This Vaccine Certificate Solution Does Not Appear in PeduliLindungi – If you have done the covid vaccination, you will be given a certificate as proof. This is the solution for vaccine certificates not appearing in PeduliLindungi, what you need to do.

It is possible that some people who have been vaccinated may have problems with the PeduliLindung website and app because their vaccine certificate is not displayed there.

PeduliLindung does not display a vaccination certificate when personal data such as telephone number or date of birth is entered incorrectly or without including the date of vaccination.

Overcoming Vaccine Certificates Not Appearing in PeduliLindungi

So, in the following we will explain how to deal with vaccine certificates not appearing in PeduliLindungi.

  1. Wait until the procedure for entering vaccination participant data into the system is complete. If the vaccination participant data is complete, the vaccine certificate will immediately appear on PeduliLindungi.
  2. Use the same telephone number you used to register for the vaccine.
  3. If the method above fails, it is recommended to directly contact the PeduliLindungi 199 Ext 9 call center or send an email to

How to Download the PeduliLindungi Vaccine Certificate

Vaccination participants in the first and second stages will receive notification of vaccination certificates via SMS within the specified time. The SMS notification also provides a link to obtain a vaccine certificate.

CaresLindung allows you to read and download SMS messages that you haven't received. Here, Rancak Media provides a way to get a vaccine certificate below

  1. Open the PeduliLindungi website or application on PlayStore or Click here
  2. Enter the mobile number registered at the time of vaccination. Then, you will get an OTP code sent via SMS.
  3. Log in to the PeduliLindungi account you just created. You will find the main page (home page).
  4. Click the “Account/Profile” icon in the upper right corner to view the vaccine certificate.
  5. Select the option "Vaccine Certificate"
  6. Then a vaccination certificate will be displayed for the first stage, the second stage or both.
  7. If you want to download a vaccine certificate, just click on the picture of one or both of the vaccine stages.
  8. Finally, click "Yes" to download the vaccine certificate, which will be automatically saved in your gallery or phone storage.


In the article above, in addition to providing information about how to download a care-protect vaccine certificate, we also provide ways to deal with vaccine certificates not appearing in care-protection.

Thus the article about This Vaccine Certificate Solution Does Not Appear on PeduliLindungi, I hope the article above can be useful and help all of you.

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