Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gems 2022

Rancakmedia.com – The popular simulation game that is loved by all country players around the world is dragon city mod apk. The dragon city app is one of the most popular simulation games.

The game setting is a world where dragons abound. Initially, players will get a baby dragon that must be raised until they grow up. To be able to achieve it, you are looking for the right materials.

Players are made to feel comfortable while being constantly fueled by the exhilarating game action. You can create your own city and raise any kind of dragon you choose in this game.

Dragon City Mod Apk Review

Dragon City mod apk adalah application game yang dibuat ulang dengan banyak fitur yang disesuaikan. Ini dilakukan dengan cara ini untuk memudahkan pemain untuk lebih menghargai alur permainan.

In this game, there are three kinds of currency, namely gems, money and gold. Players have to put in a lot of efforts to earn money and the procedure is not easy.

To take care of dragons and create cities, cash is used to buy different materials. Since the improved version, players no longer need to work hard to earn cash, as everything is readily available in a seemingly infinite supply.

Dragon City Mod Apk Review

This is the main attraction of this game so it is very popular. In addition, the new edition makes it easier for players to engage in dragon fights. The many choices provided make the game seem more thrilling and different.

Even though it has been updated, the security level of this application is also guaranteed and has passed the testing stage. That way gamers can feel comfortable and don't need to worry. The player's account will be protected from being banned and will not be banned even if using this modified application

Main Features of Dragon City Mod Apk

Dragon City mod apk adds rare premium features. With the various elements provided, you can enjoy online game simulations in a more interesting and entertaining way. The functionality of the mod application has been improved as a result of the modification process.

Many useful options are included in this application. For many advantages and benefits in the game, this function is a must have. Check out the following description.

Skills and Evolution

Your dragon may learn new abilities, as previously shown. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Most importantly, you can collect Orbs to give your dragon a boost.

Also, as you win more battles, you can also level up your dragons. Then, they would get stronger as their stats would increase. So that you can win every time, make sure all your dragons are healthy and strong.

Dragon Alliance

You can also join a dragon alliance here who has the same interests as you. We can access alliance chests, carry out activities and exchange balls with other members.

Joining an alliance has a positive effect on your mood. This will help you to progress quickly and become a stronger trainer. Join the conversation today and get to know other dragon fans!

Unlimited Coins

There are many benefits for gamers who use the inclusion of this mod. One of the most profitable is receiving an unlimited number of coins. It helps you to receive optimal resources.

An in-game shop offers a variety of items to satisfy the diverse wants and needs of players. You can buy various things with the coins you have now. A city and a suitable dragon habitat are both ready to build.

Also, coins can be spent to expand your dragon collection in terms of variety. Any dragon you like is readily available to unlock. As a result, your library will be richer.

With unlimited coins. The whole gameplay seems easier to access. However, resources are not the only things you will need in this game. Players must also have the right plan to be able to win in the game.

Easier Gameplay

The premium features of this upgraded app provide gamers with a more exciting and engaging gaming experience than the original. The game's user interface is stunning, and immediately puts you at ease and encourages you to keep playing.

You have more control over the game if you use a premium subscription. You can develop cities, farms, habitats and collect eggs to raise dragons. Making the dragon's power grow will allow you to level up easily.

The game's 3D visuals are stunning, with a well-balanced color scheme. Your eyes will be more comfortable when staring at the screen this way. Skin effects, attack combinations and several other objects look great because of the great 3D visuals.

The gameplay of this game is not very challenging. Players only need to adapt effectively to be able to carry out attacks and perform many other tasks.

Complete Dragon Variation

Playing this enhanced version allows you to access a wider variety of dragons. There are up to 100 types of dragons that you can use to fight with the Dragon Master. You no longer need to worry about choosing the wrong type of dragon.

If you win against the Dragon Master, you can get the dragon and keep it. Each dragon has different talents and various qualities. The element that the dragon has must be adjusted to its opponent.

Because there are also certain dragons that can only be used at high levels. To do this, you have to be careful when choosing the type of dragon you use. The dragon variants provided by this mod version are quite a lot.

All you have to do is modify his powers so they are more effective against the different types of opponents he will face. You will get access to more dragons if you win matches. You can build a hybrid dragon by combining 10 different types of dragons.

Access Online Multiplayer

You can now play against real other people as well as the computer in this enhanced version of multiplayer mode. This will definitely create a new sensation.

You have to choose your best dragon before you can face off against other real gamers. This is due to the fact that there are only a limited number of dragon slots available for use. In this scenario, you might think that you should choose your team before the contest.

After successfully defeating your opponent, you will be challenged with the next enemy. By taking advantage of this feature, you can increase your dragon's strength so that it can grow more ideally.

Outperforming the bad guys is essential. The stronger the dragon you have, the easier it will be for you to level up. These real player matches are random but the levels between players have been changed to be fair.

Unlock All Skins

To make your pet dragon look attractive, you need to give it a skin. The movement of the skin can increase the attractiveness and appearance of the dragon.

By utilizing skin, your dragon will look more sophisticated and attractive. You can sample several skins that can be accessed freely, because all access is provided free of charge. Choose the most acceptable skin for the dragon character to make it look decent.

Unlimited Gems

The fantastic element that helps the player the most is the availability of an unlimited number of gems. With this function, you can fulfill all the dragon's wishes and also to develop the city.

