The Latest Original FF Diamond Cheats Without Banned – Cheat FF diamond is an apk that can be used to generate DM free fire games for free. In Free Fire, getting diamonds is simple and challenging.

If you play this game regularly and win often, it shouldn't be that hard to get. However, most of the players cannot get it, so they turn to the original APK FF diamond hack technique for help.

The existence of diamonds is quite significant in the Free Fire game. As a result, this is something FF players should pay attention to. How significant? Check out the full explanation in this post so you understand.

Get to know Diamonds in the Free Fire Game

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games played by Indonesian people, especially children and teenagers. This game provides a war game on an island.

The goal is to defeat all opponents until there is only one player left. The player who survives until the end is considered the winner and will receive BOOYAH!

But to win success in Free Fire is not a simple task. Especially for those who are already high level. you'll need lots of skins and a variety of weapons to easily take down your opponent.

Get to know Diamonds in the Free Fire Game

Diamonds are needed to buy various skins and useful items. That's why the presence of diamonds in this game is very important. To get diamonds, you have to win the game so you receive a prize.

Apart from that, you can also engage in various activities that give you diamonds as a reward. If you want, you can add money to your account or buy it directly. Unfortunately, this approach is difficult to take, especially for young people who have not yet started earning a living from their work.

What is the Original Diamond FF Cheat APK?

Recently, various application and sites started popping up that provide Free Fire diamond hacks. The site or application will try to be linked to the Free Fire account to continue the distribution of prizes in the form of diamonds.

Free Fire players will be happy to know that this kind of app exists. Getting a number of diamonds will definitely be much easier than before. Using apps or websites to get free diamonds is considered a form of cheating.

Garena as the publisher of Free Fire firmly opposes all forms of cheating. Free Fire players who cheat will be immediately banned by their group.

Due to the high level of security that is included in many APK ASI diamond cheat apps, you don't need to worry. Garena will not be able to identify your cheats because many diamond cheat apps have been created with an anti-ban code.

Diamond FF Cheats App Original APK

Below there are many possibilities for the original Free Fire diamond hack application. All of these applications are proven to be able to supply diamonds to consumers for free. The Free Fire game will definitely be more exciting if you get diamonds.

Hack Novuz FF

Free Fire gamers are fully aware of the Novuz hack. The quality does not only give diamonds. But there are still many features that will make it easier for all your games in this one game.

Free Fire can benefit from adding a menu thanks to this software. In addition, Novuz can be accessed directly from the FF application by players. The Novuz FF Hack is shown briefly in the following tutorial.

  1. Make sure the application is installed and open the application.
  2. The Hack Team option will then appear in the menu.
  3. Here will be shown various hacking options that you want to use, choose a diamond.
  4. Novuz will open the FF application automatically. If FF is already open, you can immediately use it
  5. Novuz to increase diamonds.

Regedit VIP FF

The way Regedit VIP works is basically quite easy. All you have to do is set up this application. If you have successfully installed, the next step is to select the feature to increase diamonds.

There are 9999 diamonds in the Regedit VIP application. There is no need to buy diamonds through the app anymore due to the limited amount. You can immediately use it to shop for various weapon skins, clothing, and much more.

With the additional capabilities of Regedit VIP, you can do more than just manage your coins. You can set Regedit according to your favorite playing style.

Diamond FF Cheats App Original APK

Antenna View Cheats

If you've been playing Free Fire since 2019, and you've been paying attention to the many social media accounts related to FF, you've probably heard of the Antenna View Cheat.

The reason is, in 2019, the diamond cheat application had caused a stir among FF players. Several streamers tried to use the Antenna View Cheat to get diamonds at that time. The experiment was finally successful.

Free Fire gamers around the world started using the Cheat Antenna View application when it became popular thanks to the video.

Sensi Capa Free Fire

Sensi Capa was first designed to make battles simpler for Free Fire participants. This program offers a lot of interesting features, from smoothing the screen to auto headshots to defeat opponents quickly.

It only has a few basic functions. But you shouldn't overlook a very significant feature, namely free diamonds. Users of this app will get free diamonds for using it. The amount is not small. you can use it as much as you want to upgrade.

Hacker Dark VIP Mod

Only with Sensi Capa Free Fire, this application is not really intended to make a lot of diamonds. Its main task is to help recover or restore Free Fire accounts that have lost their passwords or been hacked by other people.

This application will be very useful for Free Fire gamers who are victims of irresponsible persons. But over time, the features of this application are also growing. Not a few people use Dark VIP Hacker to get unlimited diamonds. Download here.

FF Mod Apk

If you don't want to bother with two apps (Free Fire and a cheat app), downloading FF Mod Apk is a decent solution.

It's almost as if Free Fire Mod Apk is a game in itself! However, this game has been changed by several developers so that the features are different when compared to the free version of Free Fire obtained from the Playstore.

Because it has more features and makes the battle easier to win, FF Mod Apk is getting more and more popular among gamers. Unlimited diamonds and money is just one interesting aspect of the game. This means that you can use all of them freely.

However, you should be aware that the mod version of the Free Fire application requires long steps to complete in-game tasks. It starts with downloading the application and its data, then completes the manual installation. This long process is commensurate with the benefits you get. Click here.

Cheat Ruok FF

The last application that you can use to get diamonds for free on Free Fire is Cheat Ruok FF.

A Thai YouTuber made this cheat. Initially, this application was not very interesting until finally YouTubers presented it through YouTube videos.

When it first became popular, this conversation was actually used for taking self-portraits. But besides the viral function, Cheat Ruok FF can be used to get lots of diamonds.

Cheat Diamond FF Official Site Original APK

If you want to use an application like the one above, you have to install it first. Want it easier but can get diamonds easily? Many websites are ready to help you, as will be explained in the following section.

