Here's How To Get Rid Of Viruses On Your Smartphone

Here's How To Get Rid Of Viruses On Your Smartphone – The steps to get rid of viruses on cellphones are really easy. You can easily get rid of viruses on Android phones with just a few simple steps.

Like a computer, your Android phone becomes a victim of malware. Malware can slow down your system and create problems that make it difficult to use the phone.

You must stop it quickly to protect the cellphone. There are steps you can take to remove malware or viruses and protect your phone.

There are many options for protection and antivirus programs you can use to get your phone back to health and keep it safe.

Here's how to remove viruses from your gadget:

  • Turn off Device

Once you are sure that the phone is attacked by malware, hold down the power button and turn off the phone completely. This method might not stop the malware from causing the damage, but it can stop the problem from getting worse.

Turning off your device also gives you time to think and research. Do you know application specific infected that brought malware to your device? If you can't find the app as the root cause, you can't remove it.

  • Switch to Safe Mode

When you turn your device back on and log in to isolate the problematic app, switch to safe mode first. This will help limit the damage that infected apps can do.

For most Android devices, you can switch to safe mode by holding down the power button for a few seconds while the device is on, then tapping and holding the Power off option.

This will bring up several power options, including Rebooting into Safe mode. Choose this mode and wait for your phone to reboot before you continue. If you can't find safe mode, enable airplane mode instead, to disconnect your device from any network. You can usually find that option at the top of your notification shade.

  • Navigate to Settings and Find Apps

Visit Settings on your Android device. Settings usually have a cog icon, but that depends on your theme and settings. Search if you're having trouble finding the right place.

In Settings, scroll until you see a section called Apps and enter it. Find a list of all your current apps. You may need to select Application Manager for a complete list. Once there, scroll until you find the infected app at the center of your problem.

Select the app, and it will bring up options to Uninstall, Force Close, or Force Stop (often you can't remove core apps, only disable them, but these apps are unlikely to be the problem).

  • Remove Infected Apps and Anything Suspicious

Just select Uninstall, and your Android device will remove the app in question. It's also a good idea to review your app list and uninstall suspicious downloads. If you've never seen this list before, you might be surprised at some of the weird things your device has in it.

  • Download Malware Protector

You should provide plenty of security and malware protection for every Android device, but it's especially important to install antivirus software if you've previously had no luck with questionable apps. Once you have manually removed the apps that are causing you grief, you need to improve the overall security of your phone.

There is a large selection of apps to help you with this. It is better to use one security application with many capabilities than several different applications that can only perform one or two functions each.

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