The Best Online Gold Buying and Selling Application – The development of the investment era can be realized in various ways. This time we will invest through the gold buying and selling application. There are investments through mutual funds, stocks, bonds, deposits and gold.

There are various methods for investing in gold. Pawnshops, regular gold shops, or Antam offices are all good choices for buying gold.

But along with the times, buying gold can also be done through a gold buying and selling application.

Anyone interested in investing in gold online can do so using one of the following apps:

Top 10 List of Apps to Buy Gold

Below are various applications for buying gold, including:

1. Tamasia – Online Gold Buying and Selling

Tamasia is one of the top applications for buying and selling gold online. If you are interested in investing in gold, you can use this application to buy gold bars made by PT Antam.

People who are interested in running a gold reseller company will be able to do so with the help of this app. There is an option to pay in installments using the Tamasia application if you want to buy gold there.

Installment lengths ranged from three months to twenty-four months, and the weight of gold ranged from one to one hundred salts.

During the payment period, the gold you buy will be stored and then insured with PT. Antam as Tamasia's partner.

2. Indogold Application – Antam's Gold Buying and Selling

One of PT Sinar Rezeki Handal's well-known gold buying and selling applications is IndoGold. Buying and selling gold, putting money into an account to save for the future, and even pawning your gold are all options available through the IndoGold application.

If an app's digital gold weighs at least a gram, they can pick it up physically. Now, IndoGold has joined the largest e-commerce Bukalapak in producing the Bukaemas function.

In other words, Bukalapak users can buy gold on the Bukalapak website, but transactions are handled by IndoGold.

3. Application for buying and selling gold – Pluang

Pluang is a gold buying and selling application operated by PT. Futures PG with permission and under the supervision of BAPPEBTI.

Pluang, formerly known as the Gold-Digi platform, is the new name for the company after undergoing a rebranding effort.

PT. Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House, a subsidiary of BUMN, is your golden haven even if you invest digitally.

Later, the gold can also be printed and confirmed by Antam. To invest in gold in this application, you have to top up through various banks and gopay.

Only if the data has been logged and validated. Pluang boasted that the purchase price for their gold was very reasonable and that the difference between the selling and buying prices was the least, namely only 3 percent.

In addition, unless you want to print gold in physical form, you will not be charged extra if you want to sell digital gold.

4. E-Mas – Application for buying and selling gold bullion

With the help of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, and Fintech Indonesia, the E-mas application has been around since 2014.

Buy and sell gold quickly and easily using the gold application. If the digital pawnshop application provides a gold investment of at least IDR 5,000.

However, you can buy gold with only Rp. 100 uses the gold application. Of course, this is quite intriguing for those of you who are just starting to invest in gold. So, from now on there's no reason not to invest in gold, right?

Uniquely, the coins you consume at the store can turn into gold if invested or stored using the gold application.

You can also print gold if your gold savings have reached at least 1 gram of Antam gold or 10 grams for Sampoerna Waris gold. For how to print and retrieve real gold, it's almost the same as other platforms.

5. Orori – Antam's Gold Jewelery & Precious Metals Trading

ORORI is a gold buying and selling Android application that offers a wide variety of jewelery for sale. Sales of various types of jewelry using this application, especially men's rings, necklaces, pendants, anklets, wedding rings and other jewelry packages.

You can also buy Antam's gold through the ORORI application if you are interested in investing in gold. Besides that, you can spend your money using precious metals and selected gemstones by ORORI.

If you are interested in investing in ORORI, you can visit the online application or you can also use the Tokopedia application. Pretty easy and economical right?

6. Lakuemas application

Lakuemas is the first digital platform established in Indonesia to provide digital gold buying and selling services. Investment starts from IDR 50 thousand.

Lakuemas has been registered with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, BAPPEBTI and Fintech Indonesia. As a result, you don't need to worry.

How to take advantage of the features in this application is also very easy, simply by registering and validating your KTP. There are three main features in the Lakuemas application, and two of them are unique and don't exist in other applications, namely:

  1. The first feature is the ability to buy, sell, store and print gold in real form.
  2. Then the second feature is Laku Titipan, which is a feature whose purpose is to store precious metals or gold savings for a certain period of time and obtain capital rental.
  3. Lastly, the Laku Exchange function allows you to trade your gold investment at partner stores for gold jewelry.

