Why can't my TikTok Lite balance be withdrawn

Rancakmedia.com – Many TikTok Lite users experience problems withdrawing balances, and many questions arise why the TikTok Lite balance cannot be withdrawn, along with an explanation.

The Tiktok Lite app is no doubt a popular topic of conversation. According to reports, the mini form of this short video application can easily generate millions of rupiah.

Yes, Tiktok Lite is holding an event where users can win up to millions of rupiah. No wonder this is a trending issue on Twitter and Facebook.

Users who have earned a lot of points in this program can withdraw their money using various payment methods such as bank accounts, as well as OVO or DANA e-wallets.

Network Error Please Try Again

However, some users wish to withdraw money from application these have overcome the difficulty of not being able to withdraw their Tiktok balance and may believe that this app is a fraudulent program.

So, on this occasion, we will discuss the reasons why the Tiktok Lite balance cannot be withdrawn to a DANA or OVO account with a network error notification, please try again.

Network Error Please Try Again

There are certain customers who are unable to withdraw money from the Tiktok app due to technical issues with their accounts. When making a disbursement, a notification will appear stating "network error please try again".

To prevent withdrawing funds from bank accounts or e-wallets such as DANA or OVO, this message appears when users try to do so using the Tiktok Lite application.

This makes many people start suudzon using this application. There have been some complaints that this software is a scam because of the inability to pay out points.

So, is it true? Then what is the reason that the Tiktok Lite balance cannot be withdrawn to a bank account, OVO ID or DANA due to a network error, please try again?

Reasons Why Can't Withdraw Tiktok Lite Balance

Predefined regulations, not Tiktok Lite app scams, are to blame for network error notifications, please try again.

This notification will appear because the user withdraws money more than once a day. In reality, the restrictions mean that consumers can withdraw money only once.

Users who want to make withdrawals in this application can only do it once with a maximum value of Rp. 300 thousand rupiah per day.

Network error notifications will appear if the user tries to withdraw money more than once per day; please try again the next time you make a withdrawal.

For how to fix this kind of situation, you can try to make a withdrawal the next day. When the clock shows 00.00 the next day, you can make another withdrawal.


In the article above, we have discussed network errors, please try again and the reasons why the TikTok Lite balance cannot be withdrawn.

Thus the article about Why Can't Withdraw TikTok Lite Balance, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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