More or less the way it works is almost the same as the application. Actually, this site is much easier because you don't need to download or install an application. Just open the browser, access the site, follow the instructions, done, you get diamonds. To get the most out of it, read the instructions in their entirety.

Cheat Diamond FF Official Site Original APK

RoneSpace FF

First and foremost, there's Rone Space FF, the online destination for all things Rone. Using it is as simple as following the steps indicated in the attached instructions.

  1. After the website is fully loaded, open the rone space fire and enter your Free Fire login.
  2. Then, enter how many diamonds you want.
  3. To start the creation process, click the Generate button.
  4. Wait for the procedure to finish.
  5. Diamonds will be immediately sent to the account you used to log in when you have completed the previous steps.

Pures ICU Fire

As mentioned in point 1, Pures ICU Fire operates in the same way as previously described. Entering Free Fire ID is required on this website. But you have to complete some extra activities before you receive the diamonds.

In addition to completing surveys, you will be asked to download and play games, as well as complete extra activities for a chance to win. After that, you can get free diamonds.

Freed VIP Hack Diamond FF

Similar to Rone Space FF, this site operates in the same way. All guides can be found here.

  1. To get started, open a browser window and open in it.
  2. To get a username and password, you must first register an account.
  3. Log in immediately using your username and password after completing the registration process.
  4. Then click Connect.
  5. Wait until the connection procedure is complete.
  6. Next, you have to determine how many diamonds you expect.
  7. To start the creation process, click the Generate button.
  8. The next step is to select “verify now”.
  9. Next, verify in your Free Fire game whether the diamonds have been sent or not.

There are several new ones, one of which is This platform, which is still in its infancy, has provided some attractive incentives. What else if not free diamonds. you don't need to do much on this website.

Just enter your Free Fire login and the diamonds will be sent immediately. There are lots of them and you can use them to buy anything.

Hack Diamond Space Spin Free Fire

The last site that you can use as an alternative to get free FF diamonds is Space Spin Free Fire. This site provides thousands of attractive and free prizes. One of them is a diamond.

Many Free Fire gamers have shown that Space Spin really works. The way it works is quite easy. you can follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the site first using a browser.
  2. If you have successfully accessed the site, simply select one of the prizes you want to get, for example diamonds.
  3. Next, enter your Free Fire account login in the given area.
  4. Choose one of your Free Fire game devices from the list below.
  5. Click Start Transfer.
  6. To confirm, click the confirm button again.
  7. Wait a few seconds before the prize you previously selected can be claimed.

Diamond FF Cheat Script Original APK

Apart from apps and sites that you can use to receive Free Fire diamonds, there are also other possibilities. This option is a cheat script. you will get 10000 diamonds if you use this script. That's a lot, right?

You can find the script in the following location on your Android device: The script in question is in the following folder Internal Storage – Android – Data – com.dts.freefireth – Files – Contentcache – Temp – Android – Singlethread – Compulsorys.

By completing the documents, you will get free diamonds as described above. However, this strategy is not recommended by Free Fire players because the success rate is relatively low.

Diamond FF Cheat Script Original APK

Flob Fun Free Fire

Then you can use the Flob Fun Fire site to get lots of FF Diamonds. Actually Flob Fun Fire is the same as Freed VIP where you can claim an unlimited number of free FF Diamonds.

The way to use Flob Fun Fire is very simple and easy, because you just have to copy paste the ID and follow the method like Verification and you can also add FF Diamonds through Cheats without paying a penny.

How to Download Cheat Diamond FF Apk

Most of the tricks discussed above are in app form. Installing it is a prerequisite for using it. Since all these apps are not accessible on Playstore, you have to download and install them manually.

So that you don't get confused, you should pay attention to the description below about how to download and install the FF diamond hack.

To get started, make sure to bookmark the download URL for each of the apps mentioned above. You can see the link below. Just click directly to download.

Hack Novuz FF
Regedit VIP FF
Antenna View Cheats
Sensi Capa Free Fire
Hacker Dark VIP Mod
FF Mod Apk
Cheat Ruok FF

After you have successfully downloaded the application from the link above. Now it's time to install. The installation procedure must be done manually, considering that all the original diamond ff apk hack applications mentioned cannot be accessed on the Playstore.

However, there is no need to worry, as the setup procedure is quite simple. So that you don't have to wait longer, you should first look at the lesson below.

  1. The first step is to allow the installation of programs from sources other than the Google Play store. Here's how.
  2. To get started, open the Settings app and tap on the Apps & Notifications option.
  3. When the next page appears, click Advanced to open further options.
  4. Next, click on the App-Specific Access option.
  5. Select Install an unknown program, then select a file management application that you are familiar with.
  6. Then click the toggle to activate.
  7. If you are done with the setup, simply exit and open a file manager app.
  8. Go to the location where you saved the Apk file and open it there. The apk file above will often be stored in the Downloads folder if you use an Android smartphone browser to download it.
  9. Click on the Apk file and you will be redirected directly to the installation page. Click the install button afterwards.
  10. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the app to finish installing.
  11. To complete the installation, click Finish at the bottom of the screen.
  12. You can go back to the previous description if you need help using the app. All the apps recommended above are also easy to use. So you can immediately use it.

The main focus of Free Fire gamers remains on the original FF diamond APK application, website and cheat scripts. This trick is not only completely free, but also greatly facilitates the leveling process. How to hack diamond ff free and latest.


Cheat diamond ff is an application made by a third party that can be used to generate DM free fire for free. Consider now that diamonds are very important as they are the main currency in this battle royale free fire game.

That's the discussion about the diamond ff cheat so you can get diamonds for free without getting banned, I hope this information can help you play the free fire game.

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