How to use the Kerjoo attendance application – The Kerjoo Absensi application supports productive employees from home during a pandemic. Talking about new technologies that can be used in companies, new developments occur year after year. Every technology is meant to make work easier.

Salah satu teknologi yang sangat bermanfaat bagi perusahaan adalah application absensi online, seperti yang disediakan oleh aplikasi Kerjoo. Aplikasi Kerjoo sangat mudah digunakan. Aplikasi seperti ini juga berguna untuk mengelola personel.

For companies that have several field projects and it is not possible to use the normal attendance system, this kind of modification is very useful.

Especially now that many work systems are switching to remote work, an online presence is very useful to make it more effective and efficient. Because of its convenience, online attendance applications are accepted by many companies.

Use the Kerjoo Attendance Application by Following Simple Steps

Use the Kerjoo Attendance Application by Following Simple Steps

We'll walk you through the basics of using Kerjoo in this installment lesson. Kerjoo's goal is to make it easier for managers to track their workforce.

Employees can be absent anywhere without worrying, just by snapping a selfie on their own phone. The HR department only records and regulates attendance in the morning and evening. It is also possible to use the Kerjoo application to accommodate the company's unique working hours.

Prepare Your Email for Login

We'll walk you through the basics of getting started with Kerjoo in this post. You can also watch the video for additional clarification. Before you can use the Kerjoo application, you must discuss the following actions one by one:

To start using Kerjoo, open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download the application. When the Kerjoo application has been successfully downloaded and installed on your smartphone, two columns will appear, namely the email address and password.

You must have an active email account to be able to use the Kerjoo application. We can log in using our respective email accounts. The email provided is an email that was previously registered in the Kerjoo system

Start Entering the Kerjoo Attendance Application Page

After visiting the application page, there will be a statement "Welcome (as your name) to the Kerjoo Attendance System" and you can continue. You can then start using Kerjoo for presence by granting the appropriate permissions from the app.

On the main screen, you can now see a number of menus, specifically;

  • Login Presence
  • Start Rest
  • Done Rest
  • Exit Presence
  • Start Overtime
  • Done Overtime
  • Paid leave

Login Presence

The first is the 'Login Presence' menu. Before leaving for work, you can spend time here. If your company expects you to complete the work of the tasks you complete, be sure to do so.

So first finish the notes, then you can attend. You can take selfies that detect your face. Make sure you are in the presence that has been approved by HRD/Admin before appearing.

Start Rest and End Rest

The 'Start Break' menu appears next. For attendance breaks, you can do it according to working hours at your location. When you have finished taking a break, click the 'Finish Break' menu.

Exit Presence

You can click 'Exit Presence' when you have finished working. The method is the same as in 'Enter Presence', namely the selfie shot that detects your face.

Start Overtime and Finish Overtime

After that, we will enter the overtime menu. To 'Start Overtime' and 'Complete Overtime', the method is the same as 'Incoming Attendance' and 'Outgoing Attendance', mainly using selfie shots.

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