How to Get Grants for MSMEs 2021

How to get grants for MSMEs 2021. The funds that will be received by economic actors in the 2021 BPUM program are around Rp. 1.2 million to 9.8 million MSMEs. This amount is reduced compared to last year, which was Rp 2.4 million. This assistance is a grant, not a loan or credit.

How to access the BPUM program was proposed by the agency/agency responsible for cooperatives and micro, small and medium enterprises at the district/city level.

So that they can be proposed, MSME players can register their companies offline and online with responsible institutions so that they are registered to get BPUM 2021.

Online, by submitting directly to the local Cooperative and UKM Office at the district/city level through the link or website of the relevant office. Several local governments (Pemda) have introduced online registration for BPUM registration.

How to get grants for MSMEs. However, some areas still require business actors to come in person to hand over the files.
Quoted from the official account of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs.

Here's How to Register BPUM 2021

1. Prepare the documents needed to register BPUM 2021:

  • Photocopy of e-KTP
  • Copy of KK
  • Copy of NIB or SKU from the Village/Kelurahan Head

2. Send Documents

Prospective beneficiaries, either individually or gathered in groups, are submitted to the agency in charge of Regency/Municipal cooperatives and SMEs.

3. Fill out the form

Each new registration or application must fill out the following form:

  • NIK according to e-KTP
  • Family card number
  • Full name according to e-KTP
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • The address matches the KTP, NIB or SKU of the Village/Kelurahan Head
  • Business fields
  • Mobile number that can be contacted via telephone, SMS or WhatsApp.

Requirements for Getting MSME Grant Funds

The requirements for obtaining the IDR 1.2 million BRI MSME BLT e-form are as follows:

  1. Bring a savings book
  2. Bring an ATM card
  3. Bring ID
  4. Bring a statement signed by the local village officials
  5. Notification (SMS) from those who received the Productive Banpres (BPUM) itself is not only limited to those who already have a BRI account.

For actors who have not registered to receive this assistance, they can directly register with the local office in charge of Cooperatives and MSMEs.

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