Link Partial Color Blind Test and its Types – As we know, lots of netizens are looking for a partial color blind test link. Partial color blindness can be caused by eye abnormalities.

What is partial color blindness has developed since the case of Fahri, a National Police commissioned officer candidate, who failed because he was reported to have partial color blindness.

This case went viral when Fahri revealed that he had passed the selection of prospective NCO 2021 student candidates with a rating of 35 out of 1,200 participants.

However, Fahri's name was replaced with the name of one of the participants who did not pass the 2021 National Police Officers training.

About Partial Color Blindness

“I have served for six months and when I wanted to go to school my name was replaced by someone who had failed,” Fahri said as quoted from the Instagram account @jurnalisjunior on May 31, 2022.

Until this article was published, Fahri was still demanding his rights back. The reason is, he has been aiming to enter the National Police since 2018.

About Partial Color Blindness

The expression partial color blindness is a condition in which a person has difficulty recognizing certain colors.

Total color blindness prevents the person from seeing colors at all, whereas partial color blindness only affects certain colors like red and green.

Types of Partial Color Blind

There are several types of partial color blindness, including the following:

  1. Green-red color blindness
  2. Blue-yellow color blindness

Green-red color blindness is more common than blue-yellow partial color blindness.

Partial Color Blind Test

There are several partial color blind tests found in the medical industry, as follows:

Ishihara test

The doctor will place a card called the Ishihara card in front of the patient. The artwork on these cards is in the form of colorful dots that form patterns in the form of numbers, characters, symbols or grooves.


As an analogy with a microscope, the doctor will ask the patient to examine it. This equipment is called anomalyoscope. There are two circles in the tool, one red-green and the other yellow, separated into two colors.

Colored Wool Yarn Test

This research uses wool yarn with different colors that have been specially developed. The doctor will ask the patient to take a thread of a certain color. If the patient chooses the wrong color, he has partial color blindness.

Approaches to treating partial color blindness include wearing colored contact lenses, using UV-resistant glasses, enlisting the help of others and gene therapy.

Partial Color Blind Test Link

Below is a link that you can copy to do a partial color blind test, namely:


In the article above, we not only provide a partial color blind test link, but we also provide a brief explanation of partial color blindness and its types.

Thus the article about the Partial Color Blind Test Link and How to Overcome It, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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