How to See Wifi Passwords on the Latest Android Phones – There are two ways to view WiFi passwords, you can see them using the application or not using the application, please read the complete information until it's finished.

The availability of a good internet network has risen to the top of the list of basic needs. To carry out various daily tasks, you will always want access to some type of internet network, such as WiFi. To make it easier to connect to WiFi, you can use a technique to view WiFi passwords on your smartphone.

Because often many users forget what the WiFi password is and make it difficult to join a WiFi network. Fortunately, nowadays there are various techniques by which you can find out the password of the WiFi connected to the phone.

In addition, when compared to cellular Internet, WiFi-based networks are believed to be faster. Also, if you frequently use the internet via WiFi, you can save the network significant money on data plans.

How to see Wifi Passwords on Smartphones with an application and without an application

There are several ways to view WiFi passwords so you don't have to worry about disturbing your normal internet activities. Most of the tips and tactics featured here can be applied to cell phones easily and quickly.

If you already know this method, later you can connect your smartphone or other device to a given WiFi network more easily and quickly. You don't even have to ask what is the password for a WiFi network anymore.

You can use this method if you have forgotten your WiFi password or want to help a friend in connecting but are hesitant to approach the WiFi owner. Also make sure the phone is connected to the network. Here are some methods you might want to try:

View Wifi Password Using QR Code

Most of today's cell phones are very sophisticated. Various tasks can be performed using contemporary systems, quickly and easily.

One such technology is QR Code, which can also be used to share WiFi passwords with other people. Later those who want to connect to a WiFi network must scan the WiFi QR Code from a connected cellphone.

After that, the cellphone that hasn't been connected can connect the internet to WiFi. Here's a more detailed method:

  1. The first step is to ensure that your smartphone is connected to the target WiFi network.
  2. Then on the phone, you can open the “Settings” menu.
  3. After that, go back to the Settings menu and find the “Connection” option, then click “WiFi” again.
  4. There is another, easier option, in which you can move the notification tab on the top bar of the screen until the menu bar appears.
  5. Hold for a few seconds on the WiFi sign to select it. Next, you will be taken to the WiFi Settings page.
  6. Furthermore, under the WiFi Settings menu, you may find various potential WiFi names. Select the name of the WiFi network you want to connect to your phone.
  7. Once selected, a new pop-up will appear in the form of “QR Code image”. Here you can capture the screenshot on the QR Code image.
  8. Then, using another friend's phone, launch it application named “Scanning” or “QR Scanner. This. If you don't have it yet, you can download it first from the Play Store under the name QR Scanner.
  9. Click “Scan Image” and point your smartphone camera at the QR Code image you saw earlier. Wait a few seconds before the password analysis procedure completes.
  10. You can also scan images that you have uploaded to the app.
  11. Next, a password combination and instructions will usually appear whether you want to connect directly or not. Pick and choose as needed.
  12. Apart from using the QR Scanner app, you can also scan WiFi QR Codes without an app, especially using websites 4qrcode scan qr code On the site you just need to do the things that are asked and the WiFi password information will be displayed.

See Wifi Password on Web Admin Router

To view WiFi passwords on just one phone is an impressive feat. Because here you have to enter router web admin and see the password. Unfortunately you also have to know what the router's web admin username and password are.

If the WiFi owner doesn't change it to a complex password, you can try it with the old password. But remember, don't change anything from the contents of this router admin page.

