Get Indosat IM3 Free Quota for Tiktok – Indosat Ooredoo introduced a new deal to its users. Indosat Tiktok Indosat IM3 free quota is available for all users. Then, how do you get the additional quota?

For years, Indosat has accompanied Indonesians in communicating with each other remotely through its services.

To maintain the loyalty of its users, it's not uncommon for Indosat Ooredoo to continue to provide various tempting promos, ranging from credit deductions, cheap quotas to IM3 free quotas.

Recently, Indosat has again provided Indosat IM3 free quota which can be used by its users. So, how much is the Tiktok quota? Here's how it works.

IM3 Tiktok Free Quota from Indosat

IM3 Tiktok Free Quota from Indosat

Kuota Tiktok adalah kuota yang hanya dapat digunakan untuk mengakses application Tiktok. Aplikasi Tiktok sendiri merupakan aplikasi video pendek yang cukup populer saat ini.

It's no surprise that Indosat offers such an attractive deal. That's because the Tiktok application has become so popular among internet users.

With this agreement, Indosat IM3 users can watch Tiktok for free without worrying about losing their quota for watching Tiktok.

However, many users are still confused about how to get this quota. Curious? Here's how to get Indosat IM3 free quota.

How to Get Indosat IM3 Free Quota

Want to get a Tiktok quota so you don't empty your quota when viewing the Tiktok application? How to get a simple Tiktok quota is described in the following instructions.

  • To get started, open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download the MyIM3 application.
  • Then open the MyIM3 application and register or log in to the application using your Indosat number
  • Next, go to the Home page and click on Data.
  • If there is a TikTok Quota listed, it means you have received a Quota
  • Then the quota can be used to open the Tiktok application directly.
  • When you open the Tiktok application, your main quota will not run out if you already have a Tiktok quota.
  • This exhausted Tiktok application quota is a unique quota.

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