Reasons to Choose the Realme C35 Mobile – The Realme C35 mobile phone has just been launched on Monday, December 4 2022. This cellphone has several qualified specifications but is priced at a very affordable price. Intrigued by the specifications and price of the Realme C35? Check out the complete information below.

Ramadan has always been a month that many people have been waiting for. How can we not keep in touch with our loved ones throughout this lucky month?

Of course we don't want to lose the experience of togetherness, do we? Because in the midst of this epidemic, every meeting will be invaluable. As a month, it is important for us to use the best smartphone in its class to record every moment of togetherness throughout Ramadan and Eid afterward.

Realme C35, for those of you who are looking for unique smartphone suggestions to accompany Ramadan moments and maximize every shot you take. This smartphone has a lot of charm, making it the 2 million most stylish cellphone in Indonesia! Ooh, that's interesting!

The advantages of the Realme C35 cellphone

Curious to know more about the advantages of the latest real smartphone? Let's take a look at each one by one:

The Most Stylish Entry Level!

Of course for smartphone users, design is the most attractive feature.

Because of its quality and modern design, be prepared to be the center of attention during Ramadan if you use the Realme C35. This smartphone looks futuristic thanks to the Dynamic Glowing Design on the right-angle bezel which is made of 2D material and has a glowing design.

Meanwhile, on the right-angle bezel, the design of the Realme C35 and a comfortable 8.1 mm thinness make customers feel more comfortable holding this smartphone. Realme C35 is the lightest and thinnest smartphone in the C series, as well as the thinnest smartphone in the two million price bracket, thanks to the latest design technology.

So, if you want a smartphone that's sleek, comfortable to hold, and can fit in a stylish backpack without taking up a lot of space, this is the phone for you!

Camera at Flagship Level

This year's Ramadan, the camera clearly plays an important role in documenting every beautiful moment in your life. Because there are so many choices, including group photos, photos, and video shoots taken with smartphones. We all want crystal clear quality photos and videos. Not only is the quality of the rear camera important for selfies, the quality of the front camera is also important!

The Realme C35 is equipped with three cameras, including a 50MP main lens which allows us to take photos with a sharper design. The main camera of the phone also has a 50MP image sensor with a large aperture of f1/8 and a larger field of view, which helps secure light and makes photos brighter and clearer.

A unique 2MP macro lens is also included, allowing us to create unique macro photos at very close focusing distances.

Cosmo girls who love selfies (yes, please!) would love to have an 8MP front-facing selfie camera, which will allow you to take clear and beautiful selfies.

Best in Class Results

We're talking about design, right? Already! Camera? Likewise, already! How about the performance?

Welcome to the C35 realm, which has the most powerful and best Unisoc T616 processor in the entry level class, rating 230,726 in the AnTuTu test. With a clock speed of up to 2.0 GHz and a Cortex A75 structure with Arm Mali-G57 GPU, the CPU brings more reliable performance to the C35 world. Of course, beauties, you don't have to worry about your smartphone lagging at a critical moment!

Unisoc, by the way, is a 5G chip supplier. Unisoc now boasts 10% worldwide market share, making it one of the top four smartphone processor providers in the world.

Powerful Processor

The Realme C35 also carries the TÜV Rheinland Smartphone High Endurance Certification, which is another incentive to use it for your Ramadan photos. So, who says a smartphone with a stylish design has to be of low quality?

TÜV Rheinland is a world-renowned quality expert, in case you didn't know. To get this certification, realme C35 must pass 23 different tests, including Daily Use Test Scenarios such as drop, wear and tear. 7 extreme environmental test situations, such as extreme heat and high humidity, high and low and so on. Every C3X Series will be certified by TÜV Rheinland.

5000mAh Big Battery

You don't want to run out of power while taking pictures, making video calls, or chatting with your loved ones during Ramadan this year, do you? Especially if you leave the house without a power bank or if you don't have a charger near you.

Keep calm, honey! Because the C35 realm comes with a 50000mAh battery with a very large capacity. According to realme Lab testing, realme C35 can be used in a standby state for up to 39 days!

Only with a 5% battery, realme C35 users can get 50 hours of standby time, 1.89 hours of calling, 3.65 hours of Spotify playing, and nearly an hour of WhatsApp chatting using Super Power Saving Mode. Lowly bat, goodbye!

The screen for the Realme C35 cellphone is clear

Realme C35 is the first smartphone in the C series to have the largest FHD screen among mainstream models in its class, with a 6.6-inch FHD Fullscreen screen size and 2408*1080 FHD Plus resolution! #proud

The screen is somewhat unique among other smartphones in the two million rupiah price range. This is a bold move that deserves applause!

The Realme C35 is also equipped with a screen ratio of 90.7 percent larger, allowing us to watch movies, series, Korean dramas and even play games in brighter colors. Get ready to spend more time on this phone screen!

Price of the Realme C35 cellphone

You must be curious about the selling price of the C35 realm after reading the series of things above. RAM / ROM capacity of 4/128 this smartphone is priced at Rp. 2,399,000,-.

Realme C35 is also available in two attractive color choices: shiny black and shiny green, all of which are ready to make your Ramadan look even more stylish.


Realme C35 is the lightest and thinnest smartphone in the C series. This smartphone is futuristic thanks to the right-angle bezel which is made of 2D material and has a shining design. These are the 2 million most stylish phones in Indonesia.

The Realme C35 has three cameras, including a 50MP main lens which allows us to take photos with a sharper design. It also carries the TÜV Rheinland Smartphone High Durability Certification for protection against drops, wear and tear.

Realme C35 is the first smartphone in the C series to have the largest FHD screen among the mainstream models in its class. It also has a 90.7 percent larger screen ratio, allowing us to watch movies, series, Korean dramas, and even play games in brighter colors.

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