Instagram Aesthetic Filter Recommendations for Selfies – Now many netizens use filters for photos to make their faces look more attractive. Here are recommendations for Instagram aesthetic filters for selfies that you can try.

Currently, many netizens are curious and find out about the Aesthetic Instagram filter effect that is suitable for use when making selfie photos. Do you have any questions of your own?

In today's world, Instagram is one of the most commonly used and commonly known social networking platforms. Instagram is application share images and videos focused on capturing and sharing special moments.

There are various photos available on Instagram that might help you create more interesting content. You will find Instagram filter effects, boomerang functions, scrolls and much more in this list.

Instagram Aesthetic Selfie Filter Recommendations

But this time, we're going to talk about IG filter effects, which many people use to enhance their Instagram stories when taking photos of themselves or taking selfies.

Here are some choices of contemporary IG aesthetic selfie filter names on Instagram to make photos cooler. Want to know? Wait until the end to see the final verdict.

Instagram Aesthetic Selfie Filter Recommendations

Instagram provides many tools for users to be able to share their short moments on Instagram to reach their friends and followers on social media.

In addition, there are many techniques that can be used when distributing materials. You can do this, for example, by using regular posts, Insta Stories, IGTV, and a new tool called Instagram Reel.

However, among the many platforms provided, users often use filter effects when posting selfies on insta stories. Therefore, this element of fairy tales is one feature that is also widely used.

Many people on the internet are now trying to find out what aesthetic effect or filter the newest selfie on Instagram uses. Instagram offers a variety of filters that you can try. Including aesthetic filters.

However, if you are still confused about which filter to apply, here are the latest IG aesthetic selfie filter name tips that you can try to use to make your story look more aesthetic.

Recommended Instagram Aesthetic Filter Names

Before you want to try the IG filter effect, of course you have to know what the name of the filter effect is. Here are some ideas for the latest IG aesthetic selfie filter names.

1. Chantilly

The knick-knacks and pastel colors used in this filter effect give a very pleasing aesthetic to the image. This filter is quite widely used for Aesthetic shooting by netizens.

2. Golden Hour

Selfies look better if they have a dull color tone and an aesthetic quality. You can access and use this filter using the @msnechaeva account.

3. Moodboard I

This filter by @nahlr.esper brings out a classic or old school color theme in style and consequently makes a strong aesthetic impact on photos and shots.

4.Vintage Karma

The IG Vintage Karma filter, in addition to Moodboard I, provides a classic or old school color theme to give photos or films that apply filters an Aesthetic impression.

5. +3 Aesthetic Colors

The advantage of this filter is that it produces a 3-color effect that can be adjusted to your preferences. The creator's account, @thaifurtado, is where you can find and use this filter.

Recommended Instagram Aesthetic Filter Names

6.Coconut Milk

As the name suggests, this filter gives your photos a soft look, making them even more interesting to look at. Filter search or @msnechaeva account can be used to find this filter.

7. Aquamarines

Aquamarine offers blue and dark hues and is Aesthetic enough to use for photos and selfies. This filter can be found on the account @msnechaeva if you are interested.

8. OldCam @ya.molli

Filter effects with vintage camera style aesthetic with stunning photo frames and color tones. Would you like to use this filter? You can find it directly on the @ya.molli account.

9.Low Light

Filters with dark tones may always add an aesthetic effect to selfies. You can find and search for these filters by running a filter search.

10. B&W Dramatic

The striking black-and-white contrast makes a strong statement yet still Aesthetic to the eye. If you are interested in this filter, you can search for it directly through the filter search option.

11. Lark

Not much different from the previous aesthetic filters. This filter has a dark tone that offers a melancholic and aesthetic feel to the image. Interested in trying it?


Photo frames resembling old school cameras supported by color tones will make photos or videos uploaded to your Instagram story appear more aesthetic.

13. Freckless

Combining realistic looking faces with mottled effects and complementary color tones will create an overall aesthetic effect for your image.

14. Bem Panuterona

Correct photos so that people's faces look more natural when uploaded to Stories. If you want to make your face photo beautiful, we highly recommend using this filter.

15. Lovers

The heart-shaped and small sticker effects don't obscure the image and instead add to the Aesthetic impression. This kind of effect is widely used by many netizens on Instagram.

16.Angel Pink

The appearance of a pink cloud effect will stick to the face and also appear as a frame. This filter is more popular in recent months due to its increasing popularity as a trend.

17. Fresh Makeup

Selfie photos are getting more interesting as the appearance of minimal make-up and a natural look is becoming more and more important. Well, if you are curious, you can immediately try to use it.

18. Tartars

A face smoothing effect that creates a natural look and proper tone on the face when applying this filter. Interested in trying it? Let's see how to use it.

How to Get Instagram Aesthetic Filters

So, those were some IG Aesthetic filter effect tips that you can try on Instagram. Lighting and shooting are still necessary for visually Aesthetic shots.

Now that you know the name of this IG aesthetic filter effect, how can you try the filter? So, to be clearer, you can just follow this short guide:

  1. Sign in to account Instagram you're in the app
  2. After that open the insta story menu by sliding the screen from left to right
  3. In the effects area on the camera button, you can swipe right until you find the Browse Effects tool
  4. Then, in the column provided, write the name of the aesthetic filter effect and do a search
  5. Several possible filters will be displayed, but you only need to choose the one suggested
  6. Click the filter effect, to test it you can press the Try button and to download the filter effect click the Download option
  7. Done

How very easy right? By following the method above, now you can get and try the name of the newest IG aesthetic selfie filter and share it on social media.


In the article above, we have provided a list of aesthetic Instagram filter names that can make your photos more attractive and good.

After you read the article above, you can find out the names of the aesthetic filters, including the Chantilly filter, Golder Hour, Moodboard I, Vintage Karma, +3 Aesthetic Colors, Coconut Milk, Aquamarine, OldCam @ya.molli, Low Light, B&W Dramatic , Lark, 8mm, Freckless, Bem Panuterona, Lover, Angel Pink, Fresh Make up, Tartar.

Thus the article about Instagram Aesthetic Filter Recommendations for Selfies, I hope it can be helpful and useful for all of you, good luck.

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