Creating Applications to Improve Competency


IGI IDE Creates Applications to Improve Teacher Competence
IGI IDE Creates Applications to Improve Teacher Competence -Application to improve competence, Indonesian Teachers Association (IGI) and Digital Education Infrastructure (IDE) agreed to collaborate to develop the IGI online and Sqolaria applications to increase the competency of Indonesian teachers.

The aim of creating this competency increasing application is to increase the competency of teachers who are members of IGI. IDE representative Desta Soe'oed said that his party was determined to support IGI and was ready to develop the teachers' organization into a present day organization.

According to him, applications increase competence, developing today's organizations requires technological infrastructure readiness. In this way, member performance can be supported.

"Given current technological developments, the individual skills of students and teachers must be improved through appropriate technological breakthroughs," he said, Tuesday, April 13 2021.

Application Breakthrough Increases Competence

Application breakthroughs that increase competency and related technology are also long-term investments for Indonesia. It primarily invests in developing high-quality teaching resources.

Only in this way can teachers successfully learn by bringing students into the world of life according to the needs and challenges of their time.

On the other hand, the master's reluctance and inability to adapt his insight and skills to the demands of the development of his professional environment will actually be one of the factors inhibiting the achievement of educational and learning goals.

"With IGI Online and the SqolaRia application, it is hoped that the quality of teachers can improve so that education becomes better. Teacher competency can also be measured and implemented in students using the right stages, so that the teaching and learning process can also be improved. Compositions of successful learning. "It's easier," he said.

He said IDE wants to contribute to realizing superior human resources in Indonesia. In line with the theme of the National Working Meeting "IGI Synergy for Advanced Indonesia"

IDE is ready to encourage the growth of education in Indonesia because education is the key to creating superior human resources who are able to face future challenges that will determine the future of the nation. country.

That is the explanation regarding the application to increase competency, hopefully what is conveyed can be useful for Indonesian teacher associations

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