Because you don't have permission and can disturb the comfort of the WiFi owner. Here's how to do it right:

  1. To get started, verify that your smartphone is connected to the specified WiFi network.
    Then you can access the “WiFi” menu in “Settings” to check the IP Address. We recommend writing down the WiFi IP Address combination.
  2. Once you have done that, launch your app browser. Type in the URL column using the previous IP Address number combination.
  3. The following list of router IP addresses will work if the first one doesn't:
  4. If you have successfully visited the router admin web page, you will be prompted for a password and username. You can continue using the login and password provided below if nothing changes.
  5. Then once you have successfully logged in, you can go to the “Network” area then browse to “WLAN” and to the “Security” section.
  6. If the WPA Encryption Algorithm section has an asterisk symbol, you can press it to unlock the password in the WPA Passphrase section.
  7. If you press “Submit”, you will be reminded that there are no changes made.
  8. Here's the default login username and password for the web router admin:
    username password
    Huawei modems
    telecomadmin: admintelecom
    telecomadmin: zep2kjzol
    admin user
    Admin Admin
    admin admin
    admin admin
    root admin
    Support theworldinyourhand
    admin Yu9j#4a!rth#y
    admin Mn@lh4ink9#m
    admin Pq@54r!e8ow&q#u
    admin Qc!80ebor3#to#b
    admin Dj9@t!n03g4r6#f
    ZTE modems
    root support
    Telkomdso123 admin
    admin zep2kjzol
    users users
    admin user
    support support
    Fiberhome Modem
    admin admin
    admin %0|F?H@f!berhO3e
    root admin
    user user1234
    support theworldinyourhand
    support support

Using WiFi Master Application

You can also do it simply and quickly using the WiFi Master application. With this software, you can see all the details of your WiFi network, including the password.

However, you should be aware that this application cannot be used to hack into WiFi. Its sole purpose is to gain access to the password of the WiFi network it is currently connected to. You can download the application for free on the Play Store. Here's how to take advantage of it:

  1. To get started, you first need to download and set up the app.
  2. Once the app is perfectly installed, launch it and run as usual. If the app asks permission
  3. You through the pop-up window, go ahead and give it.
  4. Check your phone's WiFi connection again and reset the password if necessary.
  5. Select “Connect” and the app will check the password.

Wi-Fi test application

Maybe this application called WiFi Test can help you if you have problems with the previous application. Since this app can easily analyze passwords without first rooting the phone, it's a valuable security tool.

But you can install this WiFi Test with minimum Android OS, Lollipop and up to Marshmallow. The OS above these two is not recommended by the developer. you might, though, if you want to know. Here's how to take advantage of it:

  1. First download and install the app from Play Store.
  2. After that, run the application and start the scanning process for the availability of WiFi networks in that place.
  3. Just select the target WiFi name which you want to know the password for.
  4. Once you have selected one, tap on the option that says “Supported WiFi” and hit “OK”.
  5. Wait and a message will appear saying “Setup may take two minutes to complete”.
  6. If all went well, the message “Connection Successful” will appear on the screen.
  7. Check back to the "Settings" menu on the smartphone and enter the "WiFi" section whether the network is actually connected or not.

WiFi Map

WiFi Map is the next application proposal which can be used to view WiFi passwords. This application does not provide a guarantee whether it will be able to penetrate the WiFi network or not. Because WiFi security is generally fairly high.

But what is certain is that you can use this application to read passwords via a smartphone that is connected to a certain WiFi network. So that the next password can be shared with other people who need it. To take advantage of it, follow these steps:

  1. Install the WiFi Map app and connect your device. You can find it in the Play Store.
  2. After launching the application and checking the "Term and Use" that says "I Accept", touch "OK".
  3. When the WiFi Map application asks for various rights, just grant them such as location access and others.
  4. Tap “OK” once you have selected the “Enable Location” option.
  5. When an account upgrade notification appears, you can avoid it by ignoring the pop-up.
  6. Previously, don't forget to activate the GPS function on your smartphone, you can go through the status bar.
  7. Then the application screen will change to a view similar to Google Maps and run a scan of available WiFi.
  8. Select the WiFi network whose password you want to learn.
  9. Once you have selected it, you can tap on the “Unlock Password” button.
  10. This will be followed by a page dedicated to your work.
  11. The WiFi password is in the "Key Content" section and the network name is in "SSID Name".

