How to Make a Secreto on Telegram Easily and Quickly – Do you know Secreto? Now, almost all Telegram users are trying to find out how to make Secreto on Telegram easily and quickly.

The Telegram application is currently being loved by social media users. Not only for communication purposes, Telegram is currently widely used for several other uses such as playing Roleplayer and many more.

Telegram is also recognized for offering very extensive features, such as bot functionality as well as secret chats and more. But what's currently trending is how to build secreto on Telegram. So what's it like? Listen to the end.

Secreto Not Secret Chat Telegram

After we examined it, it turned out that the secreto in question was not the secret chat function on Telegram.

In the future, users will be able to send secret messages to their friends using Telegram's own secret chat function, which is the default feature.

Unlike the standard chat, when you use the secret chat, the messages will be more private. Some of the benefits of secret chats include the ability to send fewer messages, the fact that friends can't take screenshots of conversations, and more. So what exactly is a secreto?

What is Secreto on Telegram?

Secreto himself is application or sites that allow you to create links to collect replies or feedback from friends.

Secreto you will remain anonymous if someone else writes something in it. Maybe you can receive an honest opinion about yourself in this secreto.

Why is Telegram relevant in this context? Although this secreto is not a feature of the original Telegram, you can make your own copy by opening secreto. site

After creating your own secreto, you can post a link to it on Telegram and ask friends to see it. So, you can get feedback from your contact friends on Telegram.

Secreto on Telegram is often sought after by roleplayers. This is how it's done right away.

How to Make a Secreto on Telegram

To build your own secreto connection is actually quite easy. You can access the site using the link above. After that, simply follow the following procedure.

  1. To start creating secreto links, open a browser and go to the secreto website. From there, click Register
  2. Then fill in all registration forms such as username, email and password
  3. Next you will get the secreto link then copy the URL
  4. Done, now just post the link on Telegram or other social media to get feedback. Sharing a link to your Rp group is all that is needed for a role player

How simple is not it? Then you just need to try playing this secreto. But don't be surprised if someone chats with you anonymously, make lots of fun.


In the article above we have provided information about Secreto on Telegram, and how to make Secreto on Telegram.

After you read the article above, you can easily create a Secreto on Telegram just by following the steps in the article above.

Thus the article about How to Make a Secreto on Telegram Easily and Quickly, I hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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