What is the Aptoide Android App and How to Use It

Rancakmedia.com – The Aptoide Android application is a website platform that provides various applications that are or are not in the Playstore. Google and Android have always encouraged downloading and installing apps directly from Google Play as the official Android app portal.

Downloading from outside Google Play is not illegal, users can still do so by enabling applications loaded from other configurable sources in the device settings, including from Aptoide.

What is the Aptoide Android App

Aptoide is a website platform that brings a variety of application Android, some of which are or are not in the PlayStore; the service is even believed to be a black market for Android apps.

Aptoide is referred to as a “black market” because it allows Android users to have free access to Google Play's premium priced apps. Also, by using this Android app store, you can find programs that are not on Google Play.

Nonetheless, Aptoide does have certain drawbacks, as it includes a large number of unapproved programs that may be infected with viruses and spyware, which allows them to steal sensitive data from your smartphone.

How to Get Aptoide Android Apps

If you are curious and want to try downloading the application on Aptoide, you can visit the official website id.aptoide.com for the Indonesian language page. You can also download Aptoide from this website, which is included with the service.

Then you can search for the application you want to download in the search box at the top right. Then the search results display the many applications you are looking for, then click download and install.

You can also install the Aptoide app so you can easily find the Android app you're looking for. The Aptoide APK is only 19.7MB in size, making it a decent alternative to Google Play in most cases.

The Aptoide application is an alternative to Google Play, but of course we also strongly recommend that you keep looking for software through Google Play to make it safer, even though in the official application market many are rejected even though they have very good and important capabilities.

How to Use the Aptoide Android Application

Aptoide, like Google PlayStore, is a virtual app store where users can browse and download a wide variety of apps and games.

However, please note that not all apps on Aptoide are safe: those marked with the green shield with the letter V are reliable and have words of confidence.

The existence of this symbol confirms that the file in question is clean of viruses. Download only apps and games that meet these requirements, apps may have been changed.

Once you have found the program you want to download, install it by clicking on the install item. For Aptoide to work, your device's RAM must be authorized before you can install any software. To continue, simply click accept and allow on the pop-up window that appears.

Once the app has finished downloading, touch the install item from the Android menu that appears on the screen to start the installation process. To start using the app, just start an open entry after you're done tapping.


Aptoide is a website platform that brings various Android applications, some of which are or are not present in the PlayStore. This service is even believed to be a black market for Android applications.

This allows Android users to have free access to Google Play's premium priced apps. Users can still do this by enabling the app to load from other sources which can be configured in the device settings.

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