7 Most Popular Online Buying and Selling Application Recommendations

Rancakmedia.com - Recommendations for buying and selling online applications are now widely used by all groups. Besides being able to simplify the shopping system, by using an online buying and selling application you can also get cheaper prices than buying directly at offline stores.

The presence of an online shop makes it easy for anyone to sell or buy goods without having to leave the house, you only have to have a gadget with stable internet.

However, some of them are still unsure about the security of the online buying and selling application, that way you can use the recommended online buying and selling applications rancakmedia.com provide below.

What is an Online Buying and Selling Application

Application buying and selling online is an application that provides a platform for buying and selling goods or services via the internet.

This application can be accessed via a smartphone or computer connected to the internet. Buyers can view products for sale, compare prices, and make purchases easily.

Sellers can also upload the products they want to sell, set prices and handle transactions that occur.

The online buying and selling application also provides features that facilitate the transaction process such as shopping baskets, online payments, shipping and returning goods.

Safe Online Buying and Selling Application Recommendations

If you are still unsure or worried about using an online buying and selling system, you can try using some of the online buying and selling application recommendations that we have provided below.

All of these applications have a level of security that is unquestionable and very reliable, here are some of the applications:

1. Tokopedia

Tokopedia is a very popular and trusted online buying and selling site in Indonesia because it has a secure payment method.

The buyer will send money to the Tokopedia account, then Tokopedia will inform the seller that the buyer has paid and the seller will send the product purchased.

After the product is received by the buyer, then the money that the buyer sends to the Tokopedia account will be received by the seller.

The features offered by Tokopedia are the order of products according to the list or list you want, starting from the most popular, cheapest, most expensive, and so on.

Apart from that, you can also distribute or share products to social media, this will make it easier for someone to sell or open an online shop on Tokopedia.

Features provided by Tokopedia:

  1. The types of goods sold on Tokopedia are very diverse and consist of various types of needs. Also not only new goods, but also second hand goods
  2. Tokopedia has a large number of sales of goods, so that it can create competitive price competition and cause Tokopedia to become one of the marketplaces with low prices.
  3. Apart from being a buyer, at Tokopedia you can also become an agent. Mainly because of the existence of Tokopedia's mission which is also online to offline
  4. Has a variety of payment methods
    There is a refund feature if the item ordered does not match
Application NameTokopedia
Need Android version5.0 and up
Download size43MB
Released dateJun 9, 2014
Updated onJan. 11, 2023
DownloadsClick here

2. Lazada

Lazada as an online buying and selling platform is very selective in having sellers who are allowed to sell on the platform.

Therefore you don't need to worry about being scammed by sellers at Lazada because you can check the seller's track record when making transactions.

Not only that, in 2015 Lazada also received an award in the Best Online Shop App category.

Because the Lazada application has a secure payment system and a money back guarantee if the product sent to you is not what you expected.

Lazada is also the largest online buying and selling application in Southeast Asia because it covers countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Lazada App Features

  1. There is a refund feature if the item you ordered does not match the specifications mentioned
  2. A variety of payment methods are available, from bank transfers to shared ATM networks
  3. Free shipping for goods priced above Rp. 30,000
  4. Has a payment feature on the spot or Cash on Delivery (COD)
Application NameLazada Indonesia App
Need Android version4.4 and up
Download size41MB
Released dateJun 8, 2013
Updated on28 Dec 2022
DevelopersLazada Mobile
DownloadsClick here

3. Shopee

The next online buying and selling recommendation is the Shopee application, this application was first introduced in Singapore and is quite well known by Indonesian people, especially those who like cheap online shopping.

This application has brought a girl band from South Korea, namely Blackpink, as a brand ambassador.

Not only the popularity of the brand ambassadors who work with Shopee, Shopee is also known for the various promos it has launched, ranging from flash sales, Shopee 12.12 to free shipping for safe online transactions with the "Shopee Guarantee" guarantee.

With this guarantee, you don't need to worry if the goods you buy don't arrive or pass the time limit set by the system, because the funds you have paid will be immediately returned to your account.

