Get to know what KIN Coin is and how it works – The following article summarizes what KIN coin is and how it works. KIN has just been added to the Indodax exchange on November 25, 2021. KIN is one of the tokens whose value has increased in recent days.

According to Coinmarketcap, the Kin price was IDR 1.32 on November 29, 2021, with a 24-hour trading volume of IDR 213,803,628,929. Kin had gained 18.67% in the previous 24 hours. With a live market capitalization of IDR 2,195,611,155,790, CoinMarketCap is now ranked #395.

There are 1,666,686,818,876 KIN coins available, for a total supply of 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 KIN coins. CoinTiger, FTX,, ZT and HitBTC are among the trading platforms crypto who have registered KIN.

What is KIN?

Kin adalah cryptocurrency terdesentralisasi dengan model insentif bawaan yang memberi penghargaan kepada pengembang untuk penggunaan yang lebih tinggi. Ini dapat dengan mudah diintegrasikan ke dalam aplikasi seluler dan web.

Kin-based apps are compensated for creating engaging cryptocurrency-based user experiences, with higher engagement leading to shared economic rewards for users and developers.

How KIN Tokens Work

KIN was first released as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017, but has now transferred to the Solana blockchain, enabling consumer-scale applications to transact quickly and with minimum or no fees.

Since launch, the Kin ecosystem has amassed over 60 million wallets and distributed over $70 million in prizes across 60+ apps.

How KIN Tokens Work

Kin tokens are distributed using the Kin Rewards Engine (KRE), an incentive-based revenue model that rewards developers for producing engaging cryptocurrency-based experiences that deliver Kin value.

KRE builds a user/developer first economy, provides a sustainable and fair monetization model that promotes adoption of new use cases and value generation for cryptocurrencies, and encourages user-to-user exchange of value.

Instead of a big data monopoly, this alternative monetization model realigns users and developers around a shared digital economy where content creators and users are compensated for the value they bring to the platform.

Kin uses fantastic OS tools and technologies, as well as a large number of plug-and-play SDKs, to provide the fastest and easiest path for developers to integrate cryptocurrencies in their online and mobile applications.

The Kin SDK simplifies complex cryptocurrency connections, allowing developers to focus on developing engaging in-app experiences where users can earn and spend Kin tokens.

Kin is a cryptocurrency development platform that overcomes the barriers developers face to create a fast, simple and intuitive cryptocurrency development experience.

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