Download Picsay Pro Mod Apk Full Unlocked 2022 – As we know, if you want to download an application via the Play Store, it's different from how to download the Picsay pro mod apk, you can download it via a website or website.

However, if you don't know what website to use to download it, you can use the website that we have provided below.

As we know that PicSay is a unique application developed to make it easier for Android smartphone users to change photos and images.

Many customers choose this program because of its smaller size compared to other comparable editing applications.

Overview of the PicSay Photo Editor Application

Before you download the picsay pro mod, here's an understanding of Picsay Pro is a popular imaging application used by Android users. In fact, this application is called the Photoshop Mobile version.

This is due to the variety of features available and can be used to edit photos. This application is commonly used by YouTubers to create thumbnails for their videos.

Android photo editing apps are only available for purchase through the Google Play Store. Do you want to use premium applications? Of course, most people would say no. Consequently, PicSay pro, a free program, is referred to in this article.

Free? How about the function? Keep things simple for yourself, but don't forget to use all the tools at your disposal.

There is now a modded version of PicSay Pro which you can download for free and unlock all the locked features from the link in this post.

Using various functions of PicSay pro mod apk, you can increase the visual appeal of your photos and images. For those of you who have used the Photoshop application, you must be familiar with the functions of this application.

Why? Because you can change photos and images and colors using this image processing application. Here are some of the amazing capabilities available in the PicSay Pro image editing program.

Cool Features On PicSay Pro Version

As shown above, the free edition of PicSay has relatively limited functionality, not as complete as the premium version of the PicSay app. Once you pay for a PicSay pro membership, you will have access to all of the app's unique features.

Before downloading the Picsay pro mod apk, the following features exist on Picsay:

1. Crop photo

The crop feature is a feature that should not be absent in any photo editor application. This feature is a mandatory feature that even exists in the default photo editing application that is owned by your Android device.

What makes the crop feature on PicSay different is the quality of the images it produces. The photo crop feature in the PicSay application can be used to reduce the width or length of the photo being edited.

The results of using this tool will not affect the quality of the photo even though the edited image or photo will be cropped. You can find this feature in both versions of the PicSay app.

2. Image resizing

PicSay also has a resize feature which is very useful for reducing or minimizing the size of a photo file.

The new generation of smartphones is equipped with sophisticated cameras that can take very detailed photos. The result is clear, but the size of the photo becomes very large.

In order to be sent easily and uploaded to various social media platforms with good quality, sometimes the size of a photo that is too large needs to be reduced first. The trick is to use the resize feature in this PicSay application.

The resize feature in PicSay will make the image size smaller but will not reduce the quality or clarity of the image itself.

3. Adding Blur Effect

The results of photos taken using an HP camera, even though they are very good, are still not the same as photos taken using a DSLR camera.

DSLR cameras can adjust the focus so that the photos taken will look more attractive with the blur effect.

The blur effect on a smartphone camera cannot be exactly the same as the blur effect on a DSLR camera. But now you can add a blur effect to photos taken on a smartphone thanks to the blur feature in the PicSay Pro application.

By editing photos using the PicSay application, photos taken using an HP camera can look like they were taken using a DSLR camera.

4. Brightness to Adjust Photo Brightness

Sometimes low light conditions or lack of lighting result in photos taken using the camera looking dark so that the objects in the photo cannot be seen clearly. Upload the photo to the PicSay app to adjust the brightness.

Use the brightness tool to brighten photos that look dark. You can adjust the saturation and light sensitivity with manual or automatic options.

Photos that were dark and unclear will become lighter so that the main object in the photo will appear clearer.

5. Contrast and Exposure

Two other tools that you can find in the PicSay app are contrast and exposure. These two very useful tools can be used to make the colors in a photo smoother and evener. Smooth and even coloring of the photo makes the photo look better.

Exposure can make a photo look brighter and clearer. Meanwhile, the contrast can be adjusted as desired so that certain details become stronger or weaker. These two very useful tools can be found in the Adjustments section.

6. Stickers and Emojis

To make the photos you edit look more attractive, PicSay Pro offers a wide selection of stickers and emojis that you can add to any photo or image that you upload to this application.

Hundreds of stickers and emoji are available to use according to your creativity. For example, there are Halloween themed stickers, romantic stickers, and so on.

All the stickers in the pro version are fully open and you can use them as you wish. Just install the pro version of PicSay once and all the stickers can be used at any time.

7. Perspective Features for Professional-style Editing

Another cool feature that you can find in the pro version of the PicSay app is the perspective editor. With this feature, you can fix photos that are slanted or look disproportionate. This feature can make photos that used to look bad look cooler and more professional.