The Solid Explorer application

Solid Explorer, an application that makes it easy to view WiFi passwords on smartphones is very popular. With 5 million downloads, there's no reason not to trust Google Play's capabilities, at least in the short term.

Unfortunately this application requires root access on the smartphone you are using. So it might be a bit problematic and annoying. However, in most cases, the ability of an application to gain root access is quite reliable.

However, you must first be aware of some of the drawbacks of rooting your phone. If the smartphone is rooted, you can follow the procedure below:

In the application to start, just wait for the download to complete.
Open and use the app.
When asked for permission, always say yes.
Look for the “Storage” option in the Solid Explorer application.
You can then select what says “Root” in the “data” area and then select it again.
Tap on “Grant” option to allow access to file explorer.

Select “WiFi” from the “Miscellaneous” menu, then look for a file called “conf” there.
Open the file with “HTML Viewer” or “Text Editor” by tapping on the file. Files must remain untouched during the editing process.
In the HTML Viewer application a lot of text will be displayed and check for the area with the word “psk” under the word “network”. This is where the password is usually.

Terminal Emulator / Termux application

There are a large number of application systems available now that make using an Android smartphone like using a PC. This is an element in the Terminal Emulator application that is very comparable to the CMD menu on a laptop.

With this app, you can find out the WiFi password using a tracking system like the PC version of CMD. The file to be tracked is the same as before, namely the wpa supplicant.conf file.

Unfortunately, to maximize performance, this application requires the use of a smartphone that has root capabilities. Because this application will track the system and must have access to the Android system. Here's how to use it in more detail:

  1. First you can install the Terminal Emulator application from the Play Store.
  2. You can use the app now that it has been downloaded and installed.
  3. Allowing all permissions that appear in a series of pop-ups is the simplest action.
  4. Type $pkg install termux-tool followed by Enter on the Terminal Emulator screen similar to CMD.
  5. Be careful not to miss a single letter.
  6. Next, to give permission to the Terminal Emulator application, enter again on the page using $su. Then simply wait for the Grant Permit procedure to complete.
  7. Once done, re-enter into the Terminal Emulator page with the phrase #cat/data/misc/wifi/wpa supplicant.conf .
  8. After that, a large collection of text will appear. Focus and look for the terms “network” and “psk”. This is where you will find the WiFi password.

WiFi Warden app

WiFi network management on cell phones can also be handled through applications that are widely known. The App is called WiFi Warden and has a lot of analytical power.

However, if you are using Android 9 or higher, this app also requires root access. As a result, root access is not required for Android versions 9 and lower.

You can download the app and see if it asks for root access, and if it doesn't, you don't need to root your phone to use it. Here's how to take advantage of WiFi Warden

  1. First and foremost, you have to download and set up the application.
  2. Once installed, you can run the WiFi Warden application.
  3. While on the first app screen, find and select the option that says “Signals”.
  4. Next, many alternatives for possible WiFi names will be shown.
  5. Just select the network your smartphone is connected to and want to know the password.
  6. Once you have made your choice, you can press the “connect to WPS” option.
  7. You can then select “Count Pins” and then “Try All Pins” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  8. If the setting is successful, WiFi password will be displayed at this time.

When you reach the “Try All Pins” step, you should be aware that WiFi password recognition procedure will take some time. Because the application will try to enter that network with different types of passwords. If the attempt is successful, the password will be displayed; otherwise, a message will be displayed.

You have various options to view WiFi password on phone shown above. Everything works well in practice, so the only decision you have to make is which one you are most comfortable with.


On cellphones, there are two ways to view WiFi passwords: without an application and with. Most of the tips and tactics featured here can be applied to cell phones easily and quickly. Also make sure the phone is connected to the network before using the WiFi password.

You can scan WiFi QR Codes without an app using the site In order to see WiFi password on smartphone, you have to know what is router web admin username and password.

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