Photos on Instagram Cannot Be Saved in Gallery - Recently, many Instagram users are looking for reasons why photos on Instagram cannot be saved in the gallery, are you also curious? and is there a way to save photos on Instagram in the gallery? Here's an explanation.

Instagram is one of the most appreciated social media besides Tiktok or WhatsApp, with application these users can publish videos and photos very easily.

In addition, Instagram also includes a feature called Instagram Story or Instagram Story. Here users can publish short videos or photos using certain filters.

However, lately many users have complained about a problem where users cannot save or save photos on Instagram to their gallery.

Why Photos on Instagram Can't Be Saved

This problem is claimed to occur on various handsets used by users such as OPPO, Asus, Vivo or other manufacturers. So why can't photos on Instagram be saved in the gallery?

Why Photos on Instagram Can't Be Saved

In general, if an Instagram user posts a story image on Instagram. As soon as we take a picture, it will be saved to the gallery on the phone with which we write stories.

However, lately, some users are no longer finding the photos they have published in stories that are automatically saved back to the gallery, so are wondering what happened?

The most likely cause is a defect in the latest application from the Instagram program, which was recently released on Google Play and Apple App store.

This is why photos on Instagram can't be automatically saved in the gallery anymore like before. So how do you solve this problem? Check out the information below.

How to Overcome Photos on Instagram Not Appearing in the Gallery

The problem of options that exist to deal with this problem, must be resolved on your watch. You can use this strategy to have photos saved automatically again.

So for those of you who are wondering how to fix this. You can immediately see several techniques for dealing with photos on Instagram that don't appear in the gallery automatically below.

1. Enable Save to Gallery Feature

For the story itself, you must activate the save to gallery option so that the story you write will be automatically saved in the gallery. Here's how to activate the function.

  1. Open the Instagram application
  2. Tap the create story button on Instagram
  3. Click the gear or settings icon in the story
  4. Then select Stories
  5. In the Save menu, enable the Save to Gallery option

In the settings of this story, you can activate the Save to Gallery function. Any stories you have created will be immediately saved back to your mobile device. Very simple right?

2. Restart the HP

If the above procedure still doesn't work, you can try rebooting your phone. If your phone is having issues, complete this approach first. This usually fixes the problem.

3. Update or Uninstall the Instagram App

The next step if the previous technique doesn't work is to update the Instagram app or uninstall and then reinstall the program on your phone.

4. Use the File Manager Application

If you have tried the previous procedure but have not been able to save the photo to the gallery. File managers like Zarchiver or similar programs can help you organize your files better.

After downloading and installing the application, you can go to the internal storage folder and search for the stories that you published to Instagram as soon as you install them.

5. Wait In A Few Hours

In contrast to photos that are usually saved directly to the gallery. Videos usually take a long time following the weirdness that hit the Instagram app recently.

As a result, if you want to watch videos stored in the gallery, be patient and give it time. When finished, the movie will be saved to your gallery.

6. Using the Story Downloader Application

The last approach if other methods don't work is to take advantage of an insta saver app, story downloader or any other downloader app on the Play Store.

By using this application, you can save photos or videos on your Insta Story manually if the previous methods don't work either. Well, it's really easy, right?


Now, you won't be confused anymore why photos on Instagram can't be saved, not only that, we also provide 6 ways to deal with photos that aren't saved in the gallery that you can try.

Thus the article about Why Photos on Instagram Cannot Be Saved in the Gallery, I hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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