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Rancakmedia.comIs there not countless Free Fire gamers have played this amazing survival game using the Bellara VIP mod apk. If you have heard about the Bellara application and are interested in using it, first read all the complete facts about Bellara before proceeding to download the application.

The Bellara app is available for free download from multiple places all over the internet, so there's no need to spend money up front. But you have to be careful and check the website that sells it so you don't download it wrongly and end up damaging your smartphone.

There have been several updates to the Bellara app for Android smartphones. The mod is added to the original application so that the Bellara application can present all the extraordinary and sophisticated features that can increase the sensation of the Free Fire game.

Headshots have never been easier, thanks to the innovative Bellara app. Even the Free Fire characters you play can run faster. The Free Fire game can be won in a more stealthy and fast way. It can be used by anyone, without any prerequisites.

What is the Bellara VIP Application for the Free Fire Game

If Free Fire is an original game made by Garena, then the Bellara application is its own application built by a third-party developer. This interesting application comes with several unique and advanced features that you will never find in the regular edition of the Free Fire game.

What is the Bellara VIP Application for the Free Fire Game

Cannot buy Bellara from Play Store as it is a custom app created by a third party developer. This app cannot be downloaded from the App Store and thus cannot be used on iOS based devices as well..

But still can download the Bellara app via the safe and free download link offered on this website. Bellara can only be loaded and played on an Android-based smartphone. This app is an excellent alternative to play the Free Fire game.

Features of Bellara Vip Mod Apk

In Bellara, you will find many useful functions. But unlike all the free apps on the Play Store, Bellara doesn't require paying upfront to access all of its amazing features.

can use all the special features in the Bellara application for free without requiring laborious procedures or paying membership fees. You can find some examples of Bellara app features in the list below.

Headshot Can be done Automatically

Free Fire gamers prefer to do headshots or shoot enemies directly in the head. Unfortunately, headshots cannot be done just like that when playing the Free Fire game on the official version of the Garena application. A fairly accurate weapon is needed.

In addition, headshots can only be done if Free Fire players have perfected their skills very well. Experience and luck can also influence the success or failure of a headshot procedure. Use Bellara if you want to make a headshot automatically.

Free Fire gamers who use the Bellara VIP application do not need to have high skills or talents to be able to do headshots effectively. Beginners and amateurs can also make headshots without any problems.

Control Game Speed Easily

A game about survival skills, Free Fire is really fun to play. must be able to be the last person left in the game to win the game. In the Free Fire game, adjusting the speed might help to win more easily.

can achieve this with the help of the Bellara app. can change the movement speed of the game with the Bellara application. There is a speed control feature that you can use to speed up the movement of the characters you play in the game.

Will be able to get to opponents faster and do more damage to them. Furthermore, if you are being chased by an enemy, this handy feature will make it easier to escape. In short, this great feature can make the game easier to win.

Recoil completely eliminated

Recoil or kickback is always present in the Free Fire game, regardless of the type of weapon. However, you will not find this in the Bellara VIP application. Recoil may make the shot unstable, preventing it from focusing the way it is intended. Recoil might actually cause the shot to go wrong.

Recoil is especially annoying as it is often felt by machine guns at a faster rate of fire. No need to worry about shooting wide due to recoil thanks to the Bellara application.

The accuracy of the shot will immediately increase and can shoot more easily and hit the target or targets with precision. Winning will be much easier with enhanced Bellara app features.

Auto Aim to aim at enemies automatically

Auto aim is another useful feature of the Bellara app. Shooting other characters will be so much easier now that there's no need to go through the tedious process of training features.

Aiming at your opponent before shooting is a challenging maneuver because your opponent's character is constantly moving. The auto aim feature of the Bellara VIP app eliminates the need to aim manually while using the app.

When shooting, the bullet will automatically hit the opponent's character. You can use this advanced feature over the previous feature, namely auto headshot, to get the best results. Success and victory are more likely if you do.

Shoot Directly Without Aiming

In terms of features, you can quickly shoot your opponent's character without having to aim at your opponent first. This unique feature can only be accessed in the Bellara VIP application. With this amazingly awesome feature, it can shoot without any feather but attack the enemy.

The original version of the Free Fire game that you get from the Play Store does not include this unusual but amazing feature. If you want to get a much bigger chance of winning, use the Bellara application which allows shooting and attacking targets automatically.

Control Game Speed Easily

Ghost Mode Makes Playing Easier

Want to create fear and turmoil in the middle of the Free Fire game? Use one of the advanced capabilities introduced by the Bellara application called ghost mode. You may be able to infer the outstanding capabilities of a feature just by looking at the name of the feature.

Activate the ghost mode which can only be accessed in the Bellara VIP application and you will immediately disappear in the Free Fire game you are playing. As a result, the attacker won't be able to see or identify the next step. will have greater leeway when it comes to defeating the enemy.

If you are in danger and need to get away quickly, you can use the ghost mode feature. Ghost mode may be triggered just before escaping from an enemy threat. Once safe, turn off ghost mode.

