Trusted Application for Sending Money to Indonesia – It is not uncommon for people to use applications to send money, because with the development of the era, many things have been done using applications, one of which is sending money.

You no longer need to go to an ATM or even to a bank to transfer money because it can be done anywhere, via telephone.

Usually the services available are not only for money transfers, but you can do other things such as paying bills, paying for groceries, buying credit and internet limits.

In contrast to digital bank services in Indonesia, you usually don't pay admin fees via application transfer so you can save more.

List of Trusted Money Transfer Applications

Below is a trusted money transfer application that you can easily download, as follows:


The first transfer application that you will explore is DANA. DANA was downloaded by 2 million Android users. iOS users, on the other hand, have downloaded more than 100,000 copies.

DANA is a digital wallet that provides the facility to transfer money to a bank account without being charged an admin fee.

However, premium DANA membership is required to access this service. Meanwhile, you can make up to 10 transfers every month using the free app. The minimum transfer value is set at IDR 50,000 with this digital wallet.

2. OVO

This application can not only be used to transfer money but also to make payments, especially the online transportation service, Grab.

However, to be able to make bank transfers without admin fees to OVO users and other banks, users must upgrade to OVO Premier.

Meanwhile, the approach to upgrading an account is to use identity card verification such as KTP/SIM/others and selfie photos.

After that, users will be able to send and receive money, as well as use OVO Budget and OVO Invest to track their funds.

The OVO application has been downloaded 900 thousand by Android users, and 80 thousand for iOS users.

3. Wise

With this application, users can transfer money to local and overseas banks. However, users still have to pay a fee to make a transfer, especially if the funds are using a different exchange rate.

The Wise app has been downloaded by 600,000 Android users and 200,000 iOS users as of this writing.

4. Flip

Flip is an app specifically aimed at free remittances with no admin fees. More than 400 thousand Android users have downloaded Flip, while only 40 thousand iOS users have done so.

By utilizing Flip, users can make transfers to many banks in Indonesia such as BCA, BNI, Mandiri, BRI to Islamic banks. The recipient of the money also does not have to have this application to be able to make a transfer.

The way the Flip app works is that users can choose the bank account they want to transfer to.

This allows users to send money to Flip-like institutions by hiding nominal amounts in a special identifier.

This unique code will later be returned to the Flip balance in the application. Next, the money will be sent to the final recipient when Flip has validated it. It's a pity that not all banks are open around the clock.

5. LinkAja

PT Fintek Karya Nusantara offers LinkAja, an e-wallet and electronic money service. This application has been downloaded by 300 thousand Android users and 40 thousand iOS users.

It offers digital wallet services, but also includes a money transfer function built into the app.

However, users must make a minimum transfer of Rp. 10 thousand, to be entitled to free admin fees. It is very rare for a user who wants to use a different bank transfer tool and other extras to have to pay for the full service.

6. Payfazz Master Agent

The next money transfer application in Indonesia is Payfazz. They provide free interbank transfer services to users, if they accept the promo.

Apart from transfers, Payfazz also provides top up services, paying PLN bills to top up GoPay. Users can also increase their income by becoming Payfazz agent entrepreneurs. Payfazz has been downloaded by 20 thousand Android users, and does not have an application for iOS.

7. Transfez

By using this application, you can easily transfer money between bank accounts within the same currency, as well as across countries around the world.
Transfez provides its users with money transfer services to more than 47 countries within 10 minutes.

The price offered is also much lower. Not only money transfers, Transfez also offers purchasing services, bill payments, and more.

The PT Indo Koala Remittance application has so far been downloaded by more than 10,000 Android users and 5,000 iOS users.

8. OY! Indonesia

OY! Indonesia has been functioning since 2016 and is a service product finance area. This program also provides inter-bank transfer services without any fees.

Paytren allows users to donate money to e-wallets such as GoPay by linking their bank account to the application. In the past week, this application has been downloaded by around 6,000 Android users and 5,000 iOS users.


This software offers a variety of standard banking services, such as money transfers, to its users. Through IPOTPAY, users can transfer money between banks without restrictions and admin fees.

In addition, users of this application can invest their money in money market Mutual Funds, where they can earn returns of up to 10% per year. IPOTPAT has been downloaded by <5 thousand Android users and <5 thousand iOS users.


As a money transfer app, Netzme combines services with ideas such as chatting and social networking. Users will be able to carry out financial transactions in the same way as they speak.

Netzme offers a wide range of services, from banking to allowing users to post pictures and write about their daily lives, just like content producers do.

For inter-bank transfers, there is no admin fee with a maximum limit of IDR 5 million. Netzme has been downloaded by <5k Android users, and <5k iOS users.


In the article above, we have provided 10 applications that you can use to transfer money to trusted Indonesia.

Thus the article about the Trusted Application for Sending Money to Indonesia, I hope the above article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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