How to Get Code Redeem Genshin Impact – This game, which is produced by MiHoYo Studio, often provides a genshin impact game redeem code, let's see to get the code in this article.

previously working with a well-known game brand, Intel Gaming, to present the latest redeem code in order to welcome the one year anniversary of Genshin Impact.

The code gives 50 Primogems with one redeem code. In addition, players must upgrade to Genshin Impact version v2.1.

Reporting from ginx, this redeem code was released in limited quantities. Therefore, players are advised to submit claims immediately before the code redeem quota runs out.

Get to know the Genshin Impact Game

An engaging story, an interesting line-up of characters, and a large, exciting environment to explore are the appeal of role-playing games, or RPGs. Eye-catching visuals and a fun gameplay style complete the list of positive attributes Genshin Impact impressive. This game is also completely free.

Get to know the Genshin Impact Game

It's no wonder that Mihoyo's game is going well because of this combo. Not only in their home country, China, this Android and iPhone game is also selling well in South Korea, Japan, America, Europe, and even Indonesia.

Because of his work, Genshin Impact is said to have been able to generate IDR 1.4 trillion in just two weeks. This success certainly makes many people curious. What exactly is Genshin Impact and what made this game so popular?

Genshin Impact Available on Any Platform

Genshin Impact's success cannot be separated from its availability on multiple platforms. This game can be played on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 console, and Android and iOS based mobile devices.

Beyond that, a Nintendo Switch version of Genshin Impact is also in the works, but no specific date has been set yet.

Like today's popular games, Genshin Impact gives you the option to play with friends or multiplayer. In one game session, up to four people can participate simultaneously.

Interestingly, this game allows you to play cross-platform. So, you can play with your friends even if you are using different devices.

However, there are limitations that you must meet to use this multiplayer function. You must reach Adventure Rank 16 and do a number of missions or adventures first.

For players who like to travel, the mobile (Android and iOS) and PC (Windows) versions of Genshin Impact can be saved simultaneously for easy access. On the way, you can play on your mobile and continue on your PC.

Characters You Can Play From The Beginning

Traveler is the default character that you will play like in Genshin Impact when you first start the game. This main character uses the power of the wind element from Anemo through the use of a sword. However, over time, you will meet travelers with the power of the Geo, or earth element.

Characters You Can Play From The Beginning

After your journey to Teyvat, you will encounter a variety of interesting individuals, each with an elemental power. Some of these characters are playable. In fact, you can explore Teyvat with a team of four characters whose powers come from different parts of the world.

There are various characters that you might meet in Genshin Impact. Some of them you will meet at the beginning of the game. As you progress through the course you will encounter three different characters. The main character consists of Amber.

An archer who carries the element of fire (Pyro); Kaeya, a swordsman with the power of ice (Cryo); and Lisa, a mage or wizard with the power of lightning (Electro) (Electro). The fantasy world of Teyvat has many unique people that you may meet while playing.

How to Claim Code Redeem Genshin Impact

Furthermore, here are various techniques you can use to claim the code, including the following:

  1. When claiming the rendem code, at least the players must be at Adventure level 10
  2. After that, all you have to do is enter the official page genshin mihoyo to do redem code clamps.
  3. Next, please log in using the account that you already have
  4. After that, please select a server and then enter a nickname or nickname
  5. After that, please enter the code provided and you just have to select it in the Redeem section.
  6. Usually, the prizes will automatically be obtained by players on the Genshin Impact games homepage.

How to Get Primo Games

If you want to play the Primo game in the Genshin Impact game, here's the procedure:

How to Get Primo Games


Some of Primo's games can be obtained simply by completing a series of difficult and time-consuming adventures from the distant past.


You can open chests in the game, including an efficient approach to getting primogems.


It's as simple as opening shrines and earning points for journeys or quests to get primogems.


The ultimate gem prize is yours if you complete the Genshin Impact game objectives.

Daily Commission

Daily commissions are promised to be available for adventurers who have reached level 10, and you will be given various prizes if you successfully complete the job. One of the prizes is a Prima game.


It is unknown whether Mihoyo, as the creator of this game, will send you some gifts when you open the email. For example, the game is under repair or maintenance.

Starglitter and Stardust

You can also buy and get Fate to Primogems with Starglitter and Stardust online.

To get the prize, players only need to visit the official Genshin Impact website to enter the redeem code. And join the game to claim Primogems in the mailbox.

Alienware and SteelSeries Websites

If the number of redeemable promo codes has been reached, gamers may be able to get similar codes from the Alienware or SteelSeries websites.

How to receive an Alienware or SteelSeries redemption code:

  1. Go to the Alienware or Steelseries redeem code giveaway page
  2. Register if you don't have an account yet
  3. Click on the 'Get Key' section of the page
  4. Copy the redeem code that is displayed
  5. Use this code to get 5- Primogems

List of Code Redeem Genshin Impact July 2022

This is the latest code from the Genshin Impact redemption code that we will share, so you can use it and claim it for various prizes provided by the Genshin Impact game manufacturer.

List of July 2022 Genshin Impact Redeem Codes

As you know, if Genshin Impact is one of the games that is currently very popular and is greatly enjoyed by people in Indonesia, and has even become one of the greatest games in the world even though it is only 1 year old. However, the game can catch up with certain existing Gins.

Genshin Impact is one of the free to play action games. It also has RPG gameplay which gives players a unique experience in which they can go on an adventure while protecting themselves from the many enemy colonies that are in their way.

Players can collect their winnings on the company's official website, The game's creator, MiHoYo, says that he will regularly provide redeem codes for this purpose.

Because in July 2022 there aren't many codes issued by developers but maybe certain players can take advantage of them, here is one of the codes that is still live and you can exchange it for free. The code is as follows:

  3. Cuupmbjsvd
  4. 153YuSaenh
  5. 5KVeIbSxDUU
  6. GSIMPTQ125
  7. jsSK8n23jzR
  8. CB7FS6KT2H59
  10. AS7CJDP4NG7H
  11. BSNDJC747Z7D
  12. BSPD3ZRXU985
  14. GENSHIN1111
  15. KB6DKDNM7H49
  18. 4BNSD3675J8D
  19. eATDgIXLD56
  20. FS6SU367M279

Some of the codes that we discussed in the previous post about the Genshin Impact warning might be of use to those of you who are looking for new codes.


Success Genshin Impact inseparable from its availability on multiple platforms. This game can be played on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 console, and Android and iOS based mobile devices. A Nintendo Switch version is also in the works, but no specific date has been set yet.

The fantasy world of Teyvat has many unique people that you may meet while playing. The main characters consist of Amber, an archer who carries the element of fire (Pyro) and Kaeya, a swordsman with the power of ice (Cryo).

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