Get to know Blockchain 5.0 Relictum io New Generation Crypto Mining

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Get to know Blockchain 5.0 New Generation Crypto Mining
Get to know Blockchain 5.0 New Generation Crypto Mining – Get to know the latest Blockchain 5.0 offers faster and more efficient transactions. While previous generations of blockchain had various problems, including high energy requirements, low speed, limited scalability, very high transaction costs, and vulnerability to hackers or hacker attacks, newer generations do not have these problems.

Digital Asset Academy (DAC) introduces a mining platform cryptocurrency The first in Indonesia, Blockchain 5.0

Sulistya Putra, digital economics expert and founder of DAC, said Tuesday (24/11/2021) that "Blockchain 5.0 is the right choice because it saves energy and makes transactions faster and more cost-effective."

Advantages of Blockchain 5.0 Relictum io

According to Sulistya, the block size is 1/8000 of a Bitcoin block, the top speed is 100.000 to 1.000.000 transactions per second, and the system is scalable.

“In addition, transaction fees are very low, if not zero, and transactions are very secure, with one block verified for every single transaction. With the original evidence of tsarist consensus, the core technology became known as the hypernet,” he continued explaining. Blockchain 5.0 Advantages

Blockchain 5.0, according to Sulistya Putra, is a highway for billions of data, information, applications and high-value digital assets. The development of blockchain 5.0 technology is analogous to the construction of a toll road that will pass millions of cars, all of which will pay the toll.

Of course, toll road shareholders make a lot of money. “The debut of, a blockchain 5.0 platform, will make business operations in Indonesia and around the world faster, more efficient, secure, transparent and more reliable.

Many people's lives will improve as a result in this digital era. age,” he added. 10 billion Genesis Tokens (GTN) are used to promote the development of blockchain 5.0 technology, and digital asset investors can deposit up to 5 billion GTN through private sales.

So far it has sold 1,3 billion GTN. GTN owners benefit in two ways: the value of the digital asset GTN cryptocurrency rises, and they receive revenue sharing royalties twice a month.

Relictum DEX, a decentralized exchange for buying and selling 500 cryptocurrency pairs, CryptoBank for cryptocurrency-based banking, and Relictum Storage, a cloud server with a distributed file system, form the 5.0 Blockchain ecosystem. Relictum Chat and Relictum Games have a global world base of 3,5 billion people. To promote business worldwide, there are other stable coins such as USDR and RLC.

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