Aim Spot to Detect Enemy Presence

Bellara has another feature called the aim spot. This unique feature probably makes it faster and easier to win your favorite Free Fire game. To find enemies or other characters, use the aim spot feature.

Knowing where the enemy is at close range is a significant advantage. This benefit is exclusive to the Bellara VIP application. As soon as you know where the enemy is, you can prepare a strategy and finish off your opponent to win.

Aim Zoom to Shoot Enemies from Far

Usually, only certain weapons are equipped with this aim zoom feature. can use the aim zoom feature to precisely aim at enemies even if they are far from their current location.

can improve shooting by precisely targeting distant enemies. can more quickly wipe out all opponents with a sure shot. As a result, victory becomes easier to obtain.

Free from the impact of other players' blows

By utilizing the Bellara VIP application, the Free Fire game character that you play can become a man of steel. There is a feature in Bellara called anti-punch. In other words, even if the character is hit by the opponent while using this feature, it will have no effect on .

Your character has a much better chance of surviving and winning the battle round thanks to this amazing feature. There is no need to be afraid that the character you are playing can bounce or perish from being hit by the enemy.

Free from PING Problems

Many Free Fire players complain about glitches in their game. The appearance of PING is at the heart of the matter. Consider using the Bellara VIP app if you are prone to this problem.

The developer of the Bellara application succeeded in increasing the PING of the Free Fire game so that the problem of instability in this game can be handled properly and rarely occurs in the game. will have an easier time surviving in favorite survival game now.

Download Bellara Vip Mod Apk

As previously mentioned, the Bellara application is made specifically for Android smartphones and cannot be used on other devices with non-Android operating systems, such as iOS or Windows.

The APK file format is what you will find in the Bellara download. APK files are not accessible via Google Play Store; they must be obtained from outside the Google network. You don't need to bother looking for a download link for the Bellara application anymore, because you can get it safely and for free from the link below.

  1. Bellara VIP Application Name
  2. Application Size 84 MB
  3. Application Version Version 15
  4. Bellara App Developer
  5. Application Update June 28, 2021
  6. Free App Price

After downloading the Bellara application manually using the download link in the table above, it is also necessary to install the Bellara application manually. No application in the form of an APK can be installed automatically on an Android device.

Just touch the Bellara APK file that is already stored on the Android device. Then press on the Install Button to start installing the app. The Bellara application will soon be installed and available to use in playing the very thrilling Free Fire game.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Bellara Vip Mod Apk

Like many other programs on the Play Store and on the internet, the Bellara application also offers several advantages and disadvantages that must be understood first. can make the right choice if you know the advantages and disadvantages of the application.

After studying all the benefits and comparing them to the drawbacks of the app, it will be easier for you to decide whether to continue using the app or not. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Bellara application.

Advantages of the Latest Version of the Bellara Application

The main benefit of the Bellara app is all the unique and smart features it contains. All these qualities make Bellara very popular among Free Fire players, especially those who are new but want to quickly level up by winning all the games.

In addition, Bellara is a free application that anyone can use without having to sign up for a membership or make any additional fees. The application can be used as soon as the user completes the installation procedure.

The simple use of the Bellara application is another benefit that this change application provides. An application that is hard to find is the bane of every smartphone user's existence. It was important for the Bellara team to make the app as friendly as possible.

Disadvantages of the new version of the Bellara VIP application

The program's biggest drawback is the modified versions of other applications. Modified apps are notoriously open to breaches. Garena is the creator of the official Free Fire game, but Bellara is an unauthorized application.

This means that if Garena detects gamers using third-party software like Bellara, it has the authority to block them all. This, of course, can harm an already very good Free Fire account.

The relatively large size also makes Free Fire gamers grumble about this flexible application. In order to be able to play your favorite Free Fire game more comfortably and without problems, prepare an Android phone with the appropriate capabilities.

Game Applications That Require No Login

Bellara is a unique application for Free Fire players who want a completely new experience. If you are still unsure about the safety of Bellara, it is important to know that you do not have to log in before you can start playing.

Download Bellara Vip Mod Apk

When playing as a visitor at Free Fire, you can use Bellara to skip entering the Free Fire game ID. That way, you won't be caught cheating so that the main Free Fire account remains safe and avoids being banned by Garena Free Fire.

Free Fire is certainly very entertaining to play online while filling your spare time. Unfortunately, the options available in the FF game are quite limited. Playing FF through third-party applications, especially a special application called Bellara VIP, gives access to its full range of interesting and sophisticated capabilities.

Use Bellara if you want to do headshots automatically or shoot enemies in the head directly in the game. There is a speed control feature that you can use to speed up the movement of the characters you play in the game. Winning will be much easier with enhanced Bellara app features.


Bellara Vip Mod can only be loaded and played on an Android-based smartphone. This application cannot be downloaded from the App Store and therefore cannot be used on iOS-based devices.

This is an excellent alternative to play the Free Fire game using the Bellara application. The Bellara application makes it possible to perform headshots with ease and precision. The movement speed of the Free Fire game can be accelerated with the Bellara application.

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