Application NameShopee 12.12 Birthday Sale
Need Android version4.4 and up
Download size80MB
Released date4 Jun 2015
Updated on21 Nov 2022
DownloadsClick here

4. OLX

In the past, OLX had the name good shop which was one of the first online trading sites in Indonesia, but after 2014, Berniaga joined the good shop and changed the brand name for buying and selling online to OLX.

OLX is a classified ad that displays various products in an Android or iOS application so that it can make it easier for you to find the product you need.

Products sold can be used goods or new goods, and complete from personal needs, household needs or motorized vehicles (bikes, motorcycles and cars).

In addition, you can do COD with the seller before buying to make sure the product you want.

And if you are good at selling or advertising on OLX, you also won't be charged a penny or free.

OLX app features

  1. The superior feature of OLX is the COD (Cash on Delivery) feature which allows you to meet directly with sellers and buyers, thereby reducing the risk of fraud that might occur.
  2. If you don't make purchases via transfer, OLX is a very safe choice compared to other online buying and selling platforms
Application NameOLX - Buy and sell online
Need Android version5.0 and up
Download size62MB
Released dateNov. 5, 2012
Updated on20 Dec 2022
DevelopersOLX Global BV
DownloadsClick here

5. Carousell

You can buy products and all other needs through the Carousell online buying and selling application. This application provides products at low prices so it is very affordable for you to use.

Not only that, Carousell also provides products made in Indonesia and also provides imported products.

So if you need imported products, you can make purchases on this Carousell online buying and selling application.

In the process of buying a product on Carousell, you can chat with the seller. By chatting with the seller, you can get a discount on the product you want.

Features of the Carousell app

  1. Carousell is the best buying and selling application because of imported goods
  2. Apart from being in Indonesia, the Carousell application also exists in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Australia and Hong Kong
App nameCarousell: Buy and Sell within the App
Need Android version5.0 and up
Download size35MB
Released dateJan. 15, 2013
Updated onJan. 8, 2023
DownloadsClick here

6. TikTok Shop

Currently the TikTok application is very popular in all circles, now the TikTok application also has an online store called the TikTok Shop.

You can sell various types of goods, ranging from clothing, shoes, food, electronic devices and so on.

TikTok Shop sellers can also promote their sales via live TikTok so that more TikTok creators and users buy them.

The TikTok Shop itself has superior value because it provides convenience in shopping, users can also buy the items being promoted while watching TikTok videos.

This application is very profitable for its users, such as free shipping and large discounts that make it even more popular.

App nameTikTok
VersionVaries by device
Need Android versionVaries by device
Download sizeVaries by device
Released dateMay 7, 2017
Updated onJan. 13, 2023
DevelopersTikTok Pte. Ltd.
DownloadsClick here

7. Bukalapak

Bukalapak is an online buying and selling application that offers a simple and easy to use interface.

The process of selling and buying transactions at Bukalapak is also very easy and not complicated. You can find and buy the various products you need easily at Bukalapak.

The payment system at Bukalapak is also reliable and safe, as well as a variety where Bukalapak provides joint accounts so that buyers and sellers will not feel disadvantaged.

If you can withdraw the funds into your personal account, if the transaction has been successful.

You can also become a Bukalapak agent who can help sell products sold using a fee which can be obtained immediately after the transaction process is complete or collected within 2 to one month.

Bukalapak application features

  1. Bukalapak has a joint account feature, where when the buyer makes a purchase, the seller will not receive money before the buyer receives the goods
  2. Apart from sellers, anyone can also create a shop on Bukalapak
    There are various payment methods with various items available
Application NameBukalapak
Need Android version5.0 and up
Download size31MB
Released date7 Feb 2014
Updated on4 Jan 2023
DevelopersPT Bukalapak.com
DownloadsClick here


An online buying and selling application is an application that provides a platform for buying and selling goods or services via the internet.

Thus the article about the 7 recommendations for the most popular online buying and selling applications, I hope the information above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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