Genuine and Trusted Online Money Making Game – For today there are many online money-making games that you can rely on to make extra money. But not all games can make money. Therefore you have to know what types of games can generate rupiah coffers.

The way to make money through online games is very simple and fast. Of course anyone can do it, as long as you know how. You don't need any special skills to make money from this game, so you can try it without fear.

List of Online Money Making Games

There are several examples of online games that are used to increase income by avid gamers. Until now, you can count on the following types of games:

List of Online Money Making Games

Game Gamer

You don't need to ask your friends to use the Play gamer money balance generator. So it's not surprising that gamers are in great demand. Despite the fact that many are not successful, playing video games can be a lucrative side money.

You are only required to participate in the games within the app. A player's score goes up exponentially in direct proportion to how often he plays. It will be much more useful if you are the one who wins. Thus, points can be automatically distributed and get rupiah.

Game Mager

This game mager is ready to pay for each participant. This mager game has tons of minigames spanning a wide variety of genres. Previously you were asked to play mini games one by one in order to collect lots of coins in a short time.

The more coins you collect, the bigger the balance. Completing goals, inviting friends, liking posts and spreading invite codes on social media are ways to earn money in this game!

Playplay Games

The easiest way to collect cash is through games, and it has proven successful for every user. Indonesian players love this game, seen from the many downloads of Playplay from both iOS and Android users.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a variety of different game genres. Games like Cookie Crush and Ludo are great examples of this. But unfortunately this game cannot be accessed on the Google Play Store. For that you are required to download it from the official site.

Mobile Premier League or MPL

MPL is such an application that is equipped to support up to tens online game. Players don't know this application because there are still some players who don't identify this application. Know that this MPL work is very interesting, so please pay attention.

This can be seen from the players needed to win in every game you choose. You will get a diamond reward if you succeed in your quest.

Meanwhile, Diamonds obtained from game wins can be exchanged for cash balances. How? Very simple, right?


From 2010 to today, Hago has become online money making games popular. After completing the application installation procedure, you can immediately enjoy a wide variety of very interesting game options.

Because it can be done in so many different contexts, Hago has become very popular. Players can invite others to use the multiplayer function. Due to the small file size, this application is easy to download.

So it is very conceivable that all types of cellphones can install it. However, you will need Lucky Miner's assistance during the installation procedure. For this reason, you can only use Lucky Miner to exchange coins that are already in your account.

Game Island King Game

Island King is quite famous for online money seekers. Please note that this is a famous and original money management game. The gameplay is actually quite interesting, so it won't make you bored easily.

You are encouraged to embark on expeditions to develop your own Island. you should play King of the Island a lot in order to quickly advance through the game levels. When the level is high, the coins in King of Clans will be easy to get.

Red coins and regular coins will be the two types of currency used in the game. These coins are used to buy items needed in the game.

Building islands is one such example. Meanwhile, redcoins can be traded with actual cash balances or money deposited into your bank account.


MarketGlory turned out to be no less popular and is proven to pay every player among the various games that bring money directly to the account. To play this game, you will be assigned to start and manage a business from the ground up to make a profit.

Through this benefit, you can convert it into real money via BCA bank, Bitcoin or Paypal. MarketGlory has the potential to be a significant source of easy or free money.

To do so, you can take advantage of the advantages provided by the digital era. Don't just play games without making a profit. However, you have to take advantage of every game that can bring in rupiah.

Consequently, you roam not only for entertainment but also for new streams of income.

Golden Town Or Point Republic

This next game is at first glance the same as SimCity or Township. It's hard to deny that Poin Republik is much more interesting and entertaining. Just like in MarketGlory, you have to earn virtual money to advance through this game.

For the system to operate, you need to create a business. Virtual money can be converted to real money at a later time. It's a piece of cake, of course. Currently, Republik Points belongs to the genre of games that can generate funds for a player's account without requiring a down payment.

Mobile Premier League

Because they can both make money and provide an enjoyable gaming experience, this Premier League game has become widespread in recent years. You are invited to take part in every existing competition, then compete to become the greatest player.

Diamonds are yours if you make it to the top of the leaderboard. Meanwhile, Diamonds can be exchanged for go-pay balances. You can now transfer your Go-Pay balance in a very fast and easy way.

Mobile Premier League or MPL

Eaze Games

Gamers interested in making money while having fun can turn to Eaze Games, a platform or website designed especially for them. This is where there are various choices of interesting games that can be played. Games like track tower, world pour, free kick Soccer, and others fall into this category.

Initially you are asked to register using an active email. After that, you will be able to use this money making game against the bad guys. When you win, you are entitled to a tradable currency into one paypal.

Unfortunately, there is no withdrawal, ewalet or bank support in this game. At the very least, you might try to take advantage of this window of opportunity. While many gamers have pointed out the legitimacy of this eaze game that can actually make money.

Gold mine

This android game can make money directly into the account with an easier method. The aim of the game is to find gold boxes by hoeing your way to the treasure inside. Every day there are five activities that can be done by each participant.

The event held featured various attractive prizes which were very tempting for the trust of game fans. If you want this app, just download it from the Play Store and many people have offered good evaluations.

So that this money-making game does not need to be denied. Download it and see for yourself what you might get out of it.

