Download the Safe and Reliable Planting Application – You can download the Tanamduit application, this application is one of the safest applications, because every time you open this application, you must log in. There are various investment options in it, namely mutual funds, SBN or Government Securities and gold investment.

Your money is invested by Investment Managers in deposits, bonds and stocks to create profits through buying mutual funds. While SBN is an investment issued by the government. In order for the government to have money, he sells them to investors.

The state budget or APBN can then use this money. Meanwhile, investors will benefit in the form of interest. Included in SBN are Government Bonds, State Sharia Securities and State Retail Bonds or ORI.

Gold has been the choice for a long time to prevent currency values from falling. Through application This best stock mutual fund, you can choose the type of investment you want.

How to Register and Download the Planting Duit Application

The first step that must be taken to have an account is to first download the application from Google Playstore or simply Click here to make it easy. To register an account, complete the steps below:

  1. Register by filling in personal data such as name, e-KTP number, email address and password
  2. An OTP code will be sent to the email address that was written
  3. Enter the OTP code
  4. Enter the account data you have for disbursing investment funds
  5. When finished, wait for confirmation no later than 2 working days
  6. Creating an account on the Tanamduit application is very easy, suitable for beginners who want to invest in Mutual Funds,
  7. State Securities or gold

How to Purchase Mutual Funds on the Tanamduit Application

In addition to fast account registration, the procedure for purchasing mutual funds is also easy. Follow these procedures to invest in mutual funds:

  1. On the dashboard select the mutual fund category
  2. Select the mutual fund product you want to buy, then click Buy
  3. Enter the nominal purchase you want, a minimum free nominal of Rp. 10,000
  4. Check the Read and Agree Terms of Mutual Fund Transaction section
  5. Then click the Submit button
  6. Fund transfer via manual bank transfer
  7. Click Upload Transfer Proof and upload proof of transfer

How to Sell Mutual Fund Products on the Tanamduit Application

  1. Click Portfolio on the main page
  2. Click Sell on the mutual fund product you want to sell
  3. Enter the number of units you want to sell
  4. Put a checklist in the statement agreeing to the mutual fund prospectus and the mutual fund fact sheet
  5. Enter the OTP code sent to the email then select Verify
  6. The sale is successful, the funds will go to your account.

Types of Mutual Funds to Choose from

Investing in mutual funds requires familiarity with different types of mutual funds. You can choose from a variety of top stock mutual fund software. Investing in the right type of mutual fund can increase your returns even more.

Money Market Mutual Funds

This mutual fund has the lowest potential risk. Funds in this mutual fund are handled in the money market such as savings, time deposits, debentures, demand deposits, etc.

Fixed Income Mutual Funds

This type of mutual fund has a slightly higher risk potential than money market mutual funds. Suitable for investment around 1 – 3 years or medium term. Funds received are handled in the form of debt/bonds.

Mixed Mutual Funds

There are dangers to investing in a mix of funds and bonds in mutual funds. Investing for a period of three to five years is considered ideal.

Stock Mutual Funds

The most dangerous type of mutual fund is the equity fund, which carries the greatest level of risk. Suitable for investors who have long-term investment goals of more than 5 years.

Depending on your investment goals and available funds, you can choose from a variety of investment options. You can choose the best stock mutual fund application by downloading the Tanamduit application.


In the article above, we have provided information on how to register and download the Tanamduit application, besides that we also mentioned how to buy and sell mutual fund products on the Tanamduit application, and we also mentioned the types of mutual funds that you can choose from.

Thus the article about Downloading the Safe and Reliable Tanamduit Application, I hope the above article can be useful and help all of you in using the Tanamduit application.

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