provides electronic banking services such as internet banking, mobile banking and ATMs.

Bank BCA has an extensive network throughout Indonesia with more than 500 branches and a very wide network of ATMs.

This bank also has an international network through cooperation with other banks around the world.

To provide the best service for its customers, BCA has a variety of services that can make it easier for you to make transactions, one of which is the BCA user ID.

Definition of BCA User ID

Based on the information quoted from the official website, the BCA user ID is a user ID that is created by the customer to access the BCA e-channel.

Customers can also connect at least one BCA account with one BCA user ID.

BCA User ID can be used to access and make transactions, both financially and non-financially on BCA e-channel services.

The BCA e-channel services that you can currently use are, for example, myBCA and Welma.

This user ID will later be used when activating the BCA or KlikBCA internet banking feature. By using a user iD, later you can log into KlikBCA and enjoy existing transactions.

How to Create a BCA User ID via an ATM

To access KlikBCA, customers must have a user identity or often referred to as a user ID and also a personal identification number (PIN).

You can get both by registering at an ATM machine, here are the steps you can take:

  1. Go to the nearest BCA ATM
  2. Enter the ATM card along with the PIN as you wish to make a transaction
  3. After that, click the e-banking list menu
  4. Then enter your telephone number where BCA can be contacted
  5. Then select internet banking
  6. After that, the customer will get a KlikBCA user ID via a receipt (Save the receipt, don't lose it)

With the method above, customers can already get a BCA user ID, but you can activate it using the following method provide below.

How to Activate KlikBCA

Here's how to activate KlikBCA that you can do:

  1. Come to the nearest BCA branch office bringing your National Identity Card (KTP) and BCA savings book along with the telephone number that you previously registered and the receipt.
  2. Then meet customer service and say if you want to do it KlikBCA activation
  3. Later you will be assisted by customer service to carry out the activation process
  4. Done

How to See the Latest 2023 BCA User ID

Below is a way to see the BCA user id that you can do yourself. You can see your user ID online or offline, as follows:

1. How to see a BCA User ID via a BCA ATM

Here's how to view BCA user IDs offline, including:

  1. Come to the nearest BCA ATM outlet from your home
  2. If you have inserted the BCA ATM card into the ATM machine
  3. Then choose a language that is easy for you to understand, be it English or Indonesian
  4. After that, enter your 6-digit BCA ATM PIN correctly
  5. Then select the e-banking or autodebit list menu
  6. Then select internet banking
  7. If you have registered for internet banking (KlikBCA), your user ID will appear later
  8. Done, you can see your BCA user ID via BCA ATM

2. How to Find a BCA User ID via HaloBCA

The second way that you can do to see the BCA user ID is through HaloBCA online, just by using your cell phone to contact HaloBCA.

Here's how you can find out your BCA user ID:

  1. The first step is to prepare your cellphone or cellphone
  2. Then enter the number by typing 1500888 and call
  3. Once connected, state your purpose for contacting HaloBCA, namely to find out your user ID
  4. Later BCA customer service will verify by asking you to fill in your full name, cellphone number, address and birth mother's name
  5. The process will be carried out by the customer service to see your user ID
  6. Done, CS will notify you regarding the user ID that you have

If the data you have is incorrect or something is missing, then your request to find out your BCA user ID will not be processed.

You can do the method above if you want to find out your user ID without coming directly to the ATM.

3. How to see BCA User ID through Branch Offices

The last way to find out the BCA user ID that you can do is to come to a BCA branch office.

Maybe this method can be used for BCA customers who have a lot of free time so they can come in person.

To view BCA user IDs at branch offices offline, you need to complete a number of things that you need to complete so that the process can run smoothly, namely:

  1. Resident Identity Card (KTP)
  2. Driver's License (SIM)
  3. Passport
  4. BCA ATM card
  5. Account book

After that, the BCA customer only needs to wait for the BCA bank customer service to finish processing and notify the BCA user ID.

4. How to Find BCA User ID by Email

The last way you can do it is by going online. You can open an email message for the first time when you activate BCA.

Because the user ID will be included in the email message sent by the BCA bank to the email that you registered at the start of the creation.

You can do this method provided you don't delete email messages from BCA. If you have been thirsty, you can find out the user ID in the three ways above.

Example of a BCA User ID

According to BCA's official website, BCA User ID consists of numbers, letters, or a combination of both with a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 21 characters.

However, in general, BCA user IDs are a combination of the customer's name and date of birth. The BCA user ID combination is 8 alphabetical digits from the name and 4 numeric digits from the customer's birth data.

Examples of BCA user IDs that are commonly used for BCA applications include soekarnohatta, ani1919, neymar2020, 99887766 and so on.


BCA User ID is a user ID created by the customer to access BCA e-channels. Customers can also connect at least one BCA account with one BCA user ID.

This is information about how to easily view BCA user IDs via cell phones. We hope that the articles we have presented above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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