Here's How to Get Money from TikTok - If you often hear that many people get money from TikTok but don't know how, it turns out that this is how you can get money from TikTok in a very easy way.

Tiktok is a video sharing application that has been on the rise recently. By using this application, you can not only access various video content, but also make money.

List of Ways to Get Money from TikTok

Below are several ways to get money from TikTok, which are as follows:

1. Install the TikTok Application on the Phone

Use the App Store or Google Play to download application ticktock Integrate your Tiktok account with other social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Download the TikTok Application

After setting up your Tiktok account, click on the gold coin image in the upper left corner. Confirm that you are over 18 years old, continue by clicking on the lesson video to win 3000 points. More points can be earned by referring friends.

2. Earn Points from Referral Codes

The referral code might add 100,000 points to your account. Remember to click 'confirm' at the end. You can also share invitations with other friends to get extra points.

Click the share page to receive an additional 100 points. Vote for one video post to receive 3,000 points. Increasing your score is as easy as watching more videos and earning more points.

3. Earn Money from Points

Click the balance withdrawal option after you choose how much money you want to withdraw from your points account. Add the withdrawal method you want to use. Choose Funds or Ovo for your bank transfer.

Follow the instructions in the selected menu. If the Tiktok balance decreases, it indicates that the withdrawal was declared successful. The activities you provide must be completed in order to continue receiving points from Tiktok users.

After completing the task, you will get points with varying values. These points can be exchanged for rupiah and can be withdrawn at any time.

To access the Referral Rewards page, click on the gold coin symbol in the upper left corner of the screen. The number of points and rupiah conversion will be displayed on the website.

An additional 60,000 points may be yours if you can convince your friends to play with you. You will get an additional 100,000 points if a friend uses your referral code. When you share that Referral Rewards page, you will earn an additional 1,000 points.

For every video you post, you will earn 3,000 bonus points. Watching videos for a certain period of time will also earn you extra points. You can win 15,000 points by watching a 10 minute video.

Here's a complete list of points awarded by TikTok:

  1. Everyone who uses the invite code will get 100,000 points
  2. Every two days the TikTok invite will get a hundred thousand point prize
  3. Every friend invited to watch TikTok for 3 days will get 150,000 points
  4. Every friend invited to watch TikTok for 6 days will win 250,000 points
  5. If you post a video, users will get 3,000 points
  6. Users can earn 15,000 points by watching a ten minute video
  7. Users receive 1,000 points for every five minutes you spend watching videos

If done regularly, TikTok can actually be a promising money-making application. Once points are earned, you can withdraw them into cash as shown above.


In the article above, we have provided information about the ways you need to get money from TikTok, the method above is very easy, isn't it?

Thus the article about Here's How to Get Money from TikTok, I hope the article above can be useful and help all of you.

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