The Best Dropshipping Application: For Running an Online Business – In this article, we will discuss the dropshipping application, for those of you who are curious and want to know more about it, you can see the article we provide below to complete.

The application that we will provide is not a newly released application, but an application that is included in the most famous start-ups in Indonesia.

The dropshipping system does allow you to earn income by selling products belonging to other stores.

Put simply, dropshipping is that you will act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. As a dropshipper, you must be able to run a new business without focusing on just one type of product.

What is Dropshipping
What is Dropshipping (Source: #UrbanPhotographer via Canva)

You can offer any product at any time, because basically, you are only a marketer, not a producer.

As a dropshipper you will also not be tied to any supplier, you will be free to choose whether you want to sell products from anyone.

This can be said, that playing the role of a dropshipper hardly requires the slightest capital.

One of the capital that you may need to spend is to cover the cost of the buyer's order.

What is Dropshipping

Dropshipping or dropshipping is a method of shipping goods where the seller does not need to keep stock of the product being sold.

When someone makes a purchase, the seller will order the product from a supplier or manufacturer and ask the supplier to send the product directly to the buyer.

In this case, the seller only has to pay for the product ordered and shipping costs, while the supplier is responsible for keeping stock and sending it to the buyer.

Dropshipping is very popular in e-commerce because it allows sellers to offer a variety of products without having to incur the cost of holding stock.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Dropshipping System

Below this already summarized the advantages of using the dropshipping system, namely:

Advantages of Using a Dropshipping System

The following are the shortcomings in the Dropshipping system that you need to know, namely:

  1. Low capital required: Since sellers do not need to keep stock of products, the capital required to start a dropshipping business is much lower compared to starting a traditional business.
  2. Free from storage problems: The seller does not have to worry about product storage or other logistical issues because it is the supplier who is responsible for storing and shipping the product to the buyer.
  3. Product flexibility: Sellers can offer a variety of products without having to worry about limited stock.
  4. Easy to start: Dropshipping can be started easily as it does not require large infrastructure or resources.
  5. Good scalability: Dropshipping business can be expanded easily as there is no physical limit on the number of products that can be sold.
  6. Low operational costs: Sellers only need to pay for product and shipping costs, while suppliers are responsible for paying for storage and other logistics costs.
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Dropshipping System
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Dropshipping System (Source: Symkin via Canva)

Disadvantages of Using the Dropshipping System

The following are the shortcomings in the Dropshipping system that you need to know, namely:

  1. Low profit margins: Since the seller has to pay the price for the product from the supplier, the profit margin on each transaction is usually lower compared to traditional businesses.
  2. Less control: The seller cannot control the quality of the product or the delivery process directly because everything is in the hands of the supplier.
  3. Longer delivery times: Since products have to be ordered from suppliers every time a transaction is made, it can take longer to get products to buyers compared to traditional businesses.
  4. Dependence on suppliers: Sellers depend on suppliers to provide products and deliver them to buyers, so if those suppliers cannot meet demand or experience problems, the seller's business will suffer.
  5. Intense Competition: Dropshipping is so popular that the competition among sellers using this method is quite intense.
  6. Different shipping regulations: Different countries have different regulations for dropshipping, so it will take more time and effort to comply with these regulations.

Trusted Dropshipping Application Recommendations

Below we have summarized a list of dropshipping applications that you can use, as follows:

1. ResellerDropship

The first recommendation is the ResellerDropship application, this platform is suitable for those of you who only want to sell on social media or on the Indonesian marketplace without having to have an online website.

Because they both carry and have a modern dropship system, but ResellerDropship does not provide other online store websites, instead it immediately offers advantages, namely:

  1. Completeness of fashion products that are ready to be sold
  2. It's easy to access through an application that can be downloaded on the Playstore
  3. This platform also provides online marketing support through various media social and marketplaces

Even though it doesn't provide online shop website facilities, ResellerDropship offers a reward feature for its members.

Here's what you can get if you join as a ResellerDropship member:

  1. HD quality product images
  2. Access to check stock online
  3. Doing dropshipping
  4. Provides a 60-day return guarantee that allows replacement of product size or capital
  5. Has a point and reward system
  6. A free and available graphic design service for creating shop banners and promotions
  7. Goods warranty is available to maintain consumer satisfaction
ResellerDropship (Source: Odua Images via Canva)

2. Dropshipper friends

Sahabat Dropshipper is an online platform that aims to bring dropshippers together with product suppliers.

Apart from making it easier for dropshippers to find trusted product suppliers, on the one hand, Sahabat Dropshipper also encourages the competitiveness of local brands to increase in the online world.

