Check Tri Card Numbers Easily and Quickly – If you forget your Tri card number, you can use several ways to check the tri card that we have summarized from various sources, see below.

There are still many Tri card subscribers who do not know their own number. This is a problem that is often faced by users, even though cell phone numbers can be used for various needs. Therefore, how to check the Tri number will be discussed here.

The Tri Card is a favorite among students because of its low internet service fees. In 2007, Tri card was established as a service provider.

List of Ways to Check Tri Card Numbers

Here are several ways to check the number 3 Tri, including:

1. SMS

You can use an SMS sent to 234 to check your Tri number.

How to check number 3 via SMS:

Open application SMS.
Create a new message.
Enter the 'Info Data' SMS format.
Send to number 234.
Wait for Tri to reply to the SMS.
Wait to hear from Tri via SMS.

2. Bima+ application

As an alternative, you can use the Bima+ application which can be downloaded for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store (links provided below).


This method is very practical for your smartphone users because they only need to download and use the application.

Install the Bima+ application.
Open the Bima+ application.
Create a new account via phone number or via Facebook, Twitter and Google.
There will be number 3 that you use on the main page.

3. Operator Assistance

Asking for help from a carrier is another technique for double-checking a 3 number. Call center customer service, often known as an operator, is a post-sales service provided by every telecom company.

To check with a customer support representative about option 3 for the number, simply call the toll-free number 123 (plus any applicable taxes). The personnel will immediately answer your questions in a polite manner. So, no need to be weird!

4. SMS or Misscall to Other Numbers

Figuring out how to double check a number is common. However, this approach is not free as it requires a certain number of credits to execute it.

The process is quite easy, you only need to make a call or send an SMS to another number. Then check your Tri number on the cellphone that was not answered or received via SMS.


Those are some ways you need to know to check tri numbers easily and quickly. If you forget your number, you can check it in one of the ways above.

Thus the article about Checking Tri Card Numbers Easily and Quickly that you need to know, I hope this is useful and good luck.

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