Get to Know Coco Swap Or Coco Token – Before knowing how the coco token works, you should first get to know Coco Swap, which is the third most popular cryptocurrency on the Coinmarketcap cryptocurrency trend list. Nearly 300 million monthly users use CoinMarketCap to check cryptocurrency rankings, news, and analysis, among other things.

Trending cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap are usually the crypto tokens to watch, and Coco Swap has done that in a short time since its inception.

To get a better understanding of what Coco Swap (COCO) is. Rancakmedia has summarized the article for you in this article.

What is COCO (Coco Swap)?

Coco Swap (COCO) is a next-generation yield and liquidity platform built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain for Web 3.0, iOS, and Android.

Through its yield independent protocol, the Coco Swap protocol allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies, NFTs and other derivatives. Users will be able to incentivize the network while getting incentives for their services thanks to liquidity, which will enable seamless and easy betting possibilities.

What is COCO Token and How Does it Work_

Coco Swap also combines DeFi and NFT into one package. Defi has grown to a $100 billion market in a year, making it one of the most successful use cases in recent years. Coco Swap leverages the capabilities of Defi to enable platform traders to earn the most money by staking and holding COCO tokens.

How the Coco Swap Protocol Works

Reflect + acquire LP + Burn are three simple functions used by the Coco Swap protocol. Each trade costs 7%, which is divided into two parts.

  • The 2% fee is allocated to all current holders.
  • 2% costs the same as Burned
  • The 3 percent fee is split 50/50 and half of the COCOSWAP tokens are sold under a contract to BNB, while the other half is automatically matched with the BNB mentioned above and added as a liquidity match in Pancake Swap.

What is COCO Token and How Does it Work?

The main cryptocurrency of the Coco Swap network is COCO. This token is generated using the BEP-20 token type of the Binance Smart Chain platform. Coco Swap decentralized platform and progressive token deflator, built on the latest DeFi protocol architecture, powered by Coco.

The main goal of the token is to build a decentralized network with faster transaction times and lower transaction fees. Market changes determine COCO's direction going forward, but the model it operates on requires COCO to succeed.

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