If on the Friends Dropshipper platform it does not only provide dropshipper registration but also provides goods or suppliers by becoming a member.

Here are some superior services offered by Sahabat Dropshipper, including:

  1. Products that are ready to sell
  2. Stock checks can be done online and updated
  3. Goods are sent according to your business logo
  4. Can track order receipt numbers easily and quickly
  5. There is a return guarantee if the product sent is in bad condition or damaged

Meanwhile, the features in the Sahabat Dropshipper application are:

  1. Landing Sahabat in the form of an online shop website with various features to support the dropship business in it.
  2. Upload products in bulk to the marketplace so you don't have to upload them one by one
    want to sell in my catalog, you store products, set categories, check product stock and download product images
  3. Check postage from suppliers to customers while tracking goods

3. Dropship aja

DropshipAja is one of the Indonesian dropship applications that provides a complete package of custom items that are quite attractive, custom orders that will be executed in just 1 day.

Examples of custom products that DropshipAja has made are Custom Masks, HiClin Hand Sanitizer Gel, Corona Finger, Multivitamin Selcom C Gold, Empon-empon Jamu, Custom Shield Phases, PhotoBooks, Custom Premium T-Shirts, Premium Custom Cases, Chameleon Mugs, Hand Grids, Power Bank, Custom Hoodies & many more.

4. Bakul Dropship

BakulDropship is an application that eases your dropship business process that is ready to go global widely.

This application is based on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which can be applied directly to major marketplaces in the world easily.

So by using BakulDropship, your work as a dropship, such as adding products, optimizing products and so on, can be done automatically.

BakulDropship (Source: Tevarak Phanduang via Canva)

The main features of BakulDropship, namely:

  1. Resolves products automatically
  2. Automatic product optimization
  3. Auto edit pictures and watermarks
  4. Cheapest supplier search
  5. Automatic product uploads
  6. Import or export international products if you want to sell abroad and get foreign currency

5. Tanah Abang

If you want to find products in Tanah Abang, but don't have time to go there, you can use this application.

With wholesale prices, all you have to do is set your own margins.

Product categories in the Tanah Abang application include:

  1. robe
  2. Hijab
  3. Mukena
  4. Shirt
  5. Cardigans
  6. Year
  7. Pajama
  8. Settings
  9. Maternity Clothes
  10. Gown
  11. Cloak
  12. Batik
  13. Men's Fashion

6. WinMarket

If you are just starting a dropshipping business, you can join using the WinMarket application.

WinMarket will not charge registration fees to senders who want to join. How to make sales with an account in the WinMarket application, then copy the business partent link and do promotions.

Following are the advantages offered by WinMarket:

  1. 100% free registration fee
  2. Earn commissions
  3. Get promotional support
  4. Report analysis
  5. Affiliate cookies up to 30 days
WinMarket (Source: Oko_SwanOmurphy via Canva)

7. Hazastore

The last dropshipper application that you can use is Hazastore. By using this platform you will sell Muslim fashion products for children, such as t-shirts, sturdy clothes, mukenas and headscarves.

The advantages of this platform are that you can store stock so you don't run out, and can send products with your own brand name and logo.

To become a dropshipper, you first need to register as a reseller.

You will be charged a fee to register as a reseller which is divided into several registration packages. Usually the cost is around Rp. 200,000 to Rp. 600,000.

Tips for Becoming a Dropshipper

After you know the dropshipper application, you need to know tips on becoming a dropshipper, as follows:

1. Sell products that are in great demand

Becoming a dropshipper requires foresight and intelligence in finding market opportunities.

What needs to be done is to find out what products are most sought after and purchased by consumers.

Make sure to sell products that have a wide market share in order to reach as many consumers as possible.

2. Choose Trusted and Competitive Suppliers

After determining the potential product, it is important to find a reliable supplier. The way to do this is to look at store ratings and reviews from buyers. It is better if the selected supplier is an official store.

Choose a Trusted and Competitive Supplier
Choose Trusted and Competitive Suppliers (Source: anyaberikut via Canva)

In addition, make sure suppliers sell products at competitive prices so that they can compete with prices for the same products from other suppliers. Don't forget to consider the buyer's side so you can offer competitive prices.

3. Responsive

One of the important tips for becoming a dropshipper is to have a fast and good response. This means maintaining good communication with suppliers and buyers.

Answering buyer questions quickly and accurately is essential to maintaining buyer trust. Also, make sure to understand the product being sold, because if there is a problem with the product, you will be able to provide the right solution to the buyer.


Dropshipping or dropshipping is a method of shipping goods where the seller does not need to keep stock of the products being sold.

This is information about the best dropshipping applications for running an online business, I hope the articles we provide above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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