How to Overcome Spotify Can't Open on Iphone - If your spotify is experiencing the following problem, we have provided information on how to deal with spotify not being able to open it, see the following discussion.

Spotify as one of the music streaming platforms with the largest number of users in Indonesia, Spotify offers so many benefits for its consumers.

The first, of course, is the speed of updates and a very complete library of songs. In fact, hundreds of podcasts are available through the Spotify podcast library.

Not only that, buyers will also get lots of additional features and an easy-to-use interface that even beginners can understand.

Even though Spotify has all the benefits listed above, users are often unhappy with the fact that it is not connected to the internet.

A number of easily fixable situations can cause this problem to appear.

Why Can't Spotify Open

So, if you can't open or use the Spotify app to play or download music, it's probably because of one or more of the following:

  1. Applications that have not been updated to the latest version
  2. Since this application requires at least 250 MB of free memory, almost all of the internal storage space on your phone has been used up.
  3. If you are using the desktop version of Spotify, make sure your firewall is not blocking Spotify access.
  4. After learning about some of the possible reasons your Spotify app won't launch, what action should you take? Here's how to solve why Spotify can't be opened.

How to Overcome the Spotify Application Cannot be Opened

There are several steps you can take to ensure your Spotify account can be used normally.

Application Upgrades

The first thing you need to do is update your Spotify app to the latest version. Check via PlayStore or AppStore, then select Spotify and click Upgrade.

Log Out Then Sign In Again

If you're already using the latest version of the app but still can't access Spotify, you can try closing the app and logging in again.

So, if the Spotify main menu doesn't work at all, you can try logging out by deleting the Spotify application data, then logging in again.

Reinstall the Application

Another approach you can try is to delete the Spotify app on your device and reinstall it.

Check @SpotifyStatus

In addition to the various reasons stated, additional circumstances can potentially make Spotify unavailable. You can check @SpotifyStatus to find out why.

If you know why Spotify won't open, you can take the necessary steps to fix the problem.

What is Spotify

Spotify is a digital music streaming service application, ranging from local songs to international songs. We can claim that Spotify offers a pretty comprehensive music catalog.

However, with this application, we can do more than just listen to music. This is because this application displays song lyrics in the Spotify application that is being used. so we can easily follow the music without worrying about wrong lyrics, lol

Not only music, Spotify also provides us with a podcast option that we can take advantage of. We will be able to listen to recorded conversations with celebrities in the future thanks to this function.

When will Spotify enter Indonesia?

For those of you who don't know, Spotify was originally founded by two people named Daniel EK and Martin Lorentzon. They have been making this application together since 2006 in the Stockholm area, Sweden.

They got the term Spotify from the phrases “Spot” and “Identify”. In 2008, Spotify was made available to the public as an official release after a long application period. A free account is offered to new users upon the first release of the application as a promotional offer to the community.

Over time, Spotify grew to have a large number of users and was very successful in its founding country. So, in 2009, Spotify finally started offering its service in the UK.

Spotify debuted in Indonesia in 2016. On March 30, 2016, and already provides an Indonesian language option. Indonesians have been raving about Spotify since its inception, and this hasn't changed.

The difference between Spotify Premium and free

In general, we can listen to as much music and podcasts as we like on Spotify for free. But if you want help and more features, you should upgrade to the premium version.

Before that, it's good to see some of the differences between free and premium Spotify accounts below.

Spotify Premium

  1. There is no time limit for streaming tracks when traveling abroad.
  2. Feel free to choose and play the music you like.
  3. While listening to music, you will not see any advertisements.
  4. can listen to music without the need to be connected to an internet network.
  5. Can the streaming quality of a song be increased to the maximum possible level? (very high).

Free Spotify

  1. There is a 14 day time limit for streaming tracks when traveling abroad.
  2. Only music from certain playlists can be selected and played.
  3. Ads will appear every time we listen to music.
  4. You can only listen to music when the device is connected to the internet.
  5. The available music has only high quality sound quality.

After seeing the difference, we believe a free Spotify account is still good enough for just listening to music. But if you want something better, you can also go for the premium edition of Spotify account.

Pros of the Spotify App

So it became one of the most popular music streaming services in almost all countries. Of course, Spotify has a lot going for it. Because without these benefits, Spotify would definitely not be as popular as it is now.

  1. Here are some of the advantages of Spotify:
  2. Spotify has an easy-to-use interface or app.
  3. It provides a comprehensive catalog of local and worldwide music.
  4. Creating a Spotify account is quite easy.
  5. While listening to music, several types of attributes may be detected.
  6. It has a function to sync data across different devices.
  7. It works with many different platforms, such as Mac, Windows PC, iOS smartphone and Android smartphone.
  8. Available for free or paid

There may be other benefits besides those listed here. If any of you want to add the benefits of Spotify, you can post it later in the comment box.

Spotify Application Makes Quota Run Out Quickly?

we are still being asked a lot: Will our Spotify limit quickly run out if we keep listening to music? Spotify, on the other hand, only plays audible music. Apart from that, we can also modify the parameters according to usage by making use of the streaming quality option.

So, to make things clearer for you, we are going to cover all of them briefly. On Spotify, the average amount of data used to stream music at the highest or very highest quality is only about 150MB per hour.

Meanwhile, for good quality, you will only spend an average quota of 70 MB in one hour non-stop. Then, for regular quality, Spotify will only eat up the 40MB limit in an hour.


The following are questions and answers about spotify, including:

Why are there songs that can't be played on Spotify?

Labels or copyright holders have not granted marketing authorization in a country. This song cannot be heard on Spotify because the record company or distributor has revoked distribution permission for the song.

Why did Spotify suddenly quit on its own?

Clear Spotify cache. Perhaps the reason Spotify has stopped itself is the large amount of cache it has kept by its users, especially premium subscribers, who want to download Spotify songs to listen to.

Can Spotify be on a timer?

Spotify does offer a sleep timer, if you're asking the question. However, this feature is only accessible on the mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.


Spotify is one of the music streaming platforms with the largest number of users in Indonesia. Users are often unhappy with the fact that it is not connected to the internet.

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in almost all countries. It provides a comprehensive catalog of local and worldwide music with high quality sound quality. The average amount of data used to stream music at the highest or highest quality is only about 150 MB per hour.

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