Download the Free 3D Home Design Application – Many want to know the download link for a free 3D home design application, in this article, we will recommend a free 3D home design application, see below.

Technological advances in this era of globalization have made almost every type of work easier to do while also reducing labor and material costs.

Why is that? Because practically all fields of work, be it in terms of health, the field of information technology, to the field of building construction can be done quickly and also do not require costs or are free.

Therefore, you can take advantage of advances in this field of technology to do various jobs that you do using the help of device applications or also mobile gadget applications which are now helping you more and more in everything from the pre-production, production, to post-production stages.

In discussing this article, we will offer many facts about the application of 3D (dimensional) house designs which are quite valuable for employees in the building construction business.

Who benefits from this 3D home design application?

Construction professionals like architects do not need to use pen and paper to sketch building plans instead they can use free 3D home design software available on mobile gadgets and other portable electronic gadgets.

Using a personal application or mobile device, simply download and install the application.

Benefits and Uses of the 3D Home Design Application

Indeed, many construction employees do not understand and know about the advantages and applications of this 3D home design application.

Actually, the construction of this house design is still being carried out by certain employees using manual techniques.

Therefore, today we will analyze the advantages and applications of the 3D home design application so that building construction employees can complete the design drawings of the home designs they will make.

For that, below are some of the advantages and uses of 3D home design applications that you need to learn and know. Here are just a few examples.

1. To Design Building Drawings

The purpose of this 3D home design application is to design a sketch of a house structure that suits you.

Yes, of course, as a building drawing design application, of course, its main role is to produce an image of your dream home design.

So that with a drawing of your dream home design, the construction process will go smoother because it is made easier by the availability of a design drawing for your dream house which is supported by 3-dimensional technology which at first glance looks original.

2. To Design Home Interior Layout

Apart from functioning to design house plans, this 3D home design application also functions to design the interior layout of the house that you will design.

Yes, the interior design of the house plan that you are going to do is also very important for you to design first.

Because making this interior can be said to be the most difficult thing in building a house, arranging the interior of this house is said to be very important so you need the help of application technology devices and mobile gadgets to design your dream interior. House.

So, when you choose the interior design of the house that you want, then you can try to make your dream home come true, of course.

3. To Design the Exterior of the House

It's not just for planning the inside of your ideal home; You can also use this 3-dimensional graphic design application to plan the exterior of your dream home.

Yes, for those of you who want a rich and beautiful exterior design, of course you have to design it first so you get an exterior building design that suits your preferences.

The external layout design is then "done" according to the design drawings you made in the 3D graphic design application. So, this 3-dimensional technology-based graphic design application actually helps you in determining your dream home design image, of course.

4. To determine the size of the room in the house

The ultimate goal by utilizing this 3-dimensional home design application is to calculate the area of the room per room in the house you are building.

Yes, you can use the measurements of each room in your ideal home to estimate the total square footage needed to build it.

If your plot of land is 100 square meters and the house you are going to build is 80 square meters, you can divide 80 square meters into several parts of the area of each room in your house, such as how many square meters of interior space, how many square meters of bedrooms, and so on, up to how many square meters of kitchen space.

So, by utilizing a graphic design application to offer the basic concept of your dream home design, you can determine the layout of the room with the size of the room according to your preferences, of course.

Those are the four main advantages and applications of using a free 3D home design application that you should know and understand well.

If you are a construction worker and want to make a design drawing of your client's dream house but you don't have the ability or knowledge in the field of building architecture, then you can use this application.

You can download a 3D home design application and also access it via a device such as a desktop PC or laptop.

And you can also access it through mobile gadgets such as smartphones to your own tablet.

Is the 3D Home Design App Useful?

Is the 3-dimensional technology-based home design application only useful for someone who is engaged in the field of work in the building construction sector?

The answer is of course not. This is because this application is intended for universal circles where almost everyone with any work background can use the application so that people who have graphic design skills can take advantage of this 3-dimensional home design application for a number of things related to graphic design.

