Applications for Learning Mathematics with Simple – Math lessons are a bad thing for some students, but don't worry because you can use applications to learn math in a simple, easy, practical, and free way.

Aplikasi untuk belajar matematika ini dapat diakses oleh banyak kategori individu. Mulai dari anak SD, SMP, sampai SMA lho. Selain itu, tersedia sejumlah application untuk mengerjakan soal matematika dan menjawab soal matematika online.

List of Apps for Learning Mathematics

Intrigued by the list of applications for learning mathematics simply? Below are applications for learning mathematics that we have summarized from various sources, including:

1. Photomath – Camera Calculator

Complicated to write math problems using an app? Only with camera shots can you solve math problems, you know. Photomath, an application that is quite straightforward and useful.

For the most part, using Photomath is as easy as taking a picture of a math problem and then having the app display the solution and the steps to take to solve it.

So not only get solutions, but also learn how to solve math problems in depth.

2. Math Tricks

Trouble solving math with lots of formulas? Maybe Math Tricks can be one of the right answers for you.

This math learning application is specifically for those of you who want to learn techniques for solving math problems. This approach will make it easier for you to answer math problems using simpler formulas.

Not only does it provide easy formulas, even the formulas offered by Math tricks promise you will be faster in calculating math problems. There are 15 stages in the app, with values ranging from 0 to 650 and up.

3. Mathway

Mathway is more than just an app to learn your math math quick solutions. For those of you who really want to learn math for free and complete the answers, you can use the Mathway application, which has been downloaded by more than 44 thousand Android users.

In the application, Mathway will answer starting from the easiest to the most difficult math problems. You only need to enter a math problem, then Mathway will provide a complete answer with how to solve it.

This Mathway app is designed for school students who need the convenience of learning maths for free.

4. Qanda: Free Math Solutions

Found a math or physics problem that's hard to find a solution to? Use the Qanda app if you have tried everything else and nothing worked.

This application can answer math problems just by taking a picture using the camera on your smartphone. Then, Qanda will scan the questions and provide the answers. Isn't that the truth?

According to Qanda, finding a solution only took 5 seconds, which seems like a reasonable app.

You can also get help with challenging math problems through Qanda's live chat service with certified instructors. Getting better. All of this is completely free. So fabulous.

5. Math Games – GunjanApps Studios

People who are just learning to count or have children who need math help can take advantage of the many available apps.

This application is called Math Games, a math-based game that will teach you how to add, divide, subtract, and also multiply.

Here you may not only take boring math tests, but also lots of classic puzzles like Sudoku.

It is also suitable for seniors who are starting to forget basic multiplication a little. And if you get bored playing alone, Math Games also provides multiplayer games that are no less interesting.

It doesn't matter if it's for kids just starting school or parents looking to brush up on their math skills, Math Games won't let you down.

6. Math Kids – RV AppStudios

Instead of letting toddlers play games that are less useful, it's better to just play this game called Math Kids.

Kids won't even realize they are learning because of the characters and the entertaining user interface. Apart from children, it is also ideal for adults to practice basic math.

You will learn how to count the number of items in a scene by playing this game. Apart from that, you will also be taught which number is bigger.

If you are wondering about your child's progress, you can also see the score they got.

This game was developed with care so that children don't get bored and even addicted to playing it again and again. The creators are also very committed to this game for parents who don't want to spend a lot of money to contact additional instructors.

Consequently, you may get this math app for free and without any ads. Use this link to get Math Kids for free.

7. Socratic by Google

What about basic multiplication? There are other learning applications that are more powerful. This is Google's Socrates, an Android app designed to assist users in solving increasingly difficult math problems.

Apart from mathematics, many other subjects are often taught to students in primary and secondary schools as well as in tertiary institutions. Starting from biology, geometry, even literature can also be studied in this application.

In addition, Socrates has worked extensively with educators and subject matter experts to provide visual aids for each topic. Plus, there are additional learning resources in the form of step-by-step and videos.

But the nice thing is, you can also take a picture of a math problem on paper, and the app can quickly tell you the right approach to solving it as well as the right solution. If you struggle to study, don't let your grades drop.

8. Graphing Calculator + Math, Algebra & Calculus

Certainly, the built-in calculator on your smartphone will not be sufficient if you are a high school science student. Well, you are in the right place, because we propose a graphing calculator app that can be used for logarithms, trigonometry, and other complicated math disciplines.

In fact, this application will also be quite useful for students majoring in mathematics who have difficulty finding the right answer just by sketching.

9. Math Puzzles

Who thinks math is boring? Actually there are many ways to make it fun, like when you play this quite interesting Math Puzzle game.

This game provides only one mode, in which the player has to connect different numbers and operations on the screen so that the result matches the number presented above.

The numbers that need to be modified grow in difficulty as the math goes up in the grade level.

Honestly, it's not hard to figure out, but it's not that simple either. It's interesting, but also tiring. Reach the perfect score by passing all the stages.

10. Microsoft Math Solver

When trying to solve a math problem, you may find a solution that is not mentioned in the multiple choice options.

