XHashtag Token ($XTAG) Now Listed on KuCoin and Gate.io

Rancakmedia.com – The introduction of the long awaited token, the $XTAG token, is now here, according to xHashtag. On November 30th, it will take place on kucoin.com and gate.io. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become part of the game-changing Future Of Work ecosystem.

Only two IDOs have been held by xHashtag so far this month, on the 26th and 27th. Once the tokens are registered, it will be possible to trade them and increase more opportunities.

XHashtag is the first community accelerator project to use a unique technique to disrupt the Future of Work. Communities can easily earn money by participating in various platform activities while helping to shape the future of Web3.

XHashtag serves as a platform for web3 projects to interact with the community. Communities can perform both on-chain and off-chain micro-tasks to help the project grow and, as a result, earn rewards.

The best part is that no prior investment is required for the participant to perform the tasks. This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses with three web projects to increase their community and engagement.

What is xHashtag_

Projects can leverage the large pool of community talent accessible on xHashtag to help expand their community while rewarding their valuable contributions with their own tokens. This is a great way for projects to increase token distribution while still achieving a high return on investment.

XHashtag removes company concerns from community interaction, allowing entrepreneurs to concentrate on building products. This platform intends to connect every internet user to the blockchain world so that they can start earning bitcoins by investing their time rather than their money.

This is working especially well in places where the pandemic is at its worst and the economy is struggling. Through a variety of tasks, it can help close the unemployment gap.

“There are new types of jobs coming in that we might not be able to imagine right now,” said Monica Durga, CEO of xHashtag. “Such work will require a new type of marketplace, and we are building a decentralized infrastructure for that now.”

To get started, users (xTagger) must first register to the platform to receive assignments. Depending on the needs of the web3 project, it can cover a wide range of tasks. These can be off-chain tasks that participants have to perform outside of the platform, such as on a project's social media accounts, or on-chain tasks that happen within the dApp.

The project owner establishes eligibility criteria that determine who is eligible to participate. The number of tasks one can perform in a day is not limited by the xHashtag platform. To do so, the user must accept the job on their timeline.

The DAO will review the work upon completion and will post where users will receive rewards in their wallets.

XHashtag's mission is to disrupt the Future of Work by changing the way work gets done. Unlike a typical work environment, where employees have to complete a series of tasks at a specific time and location, this platform allows employees to do whatever they want and work from anywhere.

There will also be an evaluation of the work that has been completed. In terms of the type of work that can be done, the system has been designed to be scalable. XHashtag is building a new kind of marketplace for a wide variety of jobs.

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