However, there are unique tools for creating home building ideas that are definitely not designed for the mainstream graphic design scene. So, if you are proficient in graphic design, a 3D home design application can serve all your needs.

However, there are other instruments that you don't need because this tool is designed to produce the drawings of houses needed by building construction workers.

How to Install 3D Home Design Application

This guide will guide you through the installation process of downloading a 3D home design application on smartphones and mobile gadgets for those of you who are still unsure.

The following is a technique for making home building design applications using 3-dimensional technology. Here are just a few examples:

1. Via Device

  1. Open a Web Browser Through a Desktop PC or Laptop Device
  2. In the Search Column, Type "download a free 3D home design application"
  3. Install the Downloaded Application

2. Via Mobile Gadgets

  1. Open Google Play Store (only for Android users) or App Store (only for iPhone users)
  2. If the application doesn't exist, then download it via the web browser mobile app

Select the website that provides the 3D home design APK. Wait until the download process is complete and the downloaded file is stored on your mobile gadget, then the next step is to install the application that you downloaded.

Types of 3D Home Design Applications

After you know what a 3D home design application is, along with its benefits and uses in the field of building construction.

So now we will discuss several types of 3-dimensional home design applications that are recommended for you to design drawings of your client's dream house using technological assistance in the form of device applications or mobile gadget applications.

Here is a list of downloadable home design applications that you can try, including:

1. Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is an example of a 3D home design application. Yes, this 3D home design application deserves to be a type of home design application with a variety of advanced features and of course it's free to use.

Your client's ideal home design can become a reality with the help of the tools and resources available in our Sweet Home 3D app. You don't need to be tough when you learn to use this program.

Because, there are many tutorials that you can learn at home in operating the application. It's easy enough for you to learn and also for you to operate.

Download here

2. AutoCAD

Designing a house in three dimensions is very easy with AutoCAD, which is one of the most respected graphic design tools in the technology. This does apply, despite the fact that it is not a program designed specifically for architects and building contractors.

AutoCAD is software that can help you develop conceptual designs to build complex and conceptual home designs as you like. Those of you who don't understand this application can quickly grab it on YouTube.

There are two versions of AutoCAD software available, both cost money. Choose the software version that suits your needs.

Download here

3. 3DS Max

The features and advantages of the 3DS Max program are quite comparable to AutoCAD. Yes, it's the same as carrying this 3-dimensional-based technology, making the 3DS Max software a must-use program for someone who is developing anything, including building a house design based on 3-dimensional technology.

It's just that in the process, 3DS Max software is indeed easier in the design process and has more complete tools and sources, so it's no wonder that 3DS Max software has always been mandatory software that you use in doing graphic design work, including making home design drawings. with a visual display based on 3-dimensional technology.

Download here

4. Home Design 3D

Do you know about the home design app, 3D Home Design? Yes, this 3D house design application is actually also widely used by building construction design designers because besides being included in the software version of the device.

3D House Design can also be accessed in the form of a mobile gadget so you can still develop building construction designs anytime and anywhere because this mobile gadget is adaptive so it can be used anywhere and anytime.

This 3D home design application is also free, so you can take advantage of it when working on home designs with this technology.

Download here

5. Floor Plan Creator

The free 3D home design application and highly recommended for you building construction creators is the floor plan creator application.

Yes, this application, which has 2 versions (device and mobile gadget), is also one of the recommended 3D home design applications for those of you building drawing designers who want to try designing 3-dimensional technology-based houses in a way that is more practical and easy to operate.

It's no wonder that now many people choose to download the floor plan creator application.

Download here


After reading the article above, that's a simple technique for installing a free 3D home design application that you should know. You can implement the procedure by using a device or by using a mobile gadget.

That's a free 3D home design application download and it's also recommended for those of you who want to design a house building design image to your liking, of course.

And make sure your personal device or mobile gadget has characteristics that match the home design application so you can run the application through your personal device or mobile gadget, of course.

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