Get to Know What Cryptocurrency KODI Is and How It Works – To get to know what cryptocurrency kodi (KODI) is, Rancakmedia has explained it for you, loyal readers, in this article. Kodi (KODI) is a blockchain-based entertainment platform that was recently listed on the CoinMarketCap website.

A new utility token has been launched called KODI Coin which aims to become the next big entertainment network in the Crypto market. KODI Coin encapsulates classic reflections with utility Crypto tokens based on Entertainment Hub and marketing agency PITCH.

KODI Coin is attracting the attention of major investors in the United States because it promises passive income in the form of KODI Coin combined with the long-term value that its utility brings.

What is Kodi (KODI) and How Does it Work?

Kodi is a decentralized media platform with a cryptocurrency based entertainment network. Kodi has a one-stop advertising and marketing agency called 'PITCH,' which will act as a subsidiary.

What is Kodi (KODI) and How It Works_

Plus, there's Bear Cave, a live streaming podcast hosted by the Kodi team that has great guests, debates about the crypto industry, listener questions, and weekly topics. Both entities will cover use cases that directly benefit $KODI holders.

Also, Kodi is working on a new project which will be up and running soon thanks to the installation of our marketing agent. The Kodi team will offer everything from crypto podcasts to music and more, starting with our 24 hour radio show.

Mission and Vision

Kodi's goal is to provide investors with an interactive Entertainment Network that will keep them interested, informed, and entertained as they invest in cryptocurrencies.

Our vision is to build the industry's first Entertainment Network, where crypto investors can learn, mingle and have fun while also winning prizes and learning about legit crypto projects. PITCH, our advertising/marketing agency, will collaborate with our Network to promote clients.

Our platform will be a driving force in building a safer economic environment for crypto investors.

Kodi Team

The Kodi team consists of passionate people with backgrounds in marketing, economics, graphic design, animation, voice acting, and international business. Because of our complementary abilities, personalities and enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies, we were able to create tokens that mix native utility with traditional reflection tokens.

Each of us, like many other BSC investors, has a story of an investment gone wrong. Whether it's a carpet pull, honeypot, or coordinated dump, one thing's for sure: these projects are run by independent developers aiming for a quick payday.

We realized that our efforts and abilities would be better put to use in starting our own projects after taking over one of these projects as members of the community. A project that will be built on full transparency and will be fully committed to its long-term success and sustainability.

Use Cases

Entertainment Network offers a case that directly benefits $KODI users. While our platform will be open to everyone, our special services will only be available to $KODI holders (for example, engaging in games and receiving rewards will require you to own a certain amount of $KODI tokens). Users must connect their wallet via the DApp.

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