How to Buy KODI Tokens Through Trust Wallet – You will learn more about how to buy KODI tokens with Trust Wallet in this article. Kodi is the entertainment world's first cryptocurrency-based media platform. Meanwhile, Kodi runs “PITCH,” a one-stop advertising/marketing agency that will become a subsidiary.

Both groups will concentrate on use cases that will directly benefit $KODI token holders. Use cases, tokenomics, teams, and future goals of PITCH and its utility token ($KODI) are all discussed in this white paper.

NFT information for $KODI

In the game, there are three categories of NFTs: Common, Uncommon and Rare. They have eight to ten types of two-dimensional and three-dimensional holographic NFTs, with Common being the most common.

Rewards will be delivered as NFT and will be Legendary or greater rarity (depending on the reward).

The benefits definitely help real cryptocurrency holders; the more $KODI you have, the higher your chances of getting one of the rarer NFTs in your pack.

How to buy KODI Tokens in Trust Wallet

How to buy KODI Tokens in Trust Wallet

Unlike other major cryptocurrencies, KODI cannot be purchased with fiat money directly. You can simply purchase this money by first buying Bitcoins on a fiat-to-crypto and then transfer it to KODI trading exchange.

In this article, we will cover all the methods in depth so that you can understand how to buy KODI coins.

  • Make sure you have a DEX wallet before buying Kodi. For this, we recommend using Trust Wallet or Metamask.
  • To manually add Kodi as a tracked token to that wallet, copy and paste this contract address: 0x7f4f3bc4a5634454398580b9112b7e493e2129fa.
  • Set the decimal to 18 and the network to “Smart Chain” (BEP 20). Once you've pasted in the relevant contract addresses, this information will usually be auto-populated.
  • To complete a $KODI transaction, you will need to add some BNB to your wallet, as the wallet will charge in BNB. You have to transfer BNB to your Trust Wallet after buying it on a conventional exchange.
  • You must convert your BNB to Smart-Chain BNB after receiving it. You can withdraw directly as BEP20 (Smart chain) on Binance, but Trust Wallet also allows you to do it quickly and conveniently on the built-in DEX. We have to point out that there will be a modest fee.
  • We will now “wrap” Smart-BNB or convert it to WBNB. You can do this by visiting the Pancake Swap Exchange.
  • Once done, you can link it to your wallet on the same device. Please click “wrap” after selecting BNB from the top drop down menu and WBNB from the bottom. You will be charged a small fee for this service, and once you accept it, you will be able to wrap your tokens.
  • You will see that you now have WBNB and are ready to buy Kodi coins. Select WBNB from the top drop-down menu in PancakeSwap, and add a custom token to the bottom.
  • Select Kodi from the drop-down menu. You need the contract address, which is 0x7f4f3bc4a5634454398580b9112b7e493e2129fa. This address will auto-populate when you paste it into the search box. It will give you a warning, which you should check and accept.
  • Finally, you must accept the slippage ratio, which will be available in the drop-down menu of the same name. Set it on 13%, choose the amount you want to buy, and it should work.

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