How to Use the Latest Facebook Video Creator – Facebook has created an application called video creator to serve as a forum for Facebook creators, to find out the details, see the following article.

The growth of social media is inevitable because every day the invention of various social media applications and platforms continues to exist to provide new things. One of them is the platform giant Facebook, which is still the most popular social networking platform in the world.

And the Facebook app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times on the Play Store and App Store. Due to the immense popularity of Facebook, companies are always coming up with new ideas. One such idea is the Facebook Video Creator app.

This unique app for video creators was developed in response to current trends. Since nearly everyone in these videos can produce their own video material, Facebook is therefore making every effort to ensure that video creators don't miss any major advances.

That's why Facebook recently established Facebook Creator, a platform where users can watch live streaming services.

For you video creators out there, the Facebook Video Maker app has many of the features you could want, from Live Creative Kits to Insights, Community Tab to Camera & Stories. It is possible that Facebook does this to retain and attract new members.

As long as video creators continue to rely on YouTube as their primary distribution platform, this is fine. Then the question is whether the availability of this application can make YouTubers switch to Facebook Video Creator? Then, are you interested in taking advantage of it too?

In addition to the breakthrough from Facebook itself, it is possible that the Facebook Video Creator application was built to fight YouTube, which now everyone knows that YouTube is stronger in terms of video channels.

But if you consider Facebook's social ecosystem as a whole, it outperforms YouTube. Because who knows if, in the future, YouTubers will change their minds about this service offered by Facebook Videos?

Furthermore, Facebook created this application so that Facebook users can create and promote their own videos. Moreover, this function allows you, if you are a celebrity, to communicate with your audience. Is not it?

Even though the use of Facebook Video Creator is not much different from the features of the YouTube application, Facebook Creator still has something special about YouTube.

What's the difference between Facebook Video Creator and YouTube

Although both are video platforms, they do not have videos as their main offering. However, there are still differences between the two. So, how is Facebook Video Creator different from YouTube? At least, this Facebook Builder differs from YouTube in at least three ways.

What's the difference between Facebook Video Creator and YouTube

Live Creator Kit

If you use the Live Creator Kit, you can import intros such as background music and greetings from other videos. You no longer have to modify your videos before sharing them on Facebook if you want to make a live broadcast or share videos with your friends.

You can also use various frame styles to increase the visual appeal of the videos you want to broadcast in the future. The best part is that users can see how their videos are being received by the public. because Facebook has provided a reply button like posting on Facebook.

Access Facebook Camera and Stories Sharing Feature

Cross-posting to other apps like Instagram and Twitter is possible when using Tales. The app also comes with statistics that can be used to check follower demographics as well as ideas from Facebook about what companies can support you.

Unified Inbox Notifications Unified Inbox

This function allows viewers to send private messages to video lovers. Apart from that, with this Facebook Video Creator, you can also manage your comment column with other social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

That way, you as a channel owner can delete rude comments on your videos at any time without having to open other social media.

Well, there is a difference between Facebook Video Creator and Youtube. Actually, Facebook's ambition to penetrate into the video creation sector has been revealed since July 2018. As a result, now everyone can take advantage of this function.

Additionally, the Facebook Creator app can be seen as the latest version of the Facebook Sense app, which has been around since at least 2014. Facebook verified accounts were the only ones previously eligible for this feature.

Weaknesses of Facebook Video Creator

Even though it is packed with many new features, Facebook Creator is not without its drawbacks. If on Youtube there is a subscribe button to subscribe or follow the channel on Youtube, then Facebook still hasn't introduced the subscription option or the like.

Also, by starting a channel on facebook video creator, you are not just entertainment because you are producing videos. However, you can also make money on Facebook Creator.

How to Make Money from Facebook Application

In addition, by creating a channel on Facebook Video Creator, you are not just a hobby because you make videos. But you can also earn extra money on Facebook Creator.

How to Make Money from Facebook Application

Facebook Video Creator

You have worked hard to produce a video, let alone a large number of viewers. Of course you want a bonus in the form of a gift, just like the one the maker received. Having said that, how does this Facebook Video Maker make money for its users?

Creating a video and posting it to your Facebook page is all it takes; the rest is simple. You have to create a custom Facebook Page to become a Facebook Creator that has been monetized by Facebook.

So, in order for your fan page to be monetized by Facebook, you must complete the following things.

Following Community Standards.

  1. Follow Payment Terms.
  2. Make sure you are not violating our terms of service.
  3. It does not violate the Content Guidelines for Monetization.
  4. Content must be original and not fake news or hoaxes.
  5. If you want to earn money from your fan page more than 90 days, you have to work extra hard.

The next step after creating paid fan pages is to create videos with relevant and interesting content for your audience. Also, you should publish your newly created video content in an attempt to get more attention.

Apart from Facebook video creators, you can also benefit from other Facebook features. And here are some Facebook features that can make money for you.

Some Facebook Features That Can Make Money

Just like Facebook video creators and Facebook Live, how to earn money with Facebook Ads is fairly easy. Of course, you don't directly advertise on Facebook, but there are various procedures.

Making money through Facebook Live is also very easy to achieve. Your earnings from Facebook Live will be credited to your account. Any restrictions? To be eligible for monetization, your Facebook live video must be viewed by at least 301 people, and you must have at least 2000 followers on social media videos.

Likes on Facebook can also be used to increase your income. Using Facebook to Earn Money Likes shows that every like on a Facebook page is rewarded with money.

