How to Cheat Game Hay Day Most Effective and Without Root – Game Hay Day is one of the famous games for iOS and android smartphones. To sell the game, you have to tend the fields and grow various vegetable crops.

At first glance, Hay Day is comparable to the popular game Harvest Moon on the PlayStation 1 platform. Alternatively, you can get a free copy of Hay Day from the App Store or Google Play.

You can use your credit money to purchase in-game items such as diamonds through the in-app purchase system.

How to Cheat Game Hay Day, the Most Powerful Tips and Tricks Without Root

You need to know, every plant will definitely produce multiple crops. One seed, for example, can produce two silos when planted. But you can't run out of seeds. Leave the seeds in reserve so you don't have trouble making the product.

But if it runs out, you have to buy seeds with diamonds. Stock up on grains like corn, wheat, and soybeans for animal feed as well.

Slow Growing Plants Should Be Planted at Night

In this Farming game, there are fast growing crops like corn, wheat and carrots. Pumpkin and tilapia plants, on the other hand, take a long time to grow, so it's best to plant them in the evening, before you leave for work or school.

The plants will be ready to be picked as soon as you wake up or come home from work. This trick can also be used to create items supported by farm animals.

Do not sell crops to visitors

Your farm regularly attracts visitors to buy crops, but they will bargain for cheap. If you decline their offer, they won't get angry and will return to your farm.

If you want to sell produce, you'll need to sell items that are as simple and fast to produce as chicken eggs

Rejecting an Order on the Bulletin Board

You will also receive many orders from shops, schools, churches, greetings and many more. Most of the time, they will buy a premium for it. But if the stock is not enough, don't hesitate to refuse it, because there will definitely be new orders.

Balance Experience and Money

When an order is placed, items will appear at the bottom in the form of stars and coins. Coins represent the money you can earn for orders, while stars are the experience you can earn.

These two items must be considered to be able to level up. In order to speed up progress in experience, even if you only receive a few coins in return for your service, you must take orders.

Selling Harvest to the Roadside Stand

Instead of selling your crops to visitors, you can sell them to your friends and followers. You should glance at the newspaper to see what your friend is selling and then change the price accordingly. Just giving a 10% discount to piss off as many customers as possible.

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