7. Pawnshop Digital

The pawnshop gold buying and selling application is a component of BUMN in the Indonesian financial sector and is engaged in buying and selling gold.

In the past, we had to go straight to the pawnshop office if we wanted to complete a transaction. But now, through technological developments, pawnshops have adapted to build their own applications to make it easier for customers to trade.

The reason is that pawnshops are part of a BUMN and have years of expertise in 3 business categories, one of which is gold.

The state guarantees your gold investment, so you can rest easy knowing it's safe. With only IDR 5,000, you can open an account in this Pawnshop application and start investing.

Plus, getting started is as easy as typing your name and uploading a picture of your ID card. Because this is a Pegadaian Digital application that is controlled by Pegadaian, in this application you can not only sell, buy, transfer and print gold.

However, with this Digital Pawnshop application, you can also pawn gold with a minimum gold deposit of 0.1 gram. Gold can be mortgaged or redeemed in installments or gold.

8. Tokopedia Gold

Almost everyone knows Tokopedia. Yes, Tokopedia includes several unique features for its consumers. Tokopedia Emas is one of its characteristics, Tokopedia Emas has joined Pegadaian.

Pawn shops are a safe place to store and print your gold if you make gold at tokopediagold.

Tokopedia gold is also registered and under OJK control, so your gold investment is completely safe. You can register and track your gold savings using the Tokopedia application if you already have a Tokopedia account.

The history of gold transactions can be seen alongside the traditional methods of buying and selling gold. Depending on your membership level, you can see it on your OVO balance starting from IDR 500.

There are also more interesting aspects of Tokopedia gold, such as gold prospecting. After saving a certain amount of gold, you will get lots of certificates from different brands and places.

Then there is also another unique aspect, namely the gold reward. With this tool, you can transfer gold instantly and free of cost to anyone.

There's also a subscription option, which is interesting. You can determine the schedule for investing in gold. So the money to be withdrawn is also automatically adjusted according to a predetermined schedule.

Gold Prime, Gold Club, and Gold Prestige memberships are available, each with its own sign-up process.

For the Gold Club membership level, you can immediately save gold without registration with a maximum investment of 1 gram.

You can invest up to 10 grams of gold to get the Gold Prime membership level. To register, you must fill in your personal information.

If you want to invest in gold without constraints, you can choose Gold Prestige membership. You must first visit the pawn shop to register.

9. Open Gold Bukalapak

Bukalapak now offers a function for those of you who want to invest in gold, especially through the Bukaemas feature.

Tokopedia has previously partnered with pawnshops, and BukaEmas has partnered with Antam and Indogold, both of which have received approval from the Indonesian Attorney General's Office.

You can buy gold with BukaEmas starting from 0.0001 gram, or with only Rp. 100 and without registering again. Very simple right?

For the sale of Bukaemas gold it is also quite easy. The amount of gold that can be resold starts from 0.0001 gram.

The proceeds from the sale of gold will then go to BukaDompet. Then the money can be sent to your confirmed bank account. If you want to mint gold, you can do it with just one gram of precious gold.

The gold pieces are genuine Antam gold and have the LBMA or London Bullion Market Association certification. Of course its authenticity is guaranteed.

10. Gold buying and selling application – Treasury

Treasury is the second largest app for buying and selling gold after that. Besides you being able to sell and buy gold, you can also pay zakat with this application.

The unique feature offered by Treasury is the ability to purchase gold gift cards starting from IDR 5,000. As an ISO-accredited gold producer, Treasury partners with PT Untung Bersama Sejahtara (UBS).

Other fantastic Treasury characteristics are also highly recommended for novice investors because gold deposits can start from Rp. 5,000. The availability of gold price updates every minute makes it easier for customers to track today's buying and selling prices.

Treasury also offers gold printing capabilities starting from 0.5 gram if you need to print gold deposits.

Gold investment is increasingly in demand, with the application of buying and selling gold, investment is becoming simpler. Those of you who want to invest can choose one of the applications above.


Thus the article about the best online gold buying and selling application that you can try, some of the available applications certainly provide detailed information about the condition of the car to be sold.

Hopefully the above article can help you in investing in gold, good luck.

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