This feature sounds difficult to use. But the pro version of PicSay comes with a short tutorial on how to use this very useful new feature. Just follow the instructions or tutorials displayed by the pro version of the PicSay application to be able to use the perspective feature optimally.

8. Various New Styles for Font or Text

The main function of the PicSay app is to add cool text on photos or pictures. Many and interesting font variations are certainly one of the features that PicSay users are looking forward to. The free version of the app offers a limited number of text or font choices.

If you are interested in making interesting text or writing and pasting it on photos, be sure to use PicSay Pro because all the cool fonts in it are open and can be accessed more freely to make editing various photos more interesting.

PicSay users can also change the font color, text position, and text size so that they can be more adapted to the photo being edited or to the wishes of the PicSay application user.

9. Very Unique Wrap Brush Tool

The pro version of PicSay also offers a number of other unique features, such as the wrap brush tool which can be used to create a curved effect. That way, users will be able to make arches in several objects in one particular photo.

This very unique and useful tool is not present in the free version of PicSay. You need to use the pro version of the PicSay application to be able to find and use this wrap brush tool. Also, make sure the Android device you are using supports the OpenGL ES 3 feature.

10. HDR Settings to Improve Photo Quality

One more feature that is in the pro version but not yet in the free version is the HDR setting. HDR is a special setting that can be applied to photos or pictures so that details in the photo can be seen more clearly. Usually, HP cameras are equipped with this HDR feature.

But if the Android cellphone camera that you are using right now is not equipped with the HDR feature, you don't need to buy a new cellphone, just use the pro version of the PicSay application. The pro version of PicSay already has an HDR feature which will make your photos look more professional.

How to set HDR on a photo is also very easy, you can determine what percentage of the HDR effect you want to apply to the photo you are editing.

11. All Filters Are Open and Can Be Accessed Freely

Filters are the easiest way to improve the quality of your photos. With certain filters, you can make photos look more cinematic and lively. Other filters can make photos look more aesthetic and attractive. To use all filters freely, use the PicSay Pro application.

All the filters in the pro version can be used for free if you use the modified PicSay application. All filters that were previously locked will automatically open without having to make any payments, such as paying a subscription fee.

12. Sharpen Tool to Make Photos Look Sharper

Sharpen which is very useful for making edited photos look sharper. Lines and dots in photos or drawings will be made clear. That way the photos that appear will look more detailed and no longer look less clear.

This sharpen tool can be found in the Adjustments section along with various other editing tools such as Temperature, Tint, Saturation, and so on.

Take advantage of all the tools and features in the pro version as much as possible so that the edits are more optimal. Apart from the 12 features above, there are still many features that you can find in the pro version, for example Pixelize, Marker, Spotlight, and so on. Download the app to try out every cool feature of it.

13. Artistic

The Artistic feature is one that is of great interest because it can make unique photo edits with the following effects, Pop art, Cosmic Print, Neon, Posterize and Pencil sketch.


After you have edited your photo, you can save it to the smartphone's memory or you can also share it directly on social media such as Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp.

15. Adjust

This feature is often used to edit photos because here you can make lots of image changes like the following.

  1. Boost = add more color choices
  2. Contrast = functions to adjust the brightness
  3. Smooth = smoothes the color of the photo
  4. Sharpen = give sharpness
  5. Temperature = to set the atmosphere of all colors
  6. Saturation = gives thickness to the color

15. Transform Pictures

This feature is enabled to crop images manually, you can crop images to the various sizes needed so you can cut photos with great precision and here is a menu that can be used

  1. Blur = Blur certain objects
  2. Curves = light settings
  3. Fix Red Eye = make red eyes
  4. Add Background = add a background to a photo
  5. Brightness = adjust the dim or bright objects
  6. Adjust RGB = atmosphere setting with a certain color

Download the PicSay Pro Application Without Paying Subscription Fees

The pro edition of PicSay is available on the Google Play Store for a one-time fee of $1.99. Unfortunately, many smartphone users don't have the means to get hold of this kind of app. The good news is that the updated PicSay app is now available.

The modified PicSay app is the original PicSay app which is significantly updated by a third party developer so all the pro features are accessible for free. To get this application you cannot download it through the Play Store. Download this PicSay app from the link below.

  1. Application Name PicSay Pro Mod
  2. Application Version Version
  3. Last Update 17 October 2016
  4. Application Size 5 MB
  5. Photography Application Genres
  6. Android Operating System version 5.0 or higher version
  7. Free App Price

Link Download Picsay pro mod apk:

The application that you will download from the URL above will be in the form of an APK. When you download this application, the web browser you use may give a warning that the file can damage the Android device you are using.

