Anti Blocking Browser App, No Ads – When visiting blocked sites is an annoyance, you can use an anti-blocking browser application that you can make the choice to access blocked websites.

If you don't want to bother using a VPN, you can use an anti-blocking browser to access information sites and entertainment content. Some websites cannot be accessed because they are blocked by service providers or the government.

We are often redirected to the provider's page or Positive Internet when trying to access blocked websites.

It's true that using a VPN is very simple to do, but it comes with dangers.

When activating the VPN and opening application Certain things, such as mobile banking or WhatsApp, which are private, pose a risk to the security of our personal data.

So it is recommended that you do not use a VPN in full when accessing the Internet on a smartphone or opening private applications on a smartphone.

Using an anti-blocking browser is a solution if you want to browse multiple sites at the same time.

Therefore, in this post, would like to provide information regarding recommendations for the 10 best anti-blocking browser applications for Android phones that you can use safely without having to worry about the security of personal data on your smartphone.

List of Anti-Blocking Browser Applications for Android

Below we have provided several anti-blocking browser applications that you can use for Android, as follows:

1.Opera Browser

Opera is a popular web browser that you may already be familiar with. Since only internet cafes can provide access to the Internet, Opera has credited itself as a well-known browser.

Well, you can download the current version of the Opera browser and install it on the Playstore. VPN access to blocked sites is now possible with Opera's newest feature.

The Opera browser is currently equipped with an "incognito mode" feature so you don't have to worry about the security of your privacy data anymore. You can surf without worrying about blocking when Opera browser VPN is enabled.

2. Blue Proxies

Almost the same as the Opera browser, this anti-blocking browser is equipped with a VPN feature that allows you to access certain blocked sites.

You can also use the "incognito mode" feature so that your browsing history is not known to other people.

3. Proxy Surf

As the name suggests, this anti-blocking browser application has a proxy feature that can access blocked sites.

Proxies act to prevent websites from recording your real IP address because what websites detect is the proxy server's IP address. So, you don't need to bother downloading a VPN application on your smartphone anymore.

This browser also offers premium (paid) services that allow you to take advantage of SSL proxy servers to access the Internet more quickly and safely.

4. Pecob Pro

This best anti-blocking browser has a fairly light download size. Suitable for potato spec phones who want to surf the Internet without worrying about website blocking.

Due to the minimal download size, this application will not slow down your smartphone.

5. Aloha Browser

One of the top anti-blocking browser applications with the same VPN characteristics as some of the previous browsers.

However, the VPN on this browser only works if you use a browser, so it doesn't affect other applications on your smartphone. Apart from the VPN feature, Aloha is also equipped with VR Player, media player, and adblock features.

To access the premium service (choose the VPN server country you want), you have to pay $2.99 per month.

6. Tor Browser

The name does look unusual, but Tor Browser is the same as other anti-blocking browsers. Displays blocked sites using a VPN that is equipped.

You also don't need to worry about the security of your data because by using this browser, you can browse various Internet sites anonymously.

7. Vegas Browser

In addition, you can access the destination site without slowing down if you are in 3G or H+ connection mode.

Regarding data privacy, you can visit many Internet sites without worrying about your IP location, because your location cannot be recorded.

8. BF Browser Anti Blocking

Indonesians love BF Browser, and it is one of the most used browsers in the country.

The advantage of this browser application is that it has a simple and decent design and is very user-friendly.

That way, you will not experience problems when accessing sites that are blocked by providers or the Ministry of Communication and Informatics.

9. HixPro Browser

If you want to access multiple sites quickly and safely, you can use the HixPro browser application.

One of the top anti-blocking browser apps on our list was developed to keep users' privacy safe, so you don't need to worry.

Users can access any website on the Internet for free with HixPro's cloud proxy feature.

10. Azka Browser

The last top anti-blocking browser tip you can test is the Azka browser. This browser application allows access to blocked sites without the need to use a VPN.

The advantage is that the user interface is simple and very user-friendly, so you can quickly browse the Internet without being slow and difficult.


The applications that we have provided above really help you to open blocked websites without having to activate a VPN.

Thus the article about the Anti-Blocking Browser Application, No Ads. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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