The Best MP3 Player App for PC – Listening to music with the best MP3 Player application is a familiar thing, there are many ways in which art can be used to communicate one's deepest thoughts and feelings.

One of them is music. This art form, which has been known since ancient times, is a means for mankind to express their feelings.

If in the past music could only be enjoyed directly, now music can be enjoyed via a PC or Laptop music player application online or offline.

List of the Best PC and Laptop MP3 Player Applications

Below are various MP3 player applications that you can use to listen to music, including the following:

1.VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a multimedia player that plays a wide variety of audio and video files in application formats, including MP3, Ogg, DivX, and many more. Apart from that, this application can also be used to play VCDs, CDs or DVDs.

There are several open source versions of this media player available for operating system applications, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, several variants of Linux, and more.

The VideoLAN project created and published this multimedia player application in 2001.

VLC Media Player's main selling point is its comprehensive codec library, which allows it to play almost any audio or video application.

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2. Winamp

Winamp is a media player application created by Nullsoft which is now part of Time Warner. As software or software, Winamp was originally released in 1996 by Justin Frankel.

This audio player application supports various codecs and can be customized according to the specific needs of the user.

The Winamp player application supports various types of operating systems such as Mac OS X, Android, Windows, and Linux. Winamp has become a very popular audio player application in 2005 with the number of users from only 33 million to 57 million monthly users.

This popularity makes Winamp the most widely used media player application after Windows Media Player. Until now, Winamp is still the default application on various computer products. You can get Winamp for PC from the link provided below if it's not already in your system.

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3. AIMP3

AIMP3 is a good choice if you want a free music player app with good sound quality. More than two dozen audio formats are supported, making it the best music player app.

The music player application on this computer is equipped with a playlist or fast playlist function that allows a collection of audio to be played in one play. Apart from that, the app is also equipped with bookmark and playback queue functions.

Audio is processed in 32-bit, resulting in crystal clear sound applications from this top-rated PC MP3 player. Apart from that, users can also configure equalization with built-in additional sound effects and an 18-band equalizer.

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4. Music Bee

In addition to the several audio player programs discussed earlier, there is an additional music management application with an interface that is loaded with many functions and an interface page comparable to iTunes.

To take advantage of the Music Bee application, customers must first download and install the application on a PC device.

Once the app is installed, users will be prompted to run a Music Bee scan on their app or import music from their computer's Windows Media Library or iTunes.

One of Music Bee's strong points is its easy-to-design and very well-organized interface. Apart from that, users can also change the UI layout as well as various other skins.

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5. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is a media player application created by Ventis Media Inc. Windows only application, designed only for applications playing audio files.

Although this application is made for playing audio files, MediaMonkey can be turned into an application for playing other media such as videos and other types of media using plugins.

Audio CDs, music library, device synchronization and add-ons are all included in this app. There are various audio formats that are compatible with this application, including MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, and WMA.

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6. Tomahawks

Tomahawk is a music player application on PC which can be used to play a user's music library.

Online streaming allows users to listen to the same music with their friends or family members at the same time, which is a nice feature of this music player app.

Because it is cross-platform and works with many content resolvers (plugins), Tomahawk can help users discover music on platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, 4Shared, Grooveshark and Dilandau which do not natively support it.

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7. GOM Audio Player PC

GOM Audio is the most powerful program or software for playing music with wide capabilities but light weight. Users can listen to various internet radio stations besides being able to play music or audio.

This program is free so users don't have to pay to be able to take advantage of the services and features in this application.

GOM Audio is built on top of the GOM Player software, which is software that has been recognized as one of the most popular media players.

The song lyrics viewer in GOM Audio is user customizable. While playing a song, the program may enter sleep mode or stop automatically.

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8. Songbirds

Songbird is the largest music player turned multi-platform software built on Mozilla's XUL framework. This application may not only be used as an audio player, but also has extra capabilities such as an audio manager.

In other words, users don't need to worry if they have a large collection of audio or music because this application can recognize audio files very quickly.

Apart from being compatible with Windows and Mac, this audio file detector application provides a number of unique features that set it apart from its competitors.

In just two minutes, this application can add as many as 4,000 songs to the database.

As a music file manager or audio manager with various features, this application is not only light and easy to use, but can also provide additional advantages.

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9. Spider Player

Spider Player is a program in the form of an audio-visual player that comes with a simple and pleasant interface.

Although its main job is to play audio or music files, the program also provides additional features that conventional audio players cannot.

This best pc music player can be used to rip CDs, select the extracted audio format as well as set the compression quality. The audio formats that can be selected with this application include MP3, OGG, WMA and WAV.

To allow users to fill in the audio list with words for their favorite songs, the app includes a simple text editing tool.

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10. Foobar 2000

Foobar 2000 is an audio player designed by Peter Pawlowski that supports Windows, iOS and Android operating systems. Apart from playing audio in various formats, Foobar2000 also provides a customizable UI.

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Thus the article regarding the best MP3 player applications that you can use on a PC, the applications above have different capabilities and disadvantages, use them according to your needs.

Hopefully this article about the Best MP3 Player Application for PC can be useful and help all of you.

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