Avoid Conflict on Social Media By Hiding Tweet Replies on Twitter

Avoid Conflict on Social Media By Hiding Tweet Replies on Twitter – Some time ago the social network Twitter launched a new feature for its users around the world. This is a feature that gives users more control to manage their conversations.

Quoting The Next Web page via Tekno Liputan6.com, this feature gives users the option to hide incoming replies to tweets.

In addition, this feature also allows others to view and engage with hidden replies, by pressing the visible gray icon, if the tweet's reply has been hidden.

Users can consider using this feature if the replies to their tweets are deemed irrelevant or even disturbing.

So, this feature is now available to all Twitter users on any platform, be it iOS, Android, Twitter Lite, or the web version of Twitter.

For example, if a user writes a tweet and notices some of the replies are annoying or irrelevant, they can hide them.

To do this, click the down arrow in the tweet, then select "Hide replies", then confirm the hide option in the drop down menu by selecting "Hide replies."

Twitter also gives users the option to cancel the option to hide this tweet if they change their mind.

To do this, select the tweet that the reply was previously hidden. Then tap on the drop down menu, then select “Unhide reply.”

Before rolling out this feature, Twitter has conducted trials in a number of countries. This testing has been going on for several weeks. Interestingly, after running tests of this feature in Canada, users said they preferred to consider how they would respond to a tweet after hiding a reply.

Twitter says, 27 percent of its users use this feature during testing. Therefore, according to Twitter, they will reconsider how they respond to other people on Twitter in the future.

Source : merdeka.com

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