This makes learning more difficult, don't you think? So, by utilizing Microsoft Math Solver, you can get the right solution for the problem at hand.

Just scan the questions in the book, and the app will try to show you the answers and solutions to solve them. So, this application can be turned into a "private tutor" because here you will be taught the process one by one.

Apart from scanning, you can also enter queries into the app by writing them with your finger or pen to make it look more natural. And, for math problems such as cos, sin, and tan chapters, Microsoft Math Solver can also generate graphs, you know!

11. Mathematics

This application for learning mathematics has a design like a calculator. Math problems can be entered using the calculator provided in Math.

Then the application will quickly bring up the answer to solve math problems. You can devour various kinds of math questions and problems by learning to use this application.

Starting from Sin, Cos, Tan, Linear, to Vector. This application is not available in Indonesian, but Mathematics provides other languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and also Portuguese.

Are you ready to learn math in a comfortable, realistic and free way using Math?

12. Symbolab – Math Solver

Is solving difficult math problems really enough as a means to learn math subject matter? Symbolab, a learning app, is the obvious choice.

This application helps its users in learning complex math problems or difficulties.

Not much different from other math learning applications, here you only need to write math problems and Symbolab will explain clearly and in depth how to solve these problems.

If you're looking for a fun, simple, and free approach to learning math, look no further.

13. Little Panda Math Genius

You can also teach children not only basic mathematics, but at the same time the terms in English. This is the fun of playing Little Panda Math Genius, which presents basic math problems in an interactive and fully-voiced way.

In this way, your child will know that equal is "equal to", and so on. In fact, not all adults know the equivalent in English.

Children as young as 4 years may enjoy playing this game. Only unit digits can be used to learn to count.

Then after you start climbing the 2nd grade, you can continue to the tens number. Unfortunately, multiplication and division are not accessible in this app.

14. Brilliant

This Sunny application is for you who have a very brilliant mind, as the name suggests. You see, all the problems in this app are not basic math or science.

There are various disciplines such as Neural Networks, Quantum Computing, chemistry, Algebra and many more.

In each app, it offers more than 60 interactive lessons to help you increase your knowledge.

Whether you are 10 years old or older, you can definitely feel the benefits of constant app use.

Brilliant can be used to improve problem solving skills by anyone, even academics.

15. Math Formulas with Practice

You might not like flashy UI, but you might enjoy an app called Math Formula with Practice.

Here it seems pretty basic as it's not meant for young children who need visual reinforcement. The size of the application is also quite minimal so it doesn't take up quota or occupy internal memory.

Many basic formulas and examples of applying them to problems can be found in algebra, geometry, calculus, and trigonometry. Suitable for people who find it difficult to understand lessons at school or college.

16. Math Tests – Eductify

Not only about numbers, this Math Test application will also teach your child basic shapes and also calculate sizes using metric and imperial units.

For even more challenging stages, your child will also be taught the priority of number operations that must come first, rounding numbers, even Roman numerals.

You will be able to track the improvement of your child's numeracy skills by seeing the results of this use. Among other applications, we must say that Math Test is very comprehensive and best ideal for following children through the school curriculum.

17. Cymath

You are teaching kids math but forgot the lesson? Enter the child's handwriting into the Cymath application using snapshots.

Yes, this app will be able to scan handwriting and turn it into easy-to-learn steps. In this method, students not only learn the correct solution, but also how to solve similar additional problems in the future.

In addition, there are a large number of themes raised. From basic calculations like multiplication, to more advanced ones like fractions, decimals, and trigonometry, this app can handle everything. Elementary, middle school and even high school students can benefit from this book.

18. Maths Formulas Free

To learn math, you need formulas. Downloading Free Mathematical Formulas is the right application for you. Mathematical formulas ranging from basic to complex can be found in this application.

A total of 36 languages have been created by the Free Mathematics Formula, but unfortunately, Indonesian is not one of them.

Even so, Maths Formula Free is also equipped with supporting features in the form of a calculator and other calculation tools to make it easier for you to do math problems.

19. yHomework – Math Solver

Are you having trouble with math? Relax, no need to worry. There's no need to spend extra money on math classes when this free app offers a variety of methods to solve math problems.

In addition, you can also practice math problems. This application can be used very easily. For example, you have difficulty answering the question 3x + 5 = 8. This application can be used for elementary School student.

Just typing in the math problem, this application will bring up the solution to the problem. More than 47 thousand Android users have downloaded the yHomework application, you know.

20. All Math Formulas

Do you need a math learning app that includes math formulas too? The All Math Formula application might interest you.

This application is an offline application, meaning you only need to download and directly use its features offline without having to bear large internet bills.

All Mathematical Formulas is loaded with quite thorough mathematical formulas. This is a good place to start if you want to learn about math math.


Thus the article regarding applications for learning mathematics simply, from the article above you can use one of the 10 lists above, you can use the applications above for free without having to pay a penny and you can use them easily, completely and practically.

In addition to this article, we have also prepared application for learning high school mathematics that you can use, hopefully useful.

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