Examples of Computer Software and Their Functions

Rancakmedia.com – Software is an integral part of a computer system, if you want to know examples and details, let's look at the following article.

This software helps connect the user to the hardware so that the computer can be used for a variety of things.

A computer, be it a laptop or PC, has two main components, namely software and hardware. Hardware is the physical components of the computer, such as the mainboard, RAM, hard drive, and so on.

Well, any of this hardware will not work without software. If you want to know more about the software, please have a glance at the information about the software below.

Definition of Software

Software, or software, is a collection of several commands that are executed by a computer machine to carry out the commands given. Devices of this kind are records for computer equipment for keeping orders, papers, and other records.

Definition of Software

Software can also be thought of as electronic data stored in this way by the computer itself. If the information stored is in the form of executable code by the computer, then the code can be used to execute programs or instructions.

The next step is to design a methodical strategy to realize this goal. Compiled logic is processed using software, which is also known as a program.

Processing in this software involves several things, such as programs, operating systems and data. This software will be set in such a way that the existing logic can be understood by computer machines.

Software Functions

Development of this software is certainly not without purpose. The following are some of the software functions that all brothers and sisters should know.

  1. Processing data, instructions, or orders, specifically so that the user can control the computer according to the desired information output.
  2. Identifying Programs That Are On The Computer
  3. Learn how to translate software commands into machine language so the computer can understand you.
  4. Use roles as a means of communication between users and the hardware they are using.
  5. It provides the basic functionality of the hardware so that it can be interoperated. An example is a computer operating system.

Types of Software

Below we have listed the types of software, see the information.

Types of Software


Firmware is read-only storage software. Software of this type cannot be changed or made better, even if it does not work properly, because it is protected by patents.

Because it is built into the hardware, this firmware is not often thought of as software itself.

Free Software

In order to take advantage of the software, users must first install it on their computers. The new user can then freely reproduce, distribute and modify it.


For this one, the software is free and can also be used without a set time limit. Most software is made for a specific group of people, and copyright is enforced to ensure that everyone has access to the latest version.


If misused, this software is often branded as malware. The purpose of this software invention is to penetrate, even compromise, network systems. In essence, malware is usually used with negative intent.

Open Source Software

It is free and available under the GNU General Public License (GPL). to allow tinkering and further development of the software and distribution of source code.

The GPL license is used by the community to build software using this one tool, which is usually available for free.

Paid Software

This software must be paid by the user to access this software. Despite the fact that it has been purchased, users will not be granted permission to share it, making this behavior unlawful.


Free software that can be freely distributed for a specific purpose is known as “shareware”.

In most cases, shareware is offered as a limited feature trial that expires after a certain amount of time (usually 15 to 30 days). After the trial period expires, users must purchase it to continue using it.

Software Characteristics

The characteristics of computer software can be found in the following information:

Software Characteristics


Characteristics that describe how well the software performs compared to the goals set.


Software Characteristics Referring To The Software's Ability To Provide The Desired Functionality Under Certain Conditions


Characteristics That Refer to the Extent to which the Software Can Be Used Easily


Characteristics Referring To The Software's Ability To Be Used
System Resources In The Most Efficient And Effective Way.


Characteristics relating to the ease of performance, functionality, and faults of a software system can be improved, extended, and improved.


Software Characteristics That Refer To The Ease Of Software Developers Who Can Transfer Software From One Platform To Another Platform Without Change.

In basic terms, it will relate to the capacity of the software to work correctly on various hardware devices.

Kinds of Software

Check out the article below to find out what is in the various types of software, as follows:

Operating System Software

Inside software operating system Responsible for managing and controlling the entire computer work system. This kind of software is a platform that allows other software or applications to work.

Managing all operations, such as translation, output, memory, encoding tables and so on, is how the operating system gets things done. In other words, this device will allow users to access hardware and software simultaneously.

Linux, Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Mac, Windows Phone OS, and Google Android are all types of operating system software.

Application Software

When we talk about "application software", we are talking about a collection of programs or applications that are installed on a computer and are sometimes referred to as "programs".

Programming Software

Application Software Has Become The Type Of Software Most Frequently Used By The General Public. These devices are also unnecessary, so they need to be set up and managed based on what the user wants.

Examples of this application software include software such as Skype, Adobe Photoshop, Ms. Excel, Adobe Premiere, and many more.

Programming Software

Programming software is software that is useful for translating instructions from program language into machine language code. The process is carried out using certain procedures so that it can be received and read by a computer.

Usually this software is used by programmers to create, translate, develop, test, and debug other software. PHP, Python, Java, Basic, C++, Fortran, Cobol, and Pascal are all types of software like this.

Additional Software/Utility programs

This software is an application that functions to assist in computer management tasks such as protecting the system, compressing files, managing hard drives, copying data, formatting diskettes, and so on. Examples of this software include Antivirus, Winzip, Norton Utility, Scandisk, and Defragment.

  1. Programming language
  2. Low Level Language (Low Level Language) (Low Level Language)
  3. This one language is called machine language, where coding is done using the numbers 0 and 1.
  4. High Level Language (High Level Language)
  5. This Programming Language Uses Coding With English Words. Some examples, such as Cobol, Basic, Fortran, and so on.
  6. Fourth Generation Languages (4GL)

This Language Is More Object-Focused, Or What's Called Object-Oriented Programming (Oop) (Oop). For example like Visual Basic, Delphi, and Visual C ++.

