Web Based Helpdesk Application for Business

Rancakmedia.com – Web-based helpdesk application integrates all customer contacts from various channels in one panel. Halpdesk's online software dashboard automatically records and displays all customer subscribers, comments, complaints, and ideas in one location. Keeping track of all helpdesk activity is now much simpler.

What is a web-based helpdesk application?

To keep track of all customer issues, a web-based helpdesk application was developed. Until a solution is found and the customer is happy, all tickets will be tracked.

The web-based helpdesk application starts by automatically recording application interactions/tickets in the database as soon as they are sent by the customer. Next, the support staff will follow up on the ticket through dialogue with the customer.

This free helpdesk app is packed with features that can provide insight into customer experience and generate ticket analysis reports. Data such as agent response time and customer service requests can be viewed in reports generated by online helpdesk software.

7 List of the Best Web-Based Helpdesk Applications

Following below are 7 web-based helpdesk applications that you can use easily, including:

1. Qontak.com

To serve customers better, Qontak.com offers the most complete web-based helpdesk application available. As a result, all customer service staff can track tickets more easily and more consistently. Even Qontak.com's advanced capabilities are easy to customize and use to meet your company's needs.


  1. Get a 360o perspective of all customer data directly in CRM
  2. Monitor all KPI matrix development activities
  3. Sales pipeline visualization
  4. Build analytics with advanced automation technology
  5. Triggering automation to remind you at all stages of the business
  6. Automatic ticket helpdesk


  1. Focus on market needs in Indonesia

Qontak.com features:

The features provided by Qontak.com are as follows:

  1. Customization: the online helpdesk can be adapted instantly to meet business needs
  2. Track KPIs: Track team performance using custom metrics to improve your sales or business operations
  3. Analytics Dashboard: Create custom analytics/reports that can be filtered by user, team, time frame and more
    Integration with WhatsApp and Multi-Channel: Easily integrate WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, social media and more to record conversations instantly
  4. Agent routing: Record conversations from remote marketing teams and customers with a reliable call center solution
  5. Document Automation: Upload Sheets or Word templates to Qontak and automate all documents directly and send them using Qontak to save time

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is an online helpdesk software that allows companies to register, handle and monitor customer complaints on a single platform. The HubSpot function automatically generates tickets when customers complete forms, send emails, or live chat.


  1. Record, record and track every ticket sequence
  2. View the sales pipeline on the interactive dashboard
  3. CRM, Marketing & Sales all on one platform


  1. Templates are difficult to change
  2. Limited reporting
  3. Additional technical support costs may be required

HubSpot features:

HubSpot is supported by excellent features such as:

  1. Tickets: Log customer issues as tickets that can be managed and prioritized and track progress
  2. Routing Automation: automate customer service processes with ticket routing, escalation, and task creation
  3. Reporting: Provides built-in analytical reports that track databases
  4. Live chat: Have personal and contextual customer service conversations with customers in real time

3. Zendesk

Zendesk is an omnichannel connected online helpdesk software. This implies that all interactions from phone, live chat, email, social media and other messaging applications are controlled on a single platform.

As a result, customers have a positive impression of your customers.


  1. Flexible, easy to implement and can be installed quickly
  2. Provides more than 20 analytical report and dashboard templates
  3. Enable customers to solve problems on their own through FAQ search, online community and 24-hour service portal


  1. There is no option to export data directly to a JSON or CSV file
  2. Subscription fees are quite expensive
  3. Weak integration with WordPress

Helpdesk features:

The features of the helpdesk application:

  1. Routing and Intelligence: Forwarding tickets to the right agents based on their expertise so they can be deployed more efficiently
  2. Help Center: Maximize the work of agents and bots to provide customer service
  3. Messaging: Add live chat to your website and social media so customers can contact your business more conveniently
  4. Agent Workspace: With the right tools and data, agents can maintain relevant, private conversations
  5. Collaboration tools: Save agent time with efficiently connected collaboration tools

4. Zoho Desktop

Zoho Desk is a cloud-based online helpdesk software that handles customer tickets. This online helpdesk software automatically turns Facebook or Twitter searches into tickets that can be easily monitored and handled.

You can add certain keywords to filter posts and messages on social media. This ticket will be forwarded to the relevant agent for faster follow-up.


  1. Manage tickets, identify trends and collaborate effectively with teams
  2. Integration with social media such as Facebook and Twitter
  3. Leverage the customer experience to help other independent customers


  1. Tends to be too slow and takes a while to load pages
  2. The interface is difficult to use
  3. Technical support adds a lot

Zoho Desk features:

The features provided by Zoho Desk are:

  1. Multi-channel: Manage customer conversations from multiple channels such as email, chat, phone, social media and company website.
  2. Workflow Automation: Automate activities
  3. Platform: Connect Zoho Desk to other devices your team uses. You can even create your own internal helpdesk-based applications through the SDK.
  4. Self-Serdatabase, user community, and AI capabilities for websites, SaaS products, and mobile apps to help customers quickly find answers.
  5. AI: Intelligence named Zia will monitor all aspects of activity

5. Jira Service Desk

Customer service for Jira, a widely used business project management software. This online helpdesk software comes with various capabilities to provide customer service management solutions.

Jira Serinterface is a useful tool to solve problems efficiently. It also enables automation of repetitive work, views (SLAs), 350+ additions to the Atlassian Marketplace, and a customer satisfaction survey (CSAT).


  1. Repetitive task automation
  2. Integrates easily with Atlassian or other third party tools
  3. Customers can create tickets, view other existing customer experiences, add comments or remove attachments from the portal


  1. Templates cannot be changed
  2. Databases are not integrated with each other
  3. No direct phone call integration

6. New table

Freshdesk online support helpdesk is a cloud-based software that offers everything you need in one place.

To guarantee that all issues are dealt with promptly, this feature makes it possible to filter tickets according to certain criteria.


  1. Modern and easy to use
  2. Advanced workflow automation
  3. Easy to integrate with other Freshdesk products
  4. Has many features to support customer service


  1. Cannot be integrated with SMS and Instagram
  2. Limited automation features
  3. The supporting features are less innovative than the others
  4. Dashboards and analytics are only available on property and forest plans

7. Spices

A free helpdesk application, Spicework allows support teams to handle all aspects of customer service from a single location.

This online helpdesk can also unite several of your companies in one main helpdesk. This makes it easier for you to manage a company. Benefits All Spicework items are available for free download.


  1. No treatment required
  2. Fast installation process
  3. Has unique features such as the ability to separate tickets and users


  1. Limited features
  2. Lacks many integration options
  3. Not flexible
  4. Small storage space
  5. It lacks a modern interface and design


Thus the article regarding web-based helpdesk applications for business, after reading the article above which application do you want to use? all the applications above have the same use, but have different advantages and disadvantages, use the applications above according to your abilities.

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