Building cities and raising dragons is no longer necessary. To build an effective realm, all you need to do is stock up on the most appropriate equipment for your dragons and cities.

During the game, there are many kinds of dragons that are imprisoned and can only be released by using gems. With an unlimited number of gems, you can easily free and own them.

Gems can also be used to get eggs from certain types of dragons so you can best complete your collection.

Free Premium Service

The mod software is made to enable premium access for free. Premium access usually requires financial money from you.

Everything is now free, so you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money. As a result, you save time by not having to search for the ingredients you need. The amount of gems and coins you can get is unlimited, so you don't even have to keep playing.

Download the Dragon City Mod Application

Players are attracted by the mod's interesting customization options. Premium access is now available for free thanks to the expansion of all services in this edition. There is no Google Play Store listing for Dragon City mod apk as it is produced by a third party.

Download the Dragon City Mod Application

How to Download and Install Dragon City Mod Apk

To get the most out of the Dragon City mod apk game, the first step is to download and install the application on your mobile or tablet. Use a device with a strong connection and enough capacity to store the data you are about to upload.

This must be done so that the installation procedure can be carried out quickly. After successfully installing the application on your smartphone, you can use every accessible function for free.

Setting up this app is very easy; all that is required is that you enable third-party installation privileges at first. To fully understand it, follow the instructions below.

  1. To start the process of downloading the application, open the URL provided. You will be redirected to a page where you can download the free apk file.
  2. To start downloading, click on the download button. While waiting for the apk file to finish downloading. Please adjust your device settings.
  3. Unknown sources can be installed by checking the box in the security section of the app settings.
  4. Third-party applications require this step to be completed before they can be installed.
  5. Regardless of whether you have downloaded the apk file, you need to re-read the instructions. Once done, you can proceed to the installation procedure.
  6. Navigate to the Downloads folder in File Manager. Select the application that you want to install.
  7. The installation procedure will run automatically. Let's come to a conclusion.
  8. After the application is installed correctly, you will receive a notification and can immediately use the various functions provided.
  9. Enjoy a cute and interesting dragon simulation game.

How to Play Dragon City Mod Apk

Playing Dragon City does seem quite easy. But you need specific recommendations to be able to have sufficient resources and choose the appropriate type of dragon. As is known, each dragon character has certain benefits.

By choosing the right method, you can develop a more beautiful dragon city and be able to take good care of it. Check the following tips.

Choose the Most Suitable Habitat

Dragons live in the Habitat. Not all habitats are suitable for Komodo dragons, for this reason an analysis needs to be carried out first. Set up various breeding grounds so you can raise all kinds of dragons.

To be able to carry out successful construction procedures, you need to earn a lot of money. The greater the quality of the environment, the better the dragons can grow.

Collect Gems

You have to collect as much as you can at first to have enough resources for the city as well as the dragons to grow. You can earn gems through various actions such as leveling up, daily quests to weekly pickles.

In addition, gamers can also receive more gems by inviting friends. The bigger the promotion, the better your chance to receive more gems.

Make an Investment in Agriculture

At the beginning of the game, players will be directed to own and breed the agricultural sector first. The farm has plants that can incubate and rear dragons for a purpose.

For that the agricultural sector must be improved first. The wider your farm, the easier it will be for you to hatch dragons. Earning gold is another benefit of participating in this sport.

Playing In Battle

The key to victory is to upgrade the dragon's abilities. If you want your dragon to perform at a high level, you must devote time and effort to teaching and training it.

Allowing the dragon to fight immediately will allow it to better identify each opponent.

The more fights you do, the more experience the dragon will have. The dragon's strength and size will increase dramatically as a result of this.

Choose a Dragon of a Different Type

The features and benefits of each dragon are unique. Therefore, breeding different types of dragons together can produce new, better species. You can carry out various experiments by breeding different types of dragons.

If you're lucky, you might catch a legendary dragon with enchanting powers. By combining the perfect blend of dragon abilities, you can create rare baby dragons.

Is Dragon City Mod Safe to play

The features provided by the Dragon City mod are wider than the original edition. This is why the reworked version is so sought after. The download and installation procedure is quite simple.

It's as simple as downloading the apk file, giving permission to install it, and then carrying out the actual installation. The UI of this app is also the same as the official version, so there isn't much difference in the interface.

The convenience of using this updated application is one of its main features. You don't need to root your device to gain access. So that the installation process can be done quickly.

If you are using this version of the game, you can play with unlimited resources support. Whatever you want, can be done easily.

Is Dragon City Mod Safe to play

This application is equipped with advanced technology that is able to keep player accounts safe and not banned. You may find the game more thrilling and amazing.

The Dragon City mod apk application is the right choice to become a pro game player because all the features that are present are able to provide maximum comfort in playing games. That way you can develop your city and have various dragons.

An in-game shop offers a variety of items to satisfy the diverse wants and needs of players. You can develop cities, farms, habitats and collect eggs to raise dragons.

The enhanced version allows you to access a wider variety of dragons. There are up to 100 types of dragons that you can use to fight with the Dragon Master. The dragon variants provided by this mod version are quite a lot, and each dragon has different talents and qualities.


Latest version of Dragon City Mod Apk with unlimited gold and gems. You can create your own city and raise any kind of dragon you choose in this game.

The security level of this application is guaranteed and has passed the testing stage. This is a remake game app with lots of customized features. The game's 3D visuals are stunning, with a well-balanced color scheme.

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