Confirm that you still want to download the software, then install the application manually. After installing the manually patched PicSay app, you can start modifying your photos freely using all available functions.

How to Install the Modified PicSay Application

Because it is an application that is not from the Play Store, the installation of this modified PicSay will not take place automatically.

You need to install the application manually so that the application can be directly used to edit photos and photos. The upgraded PicSay software is easy to install if you have previously installed the APK file from our website.

The PicSay Mod application can be made easier by following the methods listed below. If you have previously installed the application in the form of an APK, then no settings need to be updated.

Immediately open File Manager on your Android smartphone then search for PicSay Pro, usually the APK file will be in the Downloads folder.

After getting the PicSay Mod APK file, just touch the PicSay APK file once. A pop-up box will display a confirmation request that you agree to the installation of an APK format application. Confirm your identity as the person who requested it.

Then the Install and Cancel buttons will appear. To start the installation process now, just hit the Install button. Wait a few seconds before the application is successfully installed and available for use according to your needs.

If the last warning indicates that the application is harmful, do not confirm installation of the application if it has already been downloaded. Delete the file because maybe you downloaded the wrong app and got a virus instead.

After you re-download PicSay Mod, check again to make sure you have the right application and not a virus that can harm your Android phone application.

Then repeat the app installation instructions listed above. Your Android smartphone will display a notification stating that the application has been installed and is safe to use. Immediately launch the application and take advantage of all its capabilities.

It's true that the pro edition of PicSay is slightly bigger than the free one. But compared to other image editing tools, the size of the PicSay application is still very simple so it won't burden the Android device you are using.

This application can even be loaded on an Android smartphone with version 4.1 and not too much RAM. If you need a simple editing software, PicSay is the best solution.

PicSay Pro has tons of unique tools that make editing pictures and pictures on Android easy. There are no ads or inconveniences with the Pro edition, so you can make full use of all the features. Get the app from this website.

How to Use Picsay Pro Mod

Editing images is not difficult because everyone can use and modify images for the better with complete effects or other support.

To better explain how to modify images in Picsay Pro, maybe you should check how the following images are edited.

  1. Enter the Picsay Pro Mod Apk
  2. First, please select Get A picture
  3. Next you will be asked to have a photo to edit
  4. Next, just select the effect, please choose according to taste
  5. Continue by clicking on the pop color menu to add the color you need
  6. There is also a combined photo menu to unite the images you want to make one
  7. Add frames to add value to the photo (if needed)
  8. Add Text with the various font choices you want
  9. After finishing editing, just select the tick button, the photo will be saved
  10. Can also directly share to social media

So that's how to use Picsay Pro to edit pictures, and the end result is totally dependent on the ability of the user to achieve mastery over the editing application.

The difference between Picsay Pro Mod and the Original Version

What exactly differentiates the original Picsay Pro from the Apk version? As far as functionality and quality goes, this modified version differs from the original.

Picsay Original

  1. Limited Features
  2. Has ads
  3. Some are paid
  4. Limited accessories except premium or paid
  5. Legal
  6. Download Picsay pro Via Playstore

Picsay Pro Mod Apk

  1. The features available are very complete
  2. No ads
  3. Everything is Free
  4. Lots of accessories that can be used for free
  5. Illegal
  6. Download using the website or site

Is Picsay Pro Mod Safe?

Any updated application usually tends to be banned by the initial party, but if it comes with security measures, it will not be removed, therefore you must choose a safe apk.

So, what makes Picsay Pro Mod Apk so vulnerable to being shut down by Google? This updated version of the image editing application has often been used for editing operations and so far it's safe.

Picsay Pro Mod Apk has built-in security protection, so users who want to check it out need not worry about security issues.

Due to the small size of the application and its compatibility with various operating systems, Picsay Mod Apk can be operated on even the smallest devices.

Picsay Pro Review

PicSay Pro Photo Editor is a lightweight application, barely 1.8 MB in size. This makes it acceptable for use even on low-spec Android smartphones. Apart from that, it has basic and intermediate image editing features.

There are two versions of PicSay available. The first is a free or free application, the second version is Pro or premium. You can download both on Google PlayStore. The two versions also have different types. One of them is v1.8.0.5.

Despite its modest size, PicSay Pro Photo Editor offers many capabilities and is more complete than previous editions. This application offers great functionality, such as editing photos, creating effects or filters, applying stickers to photos, and much more.


As we know that PicSay is a unique application developed to make it easier for Android smartphone users to change photos and images.

In the article above, we don't only provide the Picsay pro mod apk download link, but we also discuss how to download the Picsay pro mod apk, features, and also reviews about the PicSay apk.

Thus the article about Download Picsay Pro Mod Apk Full Unlocked 2022, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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