In short, if any content contained in a fanpage is seen by more or less accounts that like that fanpage, then someone who has a fanpage will easily advertise or promote each of their items.

And so it was, until a job called “service” was established to add likes to fan pages on Facebook.

If you already know how to make Facebook videos, it's a good idea to put pressure on yourself to keep improving your skills.

Tips to Be a Good Video Creator

If you already know how to be a Facebook video creator, it's a good idea to keep pushing yourself to be a good content creator.

Tips to Be a Good Video Creator

Choose Appropriate Content

The first step to becoming a successful content creator is planning what kind of content you will create out there. For example content about beauty, games, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, and traveling.

Consequently, choose subject content that interests you. The reason is that anything that is done with passion can be a source of inspiration for many people.


It's easy to find video content creators that suit your needs. However, there are things to note if you want to start a career as a content creator. With 0 subscribers and 0 followers, make sure the work you provide is your unique work.

In other words, when you work, be yourself by looking for things that other content creators haven't done. How to become a facebook video creator to make money find out in this article.

Always Update with Various New Things

Because being a content creator requires keeping up with the latest developments in popular culture. Starting from the issue that is currently being discussed is how to edit the latest images.

The newest and trendiest OOTDs, as well as vacation spots that are now in high demand among millennials. Your audience will grow as a result of your consistently updated content.


The biggest hurdle for content creators is consistency in their work. And to maintain this consistency, you must learn to structure your posts more consistently and on schedule. For example, you can post one video per week or four to five photos per week on Instagram.


Being a creator is often important to be able to achieve things. Hard skills come first, then soft skills.

There are so many things that need to be learned, starting from how to create content that is easy to read, learn to edit interesting and successful videos on Facebook video creators, learn to tamper with the camera, learn to take pictures, manage Instagram feeds and many more.

Easy Ways to Use the Facebook Video Creator Application

  1. To start with, check to see if your smartphone is compatible with the Facebook Video App.
  2. Then, you have to download Video Maker App Facebook on your smartphone, and once downloaded, launch the app.
  3. Then, after the application is downloaded and launched, select the account that you want to use to operate the application. Then after that, click Menu and Select Video Creator will appear.
  4. When you're ready, click “Create a Live Creative Kit for your page”.
  5. After that, select “Create.” On screen, this means that you can use this Facebook Maker to post your own creative videos.

Easy Ways to Use the Facebook Video Creator Application

Anyone interested in using the Facebook Video Maker app can refer to this guide for more information. you can directly download the application.

Apart from installing and utilizing the Facebook Creator Application as above, if you want to become a video maker on Facebook Creator, you must create a channel and create content. Listen if you want to be successful as a video creator on facebook video creator. Here are some tips.

Create Facebook Video Creator in Studio Creator

In the Builder Tool Facebook videos Today, there's Creator Studio, which brings together all the features you need to effectively publish, monetize, manage and measure your performance as well as take action on all your pages in one place.

Creator Studio also lets you take advantage of new features as well as potential revenue, provided you meet the necessary requirements. you too can achieve the following incredible things.

  1. Final level content allows you to track your content library and find pages that you already own.
  2. Simplify video publishing, i.e. create, schedule, and post content across your pages. bulk upload videos to one location.
  3. Managing interactions across your site makes it easier for visitors to communicate with one another.
  4. Respond to messages and comments on your Facebook posts and Instagram photos.
  5. With an efficient Rights Manager and a Rights Manager experience for your video creators, you can protect your content, manage where and how your original content is presented.
  6. Track performance with insights, track your total followers, see who is returning to view your content weekly, and know how long people are viewing your video content.
  7. Monetize your content, take advantage of ad breaks on eligible pages, evaluate your insights and monetization, and receive payment data.
  8. And of course, if you really want to be a successful video creator, after you make a video, you must have a well thought out idea for the video content that you will broadcast on your channel.

Tips for Choosing the Right Facebook Video Content Creation Concept

Videos on how to train others. These kinds of ideas are often used as content. Because whatever is practical or unusual, simple, or fantastic maybe a comedy sketch, for those of you who have a good sense of humor, of course there's nothing wrong with making videos like parodies or comedy sketches.

Tips for Choosing the Right Facebook Video Content Creation Concept

Make the people watching your channel laugh! It involves a basic idea, but it works. By expressing your life routine, From daily routine to nightly rituals and everything in between, Vlogs on video content are popular among various individuals.

Adventure, which is widely used as content by Facebook video creators Travelers, might be one of the suggestions for good places to share with lots of people.

Live Q&A with your audience is possible via Facebook live video. In most cases, this will help you gain fame.

If you have a talent for anything, create something that will entertain many people through your video content. Animated videos are a great way to show people your 3D environment or your own graphics.

You can start making videos as soon as you have an idea. Make a plan for how you will get your videos out, and make a commitment to submit them regularly. If you upload videos on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon.

Try to stick to the schedule so your followers know what to expect. Facebook provides various opportunities for you to amaze your audience between your video posts. Share text and photos, and publish stories to show others what you're up to.

Also, by starting a channel on facebook video creator, you are not just entertainment because you are producing videos. However, you can also make money on Facebook Creator.


Facebook has created an application called facebook video creator, which can be accessed through the Facebook website. This unique app for video creators was developed in response to current trends.

It is possible that Facebook is doing this to attract new members and increase its social media presence. The Facebook app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times on the Play Store and App Store.

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