Card King Game

This game may be a game that is quite strange to hear. However, real money can be made from this game and sent directly to your bank account. You can get up to millions of rupiah just by playing various kinds of games in it.

Examples include capsa stacking or rummy. To get a significant amount of money in king of cards, you have to register first, then play the game. To get the most chips, just keep playing. You can offer accumulated chips to other players at a certain price.

Game Idle Poring

The fact that this game can make it easier for anyone to earn extra money is no secret. You can make money for free by being a player in idle pouring games.

This game is not only famous as a thrilling online money making game, but also provides ample possibilities to become an additional source of income. One way to earn money is to complete each task.

After that, take a tour of its various parts. In addition, you need to hunt for unusual things that are hard to find.

Meanwhile, these unique artifacts can then be sold to other players at prices that vary widely. Usually this is adjusted to the scarcity of the goods you sell.

Domino Island

Everyone is already aware that Domino Island does not only provide very interesting gameplay. But Domino Island is also featured in the list of quite profitable money-making games.

The gameplay of this Domino game is that you are instructed to collect as many chips as possible. After that, sell it to friends or other gamers who need chips. Usually 1B Higgs Domino chips are priced at IDR 40,000 to IDR 55,000.

Although a bit complicated, the benefits of using this game are quite interesting. Especially for those who are already proficient at playing Domino Island higgs.

Domino Island

Lucky Popstar Game

Lucky Popstar not only offers entertaining gameplay, but also rewards each player with cash and other prizes for their efforts. Because of this, Lucky Popstar has earned a reputation as a game that can make money and help its users.

To earn money through games Lucky Popstar, you are advised to collect as many diamonds as possible. Diamonds will be obtained after you solve the puzzle, then watch the ad. Earned gems are traded to make paypal money.

Go Games

Go game is an online transportation service where recently Gojek has published a feature in the form of a go game which is considered capable of providing benefits for each of its users. Through this game, you can play games on the Gojek application.

Until now, there are 50 light games that are quite interesting and you can play them for free. The two most popular games are Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja. you can freely play the game until you get a lot of coins.

After that, the coins are converted into a go-pay balance. For those of you who have never used it, don't worry. The procedure is quite basic, namely, please enter the Go-Jek application on your Smartphone.

After that, you will access the game menu. The next step is to choose a game to play. Please play the game to your heart's content and be a winner.

Growtopia Games

Most gamers interested in making money playing online slots may want to consider this next game as an alternative. Users have amassed fortunes in this game, which has gone viral on TikTok in recent weeks thanks to the app's popularity.

It turns out that you can get money through Growtopia by collecting World Locks or WL. You can sell your WL to the Growtopia admin or to other players if you have accumulated a large amount.

The cost of one WL is already in the tens of thousands, and it will be even more expensive. If you are interested in playing it, just download it on the Google Play Store.

Game League Of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms games differ from previous lists in that they can be monetized and have a non-fungible token system (also known as NFT). For starters, each participant in this game must draw up a military plan.

Then how can you make money with this league of Kingdom? To get started, all you have to do is form an alliance with other players and then attack their kingdoms. If so, you can win an award.

As for cryptocurrency coins that will be given as prizes. Later the league of Kingdom will display several quests that players must do to get DAI money. Coin withdrawals can be made via PayPal temporarily with a value of IDR 14,400 per point.

Cryptozone Games

Last but not least, there is a cryptozone added as a NFT game which can be played for money as crypto coins in royal league. Cryptozone is presented as a game with a game style to earn.

Spending money up front is therefore necessary if one wants to participate in the game. After you buy eggs for Rp. 12,500, you can then watch it hatch into a monster.

You can level up and then fight other monsters for rewards. Meanwhile, this cryptozone gives prizes in the form of zoon coins with a value of around 250. You have to keep playing if you want to get lots of prizes.

Gamers don't just relieve stress because games make money. However, you can also generate more income. Please choose the most efficient and simple online money making game to play from the various games listed above.


Fortnite is one of the best MOBA games ever developed. Through this game, not a few gamers get a lot of money. These streamed first-person shooter games are often streamed as live shows on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Watching games earns you money.

you can play this game then record it. Once recorded, then published to YouTube and other streaming services. You can also play directly. It's impossible to overstate the benefits of having tons of followers and subscribers when you stream Fortnite.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The principle of making money in this famous game of making money is identical to that of Fortnite. You can play this game and show off your amazing talent on multiple streaming platforms. More people will watch and subscribe if the video is longer.

If so, then chances are you are making a profit playing the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will increase. You can make a lot of money playing ML tournaments as well as streaming. Prize money increases in proportion to the level of (international) competition.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about money-making applications, as follows:

Is There a Fund Balance Generating Game?

To get a balance of funds through games, you can also do it by playing the Spin The Wheel Game. The fastest and proven paying fund balance game is the most unique game.


The way to make money through online games is very simple and fast. There are many online money-making games that you can rely on. But not all games can make money, so you have to know what types of games are done and how to play them.

MPL is a kind of application that is equipped to support up to dozens of online money making games. Due to its small file size, this application is easy to download but requires assistance from Lucky Miner.

Hago, Island King and Diamonds can be traded with a cash balance. King of Clans is a famous and original money management game. The gameplay is actually quite interesting, so it won't make you bored easily. MarketGlory has the potential to be a significant source of easy or free money for players.

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