Well, that's an explanation of computer software and also other things related to it. From this it is clear that the software is an important part of the computer's work system.

If there is no software, the hardware will not operate. Of course if that happens, of course the computer will not be put to good use.


The following are questions that you might really need answers to, see below:

What are the 5 Software Components?

Here are the software components you should know:

Mention Any 5 Software Components

Computer system

The initial software that will be read by the computer at boot time is the basis for running the computer and is a key component of system software.

Example: Dos, Windows, Linux, Novell, Sunsoft, Unix, Etc


Various Windows: Windows 3.11, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows 2005, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Xp, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 2010, Windows 2013.

Linux distributions include Ubuntu, Mikrotik, Debian, Reolhal, Suse, and others.

Additional Programs/Auxiliary Programs (Utility)

System software with specific functions, such as checking for damaged diskette hardware and reloading hard drives (partition, defrag).

Example: Norton Utilities.

Computer Language (Programming Language)

Programming languages are used to develop computer programs. It is called "computer language" because it contains vocabulary and syntax that must be obeyed by every user so as not to make mistakes.

Application Program

This Is Ready To Use Software That Will Be Used To Help Carry Out A Job By The User. This program exists because it is needed by the user.

The types of application programs include the following:

  1. Word Processing a program for editing manuscripts. Example: Microsoft Word, Word Star, Word Pad, Kward, Abi Word, Notepad
  2. Spreadsheet Program, Example: Microsoft Exel, Lotus 123, Lotus Improv, Simponi
  3. Presentation Processing Application Program
    An Application Program Used To Create Presentation Designs In The Form Of Slides Used To Present Something In A Meeting.
    Example: Microsoft Power Point, Open Office Impress, Kpresenter, Iwork Keynote
  4. Multimedia Application Programs
    Software Used To Connect Computers With Multimedia Equipment Such As Audio, Video, Or Images.
    Example: Windows Media Player, Winamp, DVD Player, Gom
  5. Graphic Design Application Program
    A program that allows you to create or design a building in the form of a building hall, a city map, or whatever you can think of.
    Example: Photoshop, Photo Paint, Corel Draw, Picasa, etc.
  6. Anti virus
    A program that detects and removes existing viruses or infected files from a computer.
    Example: Avas, Avira, Smadav, Kospersky, Norton Antivirus, Avg Free, Mca Free, Pcmav, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, Nod 32, and others.

What is Sample Software?

Usually, there are two major classifications of software, namely system software and application software.

What is Sample Software

System Software

System software helps users and hardware function and interact with each other. Basically, it is a piece of software for managing the behavior of computer hardware so that it can provide the basic functionality required by the user.

In basic terms, we can say that the system software is the intermediary or middle layer between the user and the hardware. This computer software provides a platform or environment in which other software can run.

This Is Why System Software Is Very Important In Managing The Entire Computer System. When you first turn on your computer, it is the system software that is initialized and loaded into the system Storage.

System Software Runs In The Background And Is Not Used By End Users. This Is The Reason Why System Software Is Also Known As 'Low Level Software'.

Application Software

Application software, also known as end-user programs or productivity programs, is software that assists users in completing tasks such as conducting online research, taking notes, setting alarms, designing graphics, keeping accounts, performing calculations, or even playing games.

They sit on top of the system software. Unlike system software, they are used by end users and are specific in their function or task and do the job they are designed to do.

For example, a browser is an application made specifically for surfing the internet, while ms. Powerpoint is a program used specifically for preparing presentations.

Application software, or simply application, can also be called non-essential software because its requirements are very subjective and its absence does not affect system functionality.

All the apps we see on our phones are also examples of application software. Certain software is made specifically for application development, such as meteor and flutter. This is an example of application software as well.

What is the function of the application?

Sri Widianti said that the application is software that is used as a front end. It is a system used to manage data to make it useful for consumers.

How Exactly Does the App Function? Currently, the program offers several benefits to authors and users. Here are some application features:

To Make Work Easier

With the application, your work is easier. Just search the Play Store or App Store for the app name or function.

For example, you might want to modify an image to create a bokeh background. You can find Bokeh apps on the Play Store and App Store, then simply download them and let the app do what you want. As simple as that. no?

As Entertainment Media

Applications, besides being able to support your work, can also be a fun tool. Examples of entertainment applications include game applications, music applications, and so on.

With the availability of applications as entertainment media, you won't be bored wherever you are. Therefore, it is not surprising that currently many people never feel bored while waiting.

To Get News Updates

Through this program, you can also get the latest news. Any? For example, applications for reading news or podcasts. Therefore By Downloading This Application, You Will Not Be Missed.

You can also set alerts so you don't miss the latest news on your phone. So, you can still update news developments wherever you are.

For Friendship Or Communication Means

This application is also able to close the distance between us, you know. Examples are WhatsApp, Line, and others. With this program, you can even talk to those who are far away.

You also don't need to be confused anymore to find out how someone is. The World Now Seems Closer With Interesting Applications On Smartphones.

For Friendship Or Communication Means

Simplify Life

It must be agreed that the availability of various applications really helps our lives, right? For example, applications that can help us explore maps, order food, buy tickets, and so on. Everything seems to be in our hands now, and we don't have to bother doing all kinds of things there.


That's the discussion about the software (software) which is an integral part of a computer system. This software helps connect the user to the hardware so that the computer can be used for a variety of things.

Processing in this software involves several things, such as programs, operating systems, and data. Open Source Software is free and available under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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