Price Prediction Soars 80% Beats Dogecoin and Shiba Inu – According to CoinMarketCap, the Coin price prediction is US$ 0.7675 at 13:03 WIB on Tuesday (23/11), up 11.06 percent from the previous 24 hours. Prices have increased by 80.39 percent in the last week. Coin has almost replaced Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. After agreeing to become the main sponsor of a sports arena in downtown Los Angeles, the price of this cryptocurrency has increased by 80% in the past week.

Market capitalization Coin increased to US$ 19.47 billion as a result of the rising price, placing it 13th among the world's cryptos with the largest market cap, after Dogecoin (11th) and Shiba Inu (11th).

On November 17, Coin's market cap was still around US$10 billion, but rocketed above US$20 billion on Monday (22 November), before dropping to US$19.47 billion on Tuesday (23/11).

According to Seeking Alpha, Coin signed an agreement with sports entertainment company AEG last week to replace Staples as the title sponsor of Los Angeles Sports Arena. Price Prediction jumps 80%

The Los Angeles Lakers (NBA), Clippers (NBA), Sparks (WNBA), and Kings (NHL) all play at the Staples Center, which opened in 1999. It also hosts concerts and events such as the Grammy Awards.

Staples Center will change its name to Arena on Christmas Day or December 25 as part of a 20 year naming rights agreement. Two people familiar with the agreement told Bloomberg, as quoted by Seeking Alpha, that the contract was valued at more than $700 million over a 20 year period.

“The following deal doubled the price of Coin and resulted in a $9 billion market cap increase,” Seeking Alpha said, quoting the Twitter account @Melt Dem. “Innovative marketing strategy.” Coin also announced a $100 million ad campaign last week to raise awareness for the Singapore-based crypto company. Coin Price Prediction 2022

The digital currency will probably start 2022 at an exchange rate of $ 1.6. The token could go further up, if it focused on launching more products on its platform such as derivatives, exporting transaction history and much more. CRO may close 2022 with a trading price of $ 3.2.

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