How to Disburse MSME Funds Phase 3 of 2021

How to Disburse MSME Funds Stage 3 2021. The increase in Covid-19 cases and the Government's decision to hold an Emergency PPKM have a negative impact on the community's economy.

Various efforts have been made to stimulate national economic growth, one of which is by preparing various social assistance programs (bansos), including Productive Assistance for Micro Enterprises (BPUM).

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati said, the allocation of funds for BPUM distribution in the third quarter of 2021 was IDR 3.6 trillion. He explained, this budget could absorb 3 million new participants with a target of disbursing assistance of IDR 1.2 million per disbursed participant in July-September 2021.

MSME Disbursement Terms and Schedule

How to Disburse MSME Funds Phase 3 2021.

Terms of Disbursement of MSME Assistance Funds

Based on the Regulation of the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs (Permenkop UKM) No.2/2021 concerning General Guidelines for BPUM Distribution, the requirements for receiving BPUM in 2021 are:

  1. Never received BPUM funds
  2. Has received BPUM funds from the previous budget
  3. Micro Business Actors who are not currently receiving KUR
  4. Indonesian Citizen (WNI)
  5. Have an Electronic Identity Card (KTP).
  6. Have a Micro Business as evidenced by a letter of proposal for prospective BPUM recipients from the BPUM proposer and the attachments which are one unit.
  7. Not a State Civil Apparatus, a member of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, a member of the Indonesian National Police, a BUMN employee, or a BUMD employee

MSME disbursement schedule for 2021

For information, the public version of BPUM Stage 3 is the Government's version of BPUM Stage 2. The Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises is known to have disbursed Stage 1 BPUM before Eid 2021.

BPUM disbursement will be carried out through two state-owned banks, namely Bank BRI and Bank BNI. To see a list of prospective BPUM recipients stage 3 or BLT UMKM 2021, you can do it through the two links below.

Through the link belonging to Bank BRI

  1. Go to page;
  2. Scroll down and click 'BPUM';
  3. Enter your NIK KTP that has been registered as a BPUM recipient
  4. Enter the captcha code as shown on the screen;
  5. Click 'Process Inquiry'

Via Link Banpresbpum Owned by Bank BNI

  1. Visit the banpresbpum, id page;
  2. Fill in your NIK KTP in the column provided;
  3. Enter the verification code;
  4. Proceed to the inquiry process;
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