Get to know the definition and function of the subnet mask – Every practitioner working in the field of information technology must understand at least the basics of computer network engineering. The notion of a subnet mask, one of the many types of network components, is sometimes considered the most important, because of its critical function in computer networks.

Definition of Subnet Masks

What exactly is a subnet mask? When a computer network is divided into smaller parts, it is known as a subnetwork using the subnet mask technique.

This solution activity is called subnetting and can only be done on IP addresses consisting of class A, B and C only. Through this technique, a computer network can create a new network.

However, this activity could have further impacts in the form of reducing the maximum number of hosts joining each network. Therefore, a subnet mask calculator or a strict calculation system is needed.

Definition of Subnet Masks

For example, a business or organization can be divided into three types of divisions or work groups. There are a total of 45 computers, 15 in each of these divisions.

In order for the work system of each division to function smoothly and be easily connected to each other, a subnet network is needed.

When this stage is carried out, in carrying out their duties and searching for data, each worker no longer has to ask or request data from other employees in various divisions. Because a computer network or network of computers can provide all the information needed.

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